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last changeTue, 27 Jun 2017 08:59:41 +0000 (09:59 +0100)
95 min ago  David MitchellPERL_SNPRINTF_CHECK(): off by 1 error blead
2 hours ago  Yves OrtonFile::Glob - tweak rt131211.t to be less sensitive...
2 hours ago  Yves Ortonregcomp.c: correct the regdata which paratermers under...
2 hours ago  Yves Ortonregcomp.c: document reg_data types better in reg_dup
19 hours ago  Eric HermanUpdate Math-BigRat to CPAN version 0.2613
20 hours ago  David MitchellS_gen_constant_list(): initialise si_stack_hwm
20 hours ago  David Mitchellt/porting/customized.t: delete stale entries.
2 days ago  Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #131646] Assertion fail UTF-8 error msg
2 days ago  Chris 'BinGOs... Update Time-HiRes to CPAN version 1.9742
2 days ago  Lukas Maiparanoia: parenthesize macro parameters
2 days ago  Lukas Maifix #ifdef directives with extra tokens
3 days ago  David Mitchelladd PL_curstackinfo->si_stack_hwm
3 days ago  David Mitchellupgrade Time-Piece from 1.31 to 1.3201
3 days ago  David Mitchellupgrade Scalar-List-Utils from 1.47 to 1.48
3 days ago  David Mitchelladd DEBUGGING_RE_ONLY define
4 days ago  David Mitchellporting/bench.t: skip under ASAN
7 days ago v5.27.1 Second release of the v5.27 series!
3 weeks ago v5.27.0 First release of the v5.27 series!
3 weeks ago v5.26.0 First release of the v5.26 series!
4 weeks ago v5.26.0-RC2 Second release candidate of the...
6 weeks ago v5.26.0-RC1 First release candidate of 5.26
2 months ago v5.25.12 13th release of the v5.25 series
3 months ago v5.25.11 12th releasae of the v5.25 series!
4 months ago v5.25.10 The tenth release of the 5.25 series!
5 months ago v5.25.9 Ninth release of the v5.25 series
5 months ago v5.24.1 Perl 5.24.1
5 months ago v5.22.3 Perl 5.22.3
5 months ago v5.24.1-RC5 Perl 5.24.1-RC5
5 months ago v5.22.3-RC5 Perl 5.22.3-RC5
6 months ago v5.25.8 5.25.8
7 months ago v5.25.7 5.25.7 blead-point release
8 months ago v5.25.6 Sixth release of the v5.25 series...
95 min ago blead
23 hours ago yves/fix_131649
44 hours ago sprout/131645
46 hours ago smoke-me/jkeenan/cowens/131651-P-N-switches
2 days ago maint-votes
7 days ago release-5.27.1
9 days ago yves/doc_hints
13 days ago smoke-me/jkeenan/130818-remove-epoc
2 weeks ago ap/baseincguard
2 weeks ago ap/baseincguard-old/3
2 weeks ago ap/baseincguard-old/2
2 weeks ago ap/baseincguard-old/1
2 weeks ago jkeenan/131531-benchmark
2 weeks ago smoke-me/khw-bitwise
2 weeks ago smoke-me/ilmari/remove-dollar-hat-encoding
3 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/hv/runloop