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last changeSat, 25 Mar 2017 20:06:53 +0000 (20:06 +0000)
3 days ago  Chris 'BinGOs... Fix wrong text in Module-CoreList is_core test blead
3 days ago  Jarkko HietaniemiSlight comment enhancement.
3 days ago  Dagfinn Ilmari... Include 'sh' in Configure invocations in INSTALL
3 days ago  Dagfinn Ilmari... Use -Udefault_inc_excludes_dot in Configure example
3 days ago  Dagfinn Ilmari... [MERGE] Test and document PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC
3 days ago  Dagfinn Ilmari... Document PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC in perlrun.pod
3 days ago  Dagfinn Ilmari... Test PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC
3 days ago  Dagfinn Ilmari... Delete PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC from test environment
4 days ago  David MitchellINSTALL: add entry for -Ddefault_inc_excludes_dot
4 days ago  David Mitchellbump $VERSION and un-CUSTOMISE
4 days ago  David MitchellRevert's dot-in-INC changes.
6 days ago  Jarkko HietaniemiSkip %Config test under minitest.
6 days ago  David Mitchellskip an op/range.t test under -Dusemallocwrap=no
7 days ago  Sawyer XAdd link to epigraph
7 days ago  Chris 'BinGOs... Regen opcodes sawyer/post-5.25.11
7 days ago  Chris 'BinGOs... Fix uconfig errors
8 days ago v5.25.11 12th releasae of the v5.25 series!
5 weeks ago v5.25.10 The tenth release of the 5.25 series!
2 months ago v5.25.9 Ninth release of the v5.25 series
2 months ago v5.24.1 Perl 5.24.1
2 months ago v5.22.3 Perl 5.22.3
2 months ago v5.24.1-RC5 Perl 5.24.1-RC5
2 months ago v5.22.3-RC5 Perl 5.22.3-RC5
3 months ago v5.25.8 5.25.8
4 months ago v5.25.7 5.25.7 blead-point release
5 months ago v5.25.6 Sixth release of the v5.25 series...
5 months ago v5.24.1-RC4 Perl 5.24.1-RC4
5 months ago v5.22.3-RC4 Perl 5.22.3-RC4
6 months ago v5.25.5 Fifth release of the v5.25 series!
7 months ago v5.25.4 The thing's hollow -- it goes on...
7 months ago v5.24.1-RC3 Perl 5.24.1-RC3
7 months ago v5.22.3-RC3 Perl 5.22.3-RC3
9 hours ago smoke-me/jkeenan/131069-more-do-corrections
26 hours ago smoke-me/khw-memchr
2 days ago zefram/early_catcher
2 days ago smoke-me/new_hashes
2 days ago smoke-me/ilmari/o-error-message-rt131062
3 days ago blead
5 days ago davem/shpv_poc
7 days ago sawyer/post-5.25.11
8 days ago smoke-me/leont/harness
12 days ago smoke-me/khw-harness
2 weeks ago smoke-me/khw-Unicode_10
3 weeks ago tonyc/do-warn-curdir
3 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/arc/130907-unicode-bug-in-split
3 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/harness-investigation
4 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/120797-perlio
4 weeks ago jkeenan/devel-patchperl