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2020-05-17 H.Merijn BrandMerge pull request #64 from ntyni/blead-changes master
2020-05-16 Niko TyniBackport blead Glossary change fixing typos 64/head
2020-05-16 Niko TyniBackport blead Configure change to contact instructions
2020-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Minor cleanups
2020-04-30 H.Merijn BrandMerge pull request #63 from xenu/xenu/sockaddr-storage
2020-04-30 Tomasz Konojackiadd probe for struct sockaddr_storage 63/head
2020-04-24 H.Merijn BrandMerge pull request #62 from Perl/fix-repeated-words
2020-04-23 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix repeated-word typos 62/head
2020-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Adapt Configure to GCC version 10
2020-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Partly revert 9c359e8280d731ca92428e10705200e1c7ebf844
2020-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Sync with minor changes in blead
2020-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Add <stdlib.h> for futimes compilation test
2020-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Remove -DUSE_C_BACKTRACE part: from e849841dca2a8b1111999
2020-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Patches for meta are never directly from the perl5...
2020-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Update the reference to the GitHub issue tracker
2019-12-31 Andy DoughertyDeclare temporary file 'try' for metalint.
2019-12-31 Andy DoughertyFix strtoul probe to compile under clang++.
2019-12-31 Andy DoughertyFix strtoll, strotoull, and strtouq probes to compile...
2019-12-31 Andy DoughertyInclude <stdio.h> in getpgrp/setpgrp probes for printf...
2019-12-31 Andy DoughertyUse a compile and run test for clang++.
2019-11-22 Karl WilliamsonMerge pull request #61 from xenu/master
2019-11-22 Tomasz Konojackiadd probe for __attribute__(always_inline) 61/head
2019-11-21 H.Merijn Brand... isless probe in Configure broken #17216
2019-10-29 H.Merijn Brand... Update README to reflect new location on github
2019-09-16 H.Merijn Brand... Add check for malloc_usable_size (Richard Leach)
2019-09-10 H.Merijn BrandMerge pull request #60 from tonycoz/futimes-exit
2019-09-10 Tony Cookc99 requires functions to be declared before they're... 60/head
2019-08-26 H.Merijn Brand... Reset xxx_convert to empty string if none of 3 utilitie...
2019-08-26 H.Merijn BrandMerge pull request #58 from tonycoz/sysroot
2019-08-26 Tony Cook(perl #134360) --sysroot apparently needs the = 58/head
2019-07-25 H.Merijn Brand... Configure: reuse "cached" value of "none" for dir
2019-07-25 H.Merijn Brand... Remove trailing '/' from prefix
2019-07-25 H.Merijn Brand... Remove vestiges of mpeix support (removed in 5.17.x)
2019-07-25 H.Merijn Brand... Fix erroneous references to USE_CBACKTRACE
2019-07-09 H.Merijn Brand... Allow -Uusedtrace / -Dusedtrace=false / -Dusedtrace=no
2019-04-25 H.Merijn Brand... Backport perl5 core changes by Andy, correcting Aaron... 5.30.0
2019-04-25 Aaron CraneAssume <stdlib.h> exists when probing for setlocale()
2019-04-25 Aaron CraneBackport improvements to setlocale() probe
2019-04-25 Aaron CraneBackport probes for towlower() and towupper()
2019-04-25 Aaron CraneBackport detection of <wctype.h>
2019-04-25 Aaron CraneBackport detection improvements for memrchr, strlcat...
2019-04-25 Aaron CraneBackport ability to include literal text in prototype...
2019-04-25 Aaron CraneBackport memmem(3) detection changes from Perl
2019-04-25 Aaron CraneFix bug when $exclusions_file is specified in .package...
2018-11-27 Aaron CraneRemove modified d_const.U
2018-11-27 Aaron CraneU/perl/i_db.U: just use C89 "const" without probing
2018-10-30 H.Merijn Brand... Add initial support for Minix3
2018-09-02 H.Merijn Brand... Add gcc-8 and gcc-9 for FORTIFY_SOURCE
2018-08-02 H.Merijn Brand... Hide compile warnings for try.c in compile_ok
2018-07-09 H.Merijn Brand... Fix Berkeley DB function type tests.
