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7 hours ago James E KeenanMerge branch 'hydahy/fix-gh19249' into blead blead
8 hours ago Richard Leachfix pod error in sv.c. Closes #19249 19251/head
13 hours ago Dagfinn Ilmari... builtin.c: Fix C++ compilation errors
44 hours ago Paul "LeoNerd... Add a builtin:: namespace, with true/false/isbool
2 days ago Richard LeachnewSVpvn_flags().. is more efficient than sv_2mortal...
2 days ago Richard LeachnewSVpvn_flags(x, .. ,SVs_TEMP) more efficient than...
6 days ago Felipe GasperAdd a phase_name() macro.
6 days ago Paul "LeoNerd... Also C<codeword> quote "defer" and "goto"
6 days ago Paul "LeoNerd... Quote the word "defer" in exception messages about...
7 days ago Paul "LeoNerd... Forbid using 'goto' to jump into a 'defer' block becaus...
8 days ago Graham Knopupdate perldsc examples to be strict compliant
8 days ago Graham Knopadd missing brace in perldsc hash of hashes example
8 days ago Richard LeachFixup
8 days ago Richard LeachPrepare Module::Corelist for 5.35.7
10 days ago Richard LeachBump the perl version in various places for 5.35.7
10 days ago Richard Leachnew perldelta for 5.35.7
10 days ago Richard LeachTick off 5.35.6 from release schedule
10 days ago Richard LeachAdd epigraph for 5.35.6
10 days ago Richard Leachadd new release to perlhist v5.35.6
10 days ago Richard LeachUpdate perldelta for 5.35.6 release
10 days ago Richard LeachUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.35.6
10 days ago Richard LeachUpdate AUTHORS list for 5.35.6
11 days ago James E Keenant/op/pack.t: Get it to pass under 'make minitest' 19231/head
11 days ago Richard LeachUpdate HTTP::Tiny to v0.080
11 days ago Richard LeachMerge branch 'blead' of
11 days ago Richard LeachUpdate bignum, Math::BigInt, Math::BigInt::FastCalc...
12 days ago James E KeenanMerge branch 'openstrike-blead' into blead
12 days ago Pete HoustonPOD breakage in lib/
13 days ago James E KeenanAdditional feedback 19230/head
13 days ago James E KeenanUpdate per feedback
13 days ago James E KeenanObituary for David H Adler
2021-11-15 Tony Cookperldelta for 0cdbe216286, 9bce496f83cb, 9c913148860
2021-11-15 Tony Cookcorrect the comment distinguishing between threaded...
2021-11-15 Tony CookAdd CopFILEAVn() and use it when cleaning up COP pointers
2021-11-15 Tony Cookdon't try to clean up the COP pointer during global...
2021-11-15 Tony Cookremove cop addressed from saved lines when the cop...
2021-11-15 Tony Cookdocument the DebugWrap class used internally to perl5db.t
2021-11-15 Tony Cookallow DebugWrap to take the test code as an argument
2021-11-09 James E KeenanUnencrypted git protocol no longer supported by
2021-11-02 Ricardo SignesMerge branch 'features-for-5-36' into blead
2021-11-02 Ricardo Signesperldelta: update feature bundle changes for bareword_f... 19184/head
2021-11-02 Ricardo remove bareword_filehandles from :5.36
2021-11-02 Ricardo Signesfeature updates: tweaks from code review
2021-11-02 Ricardo Signesperldelta: note changes to feature bundle
2021-11-02 Ricardo Signesperlfunc: note that bareword open is now often forbidden
2021-11-02 Ricardo Signesfeature: remove indirect and multidimensional in v5.36
2021-11-02 Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove missed mention of perldos POD document in plan9...
2021-11-02 Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove AT&T UWIN support
2021-11-02 Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove DOS/DJGPP support
2021-11-02 James E KeenanOne character spelling error
2021-11-01 Tony Cookbump $GDBM_File::VERSION
2021-11-01 Sergey Poznyakoffgdbm: Define error codes; provide the global $gdbm_errn...
2021-10-31 Richard Leachpp_system: safe to switch in sv_setpvn_fresh here
2021-10-31 Richard Leachpp_match: newSVpvn_flags now more efficient than sv_new...
2021-10-31 Richard Leachsv.c: use Perl_sv_grow_fresh & Perl_sv_setvpn_fresh
2021-10-31 Richard Leachsv.c: add Perl_sv_grow_fresh & Perl_sv_setvpn_fresh
2021-10-29 H.Merijn BrandRegen Configure and friends after backports
2021-10-29 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: neilb to handle 2021-12
2021-10-23 James E KeenanMerge branch 'fix-grammar' into blead
2021-10-23 Robert Rothenberglib/ remove obscure wording in POD
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansPrepare Module::Corelist for 5.35.6
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansBump version to 5.35.6
2021-10-21 Leon Timmermansnew perldelta for 5.35.6
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansTick off 5.35.5 from release schedule
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansAdd epigraph for 5.35.5
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansAdd 5.35.5 to perlhist v5.35.5
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansUpdate perldelta for 5.35.5 release
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.35.5
2021-10-21 Tomasz Konojackiinline.h: _BitScanForward64 is available only on 64...
2021-10-21 Tomasz Konojackiinline.h: remove superfluous Visual C++ version checks
2021-10-20 Leon TimmermansRevert "Introduce a "declaration after statement" into...
2021-10-20 Leon TimmermansAdd dropping old MSVC++ (pre-VC12) to perldelta
2021-10-20 Nicholas ClarkPerl_newHVhv should use share_hek_hek() instead of...
2021-10-20 Nicholas ClarkFix the build and tests when NODEFAULT_SHAREKEYS is...
2021-10-20 Nicholas ClarkPerl_newHVhv() did not correctly copy hashes with non...
2021-10-20 Nicholas Clarkhv_delete_common() must not call GvAV() on a non-GV
2021-10-20 Dagfinn Ilmari... op.c: use %zd to format PADOFFSET values
2021-10-20 Leon TimmermansAdd NetWare removal to perlport
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansAdd to mailmap
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansUpdate Encode to 3.16
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansUpdate Scalar-List-Util to 1.60
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansUpdate experimental to 0.025
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansUpdate Test-Simple to 1.302188
2021-10-19 Steve HayRemove old MSVC++ (pre-VC12) support from Windows Makefiles
2021-10-19 Tony Cookdon't overwrite the faked up type details for hv-with-aux
2021-10-19 Nicholas Clark`for my($k, $v) (%hash)` should not be a syntax error
2021-10-18 Nicholas Clarkfor CORE::my $var (...) {} is legal syntax, hence test it
2021-10-18 Tony Cookadd customized entries for the latest Memoize changes
2021-10-18 Sergey PoznyakoffFix Memoize tests, where GDBM_File is involved
2021-10-18 Dan Bookperlop - clarify that hyphens are interpreted literally...
2021-10-15 Tomasz Konojackiinstall libgdbm and libdb in GitHub Actions
2021-10-15 Tomasz Konojackidisable LeakSanitizer in GitHub Actions
2021-10-15 Ricardo SignesMerge branch 'pp_iter' into blead
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkPod improvements suggested by Matthew Horsfall 18925/head
2021-10-15 Nicholas Clarkfor my ($foo,,, $bar) { ... } should parse as ($foo...
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkTest next, continue and redo with n-at-a-time for loops
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkNote why this if block in pp_iter is empty
2021-10-15 Nicholas Clarkperldelta for n-at-a-time for loops.
2021-10-15 Nicholas Clarkn-at-a-time for loops now warn by default (as 'experime...
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkAdd a new warning experimental::for_list.