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2012-03-19 AbigailDon't remove --tarball
2012-03-19 AbigailUse #!/usr/bin/env
2012-03-19 AbigailMore work on perldelta
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkMerge the feature and B::Deparse refactoring to blead.
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkNote the improvements to B::Deparse and feature in...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkIn, inline current_bundle() into __common...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkIn, inline normalise_hints() into __common...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkMerge the code common to feature::import and feature...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkIn, use a consistent code style in import...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkIn B::Deparse::_features_from_bundle(), don't call...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkIn Deparse, use $feature::hint_mask directly, instead...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkIn B::Deparse, refactor common code into _features_from...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkIn B::Deparse, refactor the two places that feature...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkFix regression in deparsing say (etc) under use 5.10.0
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkAdd tests for deparsing C<say> under various combinatio...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkAvoid deparse.t testing everything under use feature...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkAdd a 'context' feature to deparse.t, to better test...
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkIn deparse.t, rename %reason to %meta.
2012-03-19 Nicholas ClarkNote in perldelta that C<no feature;> now means reset...
2012-03-19 AbigailRetry first shot at perldelta.pod.
2012-03-18 AbigailUpdate Pod::Perldoc to version 3.17
2012-03-18 AbigailAdd a --tarball option
2012-03-18 AbigailSome backslashes turn out not to be always there.
2012-03-18 AbigailFix a cut-and-paste error
2012-03-18 AbigailRevert "First shot at perl5159delta.pod"
2012-03-18 AbigailRevert "Paste in the output of Porting/acknowledgements...
2012-03-18 AbigailPaste in the output of Porting/
2012-03-18 AbigailAttempt to find an author if (s)he comes via RT.
2012-03-18 AbigailFirst shot at perl5159delta.pod
2012-03-17 Chris 'BinGOs... Update CPANPLUS to CPAN version 0.9121
2012-03-17 Nicholas ClarkIn S_parse_body(), don't "leak" linestr_sv until global...
2012-03-17 Nicholas ClarkRemove all the never used parameters from the macro...
2012-03-17 Nicholas ClarkIn perlfunc, don't have functions in "Misc" and a secon...
2012-03-17 Nicholas ClarkDe-emphasise switch-related keywords in perlfunc.
2012-03-17 Nicholas ClarkIn the perlfunc cross-reference sections, link to the...
2012-03-17 Nicholas ClarkDESTROY is documented in perlobj - correct the cross...
2012-03-17 Tony Cookignore new build result from splitting docs for Module...
2012-03-16 Karl WilliamsonUnicode::UCD: pod clarifications, corrections
2012-03-16 Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Attempt to fix probable timing issue
2012-03-16 Karl Williamsoncherrymaint: Beef up --help option
2012-03-16 Dave RolskyRun podtidy on perlsource.pod
2012-03-16 Dave RolskyAdd a missing word to perlsource.pod
2012-03-15 AbigailFix POD issues
2012-03-15 AbigailDocument upgrading a module in cpan/
2012-03-15 AbigailClearify this is for even numbered (BLEAD-FINAL) releases.
2012-03-15 Ricardo Signescorrect argument handling in Term::ReadLine
2012-03-15 Chris 'BinGOs... Separate the POD from the corelist data in Module:...
2012-03-14 AbigailRevert "Upgrade IO-Compress to 2.049"
2012-03-14 AbigailUpgrade IO-Compress to 2.049
2012-03-14 AbigailAllow passing the name of the CPAN module
2012-03-14 AbigailUpgrade CPANPLUS to 0.9120
2012-03-14 AbigailDeal with files in the CUSTOMIZED sections.
2012-03-14 AbigailUpgrade Socket to 2.000
2012-03-14 AbigailUpgrade Socket to version 2,000
2012-03-14 AbigailFix the fixing of MANIFEST
2012-03-14 AbigailUpgrade Unicode::Normalize to 1.14.
2012-03-14 Ricardo SignesRevert changes to compression libraries
2012-03-13 AbigailUpgrade Unicode-Collate to 0.89
2012-03-13 AbigailList one more TODO
2012-03-13 AbigailUpgrade Digest-SHA to 5.71.
2012-03-13 AbigailMore tests, and more exec-bit removal.
2012-03-13 AbigailDisambiguate map { }
2012-03-13 AbigailMention Porting/sync-with-cpan
2012-03-13 AbigailAdd Porting/sync-with-cpan
2012-03-13 AbigailScript to help out upgrading a cpan/ distro.
2012-03-13 AbigailUpgrade Locale-Codes to 3.21
2012-03-13 David Mitchellstop S_forget_pmop() SEGVing
2012-03-13 AbigailMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2012-03-13 AbigailExclude perlcritic.rc files.
2012-03-13 AbigailList the new files that came with the upgrade of CPAN...
2012-03-13 Chris 'BinGOs... Ran zlib2ansi script against zlib-src/ to fix K&R-isms
2012-03-13 AbigailUpgrade HTTP::Tiny to 0.017.
2012-03-13 AbigailUpgrade cpan/CPAN-Meta