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2005-07-10 Jarkko Hietaniemiyet another way of debugging memory allocations
2005-07-10 Dave Mitchellsilence some compiler warnings
2005-07-10 Dave Mitchellextend MEM_WRAP_CHECK supress warning hack to MEM_WRAP_...
2005-07-09 Nicholas Clarksv_dec is supposed to go *down*, m'kay.
2005-07-08 Jim CromieRe: janitorial work ? [patch]
2005-07-08 Nicholas ClarkWe no longer default to creating a new SV for GvSV.
2005-07-08 Nicholas ClarkDEFSV causes GvSVn() to be used in lvalue context.
2005-07-08 Yitzchak Scott... Re: [PATCH] Pod::Html - correctly link to =item's on...
2005-07-08 Michael G.... basename() and suffixes
2005-07-08 Michael G.... Re: [perl #36477] File::Basename basename() bug
2005-07-08 Dave Mitchell[perl #36207] UTF8/Latin 1/i regexp "Malformed characte...
2005-07-07 Dave Mitchellmore taint fallout from change 24943
2005-07-07 Telsbug with charnames::viacode("0x1234") and optimize it
2005-07-07 Ton HospelReadParse in the CGI docs
2005-07-07 Michael G.... Mention File::Spec in File::Basename
2005-07-07 Michael G Schwern[perl #22236] File::Basename behavior is misleading
2005-07-07 Michael G.... Further lies in the File::Basename docs
2005-07-07 Dave Mitchell[perl #34171] bytes pragma error in substitution operator
2005-07-06 Dave Mitchell[perl #36470] 'undef $@; die' gives uninint value warning
2005-07-06 Michael G.... File::Basename doc overhaul
2005-07-06 Vadim Konovalovsimple authors removal
2005-07-05 Dave Mitchella long /etc/groups entry could cause memory exhaustion.
2005-07-05 Yitzchak Scott... Pod::Html - correctly link to =item's on the same page
2005-07-05 Steve HayOops! Change 25080 should have updated checksums too.
2005-07-05 Dave Mitchellchange 24943 broke restoration of localized taint values
2005-07-05 Steve HayRemove an unreferenced local variable in Digest-MD5
2005-07-04 Andy LesterRemove unnecessary null check
2005-07-04 Nicholas ClarkMake the tests for hv_free_ent and hv_delayfree_ent...
2005-07-04 Andy LesterBetter string constant in hv.c
2005-07-04 Steve HayAdd regression test for change 25062
2005-07-04 Steve HayUse void, not void *, to suppress RETVAL (and compiler...
2005-07-04 Steve HayPerl_share_hek needs exporting for change 25070 on...
2005-07-04 Steve HayRegen after change 25067
2005-07-04 Nicholas ClarkImplement hv_delayfree_ent in terms of hv_free_ent
2005-07-04 Steve PetersSkip nit in t/op/lfs.t
2005-07-04 Nicholas ClarkTests for hv_delayfree_ent and hv_free_ent
2005-07-04 Nicholas ClarkProvide a macro version of S_new_body to inline it...
2005-07-04 Steve HayBorland's .pdb files are called .tds
2005-07-04 Andy LesterPost-YAPC consting, now with an attachment!
2005-07-04 Nicholas ClarkInlining del_HE is actually a space optimisation.
2005-07-04 Yitzchak Scott... perlglossary.pod: add jump points
2005-07-04 Nicholas Clarksv_setuv_mg is so rarely called that the IV optimisatio...
2005-07-04 Yitzchak Scott... Re: How to suppress warnings when building Errno with gcc
2005-07-04 Steve HayFix change 25045
2005-07-04 Steve HayHere's the rest of change 25058 ;-)
2005-07-04 Jarkko HietaniemiRe: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] Re: a blead warning from tru64
2005-07-04 Steve HayStop changing EOL on the files it writes...
2005-07-04 Steve HayPerl_ckwarn (added by change 25050) needs exporting...
2005-07-02 Nicholas ClarkAndy suggests this tweak to Dave's fix for MEM_WRAP_CHE...
2005-07-02 Nicholas ClarkConvert bless.t to
2005-07-02 Nicholas ClarkCopying the first parameter in the macro del_body seems...
2005-07-02 Telsdo just-in-time loading of in some modules
2005-07-02 Nicholas ClarkUnwrap the del_Xfoo() macros by explicitly noting the...
2005-07-02 Dave Mitchellreplace ckWARN macros with functions
2005-07-02 Nicholas ClarkGiven that the GV no longer owns a reference on the...
2005-07-02 Nicholas ClarkPassing gvtype as char rather than char * to S_varname...
2005-07-02 Nicholas ClarkDon't inline offer_nice_chunk, as it's rarely called.
2005-07-02 Dave Mitchellmissed one PAD_SET_CUR
2005-07-02 Nicholas ClarkDon't check the pointer is non-NULL before calling...
2005-07-02 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.72
2005-07-01 Steve HayMake Archive::Tar clean up its test files on Win32
2005-07-01 Dave Mitchellthe PAD_SET_CUR macro expanded too much for AIX compilers
2005-07-01 Steve HaySilence MinGW warning about "'noreturn' function does...
2005-07-01 Rafael Garcia... Install perlglossary on VMS and Windows
2005-07-01 Dave Mitchellundo some excessive minimalisation
2005-07-01 Steve HayRemove unreferenced local variable (and the warning...
2005-07-01 Yitzchak Scott... Add the perlglossary man page
2005-07-01 Michael G.... Make Exporter.t warnings clean
2005-07-01 Dave Mitchellsilence a warning in Perl_sv_compile_2op
2005-07-01 Dave Mitchellsilence gcc 'comparison is always false' warning in...
2005-07-01 Steve HaySilence some cast warnings from bcc32 on Win32
2005-06-30 Dave Mitchell[perl #36434] assigning shared consts (eg __PACKAGE__...
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkBy grabbing the length, we can use sv_setpvn here.
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkUse sv_setpvn where we know the length.
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkA terser way of implementing require_pv.
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkWe know the length, so use sv_setpvn rather than sv_setpv.
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkAvoid using PL_Sv in the -V argument processing.
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkUse Perl_sv_catpvf to shorten the code (source and...
2005-06-30 Rafael Garcia... Add TODO tests for bug #36434
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkThe core shouldn't be using PL_na
2005-06-30 Nicholas Clark-V:... would get upset (syntax error) if ... contained...
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkReplace newSVpv(...,0) with newSVpvn where we know...
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkWhy use Perl_form and newSVpv when newSVpvf will do...
2005-06-30 Telsmake t/uni/class.t faster
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkIf gp_flags is unused, why are we even allocating it?
2005-06-30 Nicholas ClarkNothing is actually relying on GvUNIQUE holding state.
2005-06-30 Michael G.... Re: [PATCH] Convert File::Basename tests to Test::More
2005-06-30 Steve PetersRe: [PATCH]Re: [perl #36417] IO::Handle::getline()...
2005-06-30 Jarkko Hietaniemisome dusting off of the cross-compilation information
2005-06-30 Steve HaySilence MinGW warnings about system headers when buildi...
2005-06-29 Nicholas ClarkExpand on parts of perltodo
2005-06-29 Nicholas ClarkAll tests pass (for me) with -DPERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV
2005-06-29 Nicholas ClarkMake warnings.t pass with -DPERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV
2005-06-29 Nicholas ClarkFixes to -DPERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV to make more tests...
2005-06-29 Nicholas ClarkFirst stab at not automatically creating an unused...
2005-06-29 Rafael Garcia... Remove old variable needed for binary compatibility
2005-06-28 Nicholas ClarkConvert strcpy to memcpy where we already know the...
2005-06-28 Dave Mitchellmove Carp.pod back into
2005-06-28 Rafael Garcia... B::Deparse was chocking on variable names with colons...
2005-06-28 Dominic DunlopRe: Hints for 64bitall (PPC!) Darwin perl