2018-04-19 Aaron CraneRestore U/threads/d_strtod_l.U 5.27.11 5.28.0 5.28.1
2018-04-19 Aaron CraneMerge branch 'arc/exclusions-in-package-file'
2018-04-19 Aaron CraneREADME: stop recommending the mconfig "-X" option 55/head
2018-04-19 Aaron CraneRegenerate .package file, specifying .metaconf-exclusio...
2018-04-19 Aaron Cranebin/mconfig: pull more changes from rmanfredi/dist#14
2018-04-19 Aaron CraneDelete unused units 46/head
2018-04-19 Niko TyniRemove U/modified/d_memchr.U in preference for the...
2018-04-19 Aaron CraneRestore dist/U/* versions of several units
2018-04-19 Aaron CraneMerge branch 'langinfo'
2018-04-19 Aaron CraneU/perl/Extensions.U: remove references to unused vars 54/head
2018-04-19 Karl WilliamsonMake I18n::LLanginfo always available
2018-04-19 H.Merijn Brand... Whitespace checks in mlint
2018-04-14 H.Merijn Brand... [perl #132560] perl-5.24.3, wrong Configure test for...
2018-04-14 H.Merijn Brand... remove leftovers
2018-04-12 H.Merijn Brand... When on meta don't expand the foldername to search
2018-04-12 H.Merijn Brand... Rely on C89 <stdarg.h>
2018-04-12 H.Merijn Brand... Rely on C89 <limits.h>
2018-04-12 H.Merijn Brand... Part of C89, so unwanted
2018-03-26 H.Merijn Brand... Delete unneeded duplicate trailing newlines
2018-03-26 H.Merijn Brand... Backport some commits from Zefram
2018-03-24 H.Merijn Brand... More whitespace consistency
2018-03-24 H.Merijn Brand... whitespace consistency
2018-03-24 H.Merijn Brand... missing dependency on i_inttypes
2018-03-24 H.Merijn BrandMerge pull request #53 from ntyni/debian-893601
2018-03-24 Niko TyniFix pointer to integer cast in null_printf check 53/head
2018-01-15 H.Merijn Brand... Consistent use of whitespace in ?S: and ?C:
2018-01-12 H.Merijn Brand... Leader should be TAB no spaces
2018-01-12 Karl WilliamsonAdd probe for wcrtomb()
2017-12-27 Dominic HargreavesRemove U.check (Closes: #25)
2017-12-27 Dominic HargreavesAdd documentation about tags (Closes #24)
2017-11-20 Karl WilliamsonAdd snprintf_l, vsnprintf_l probes
2017-11-12 H.Merijn BrandMerge pull request #48 from ntyni/master
2017-11-12 H.Merijn BrandMerge pull request #41 from perl5-metaconfig/docs
2017-11-12 H.Merijn BrandMerge branch 'master' into docs 41/head
2017-11-12 H.Merijn Brand... Divide (a) into beginner and advanced
2017-11-09 Niko TyniRemove U/perl/i_sysmman.U in preference for the upstrea... 48/head
2017-11-04 Aaron CraneDelete needless U/modified/Protochk.U
2017-11-04 Niko TyniFix modern metalint nits 10/head
2017-10-23 Aaron CraneDelete locally-modified d_strchr.U unit
2017-10-23 Aaron CraneREADME: document "-X .metaconf-exclusions.txt"
2017-10-22 Aaron Cranebin/mconfig: new "-X FILE" option 42/head
2017-10-22 Aaron CraneU/modified/d_strerror.U: fix metalint warnings
2017-10-22 Lukas MaiREADME_U: fix typo
2017-10-21 H.Merijn Brand... Generate the Glossary based on the most recent
2017-10-21 H.Merijn Brand... Fix mkglossary
2017-10-21 H.Merijn Brand... Trailing whitespace and consistent indent
2017-10-21 Aaron CraneMerge branch 'arc/c89ification'
2017-10-21 Aaron CraneRely on C89 <string.h> in Perl-specific units 40/head
2017-10-21 Aaron CraneRely on C89 <math.h> in Perl-specific units
2017-10-21 Aaron CraneU/modified/d_strerror.U: rely on C89 strerror()