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2015-05-09 Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Fix small misstatement
2015-05-09 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Add 2 links to other parts of the pod
2015-05-09 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Fix some podcheck pedantic errors
2015-05-09 Karl Williamsonperlport: Add notes about EBCDIC
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signespodcheck: add known link target Devel::Spy
2015-05-09 Ricardo SignesBump perl version to v5.22.0-RC0
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: Devel-Spy known to be broken
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signesbump version of overload in corelist
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signesdocument that we may add more overloaded ops over time
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: prefer "CPAN" to "cpan"
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta/perldiag: make a pod cross-reference pass...
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signesdescribe errors with no description, delete obsolete...
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta is now the perl5220delta
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signescorelist for v5.22.0
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signesbump version: make regen
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signes...but actually we are RC0
2015-05-09 Ricardo Signesbump version to v5.22.0 with Porting/bump-perl-version
2015-05-09 Ricardo bump version
2015-05-08 Aristotle PagaltzisPOSIX: revert exported functions to 5.20.2 state
2015-05-08 Karl WilliamsonAdd note to EBCDIC README's, asking for input
2015-05-08 David Mitchellallow undef as an arg to '&' prototype
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlop: Don't use bitwise string ops on UTF-8
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlop: Make correction
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlguts: Add links to perlunicode
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Revamp
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Nits, minor fixes
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperluniintro: Add note
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlunitut: Add note
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlrun: Note existence of -DL
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlrebackslash: Note \b{sb} is subject to change
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlebcdic: Move text from perlunicode
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Clearer wording in intro
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Add intro text to Unicode section
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Refer to perlguts for XS handling
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlguts: Add/update text about handling Unicode
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlguts: Add EBCDIC info
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlguts: Nits, corrections and clarifications
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Document some functions
2015-05-07 Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Add a #define
2015-05-07 Dave RolskyAdd a missing word in perlobj
2015-05-07 Aristotle PagaltzisPOSIX: discourage use of default exports
2015-05-07 Aristotle PagaltzisPOSIX/t/math.t: skip fpclassify where unsupported
2015-05-07 Aristotle PagaltzisPOSIX: document the new C99 math constants
2015-05-06 Craig A. BerryFix unixify when beginning with current directory.
2015-05-06 Karl Williamsonperlvar: Mention literal cntrls are deprecated in var...
2015-05-06 Ricardo SignesMerge branch 'perldelta' into blead
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: sort changed warnings
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: sort new warnings
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: sort new errors
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: minor fixes, XXX-removal, etc.
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: combine and sort the various perldoc updates
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: minor reordering of optimizations
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove modules-to-be-removed section
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove Notice section
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl52111delta
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl52110delta
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta group core enhancements by topic area
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove unneeded placeholders
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl5219delta.pod
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl5218delta.pod
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl5217delta.pod
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl5216delta.pod
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl5215delta.pod
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl5214delta.pod
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl5213delta.pod
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl5212delta.pod
2015-05-06 Ricardo Signesperldelta: import changes from perl5211delta.pod
2015-05-05 David Mitchellfix weird comment in cop.h blurb
2015-05-05 David Mitchellnull ptr deref in Perl_cv_forget_slab
2015-05-05 Tony Cook[perl #124187] don't call pad_findlex() on a NULL CV
2015-05-05 Karl Williamsonperlunicode: Update nonchars discussion for Unicode 7.0
2015-05-04 Aristotle PagaltzisPOSIX: Regeneralize export.t to non-ASCII platforms
2015-04-30 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #124348] re/pat_advanced solaris failure
2015-04-28 David Mitchellavoid uninit read in re_op_compile()
2015-04-28 Aristotle PagaltzisAlso restore the index entry for $OLD_PERL_VERSION
2015-04-27 Karen Etheridgeadd back documentation that $OLD_PERL_VERSION is an...
2015-04-27 Karen Etheridgemove the documentation for $] out of the deprecated...
2015-04-27 David Mitchellop_sibling_splice(): handle custom ops
2015-04-26 Karl Williamsonperlhacktips: Add character set portability tip
2015-04-26 Karl Williamsonperlhacktips: Nit, clarification
2015-04-25 David Mitchell[perl #123737] Fix assertion failure with 0$#{
2015-04-24 Aristotle Pagaltziscorrect the deprecation data in Module::CoreList
2015-04-24 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Wrap long verbatim lines to 79 columns
2015-04-24 Karl WilliamsonRegen podcheck db
2015-04-23 Ricardo SignesCoreList: eliminate trailing spaces from some versions
2015-04-23 David Mitchellix t/uni.parser.t under EBCDIC
2015-04-23 Tony Cook[perl #124357] make sure which_perl() can find ./perl...
2015-04-22 Karl Williamsonperlebcdic: Correction, clarification
2015-04-22 David MitchellRT #124207: assert failure in ck_stringify()
2015-04-22 David Mitchells/.../$_++/ge assertion failure
2015-04-20 Steve HayModule-CoreList-5.20150420 is now on CPAN (thanks BinGOs!)
2015-04-20 Steve HayPrepare Module::CoreList for 5.21.12 (although it's...
2015-04-20 Steve HayBump version for 5.21.12 (although it's unlikely to...
2015-04-20 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.21.12 (although it's unlikel...
2015-04-20 Steve Hay5.21.11 is now released
2015-04-20 Steve HayTwo-space indent for poetry in epigraphs.pod
2015-04-20 Steve HayAdd 5.21.11 epigraph
2015-04-20 Steve Hay5.21.11 today v5.21.11
2015-04-20 Steve HayFinalize perldelta
2015-04-20 Steve HayUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.21.11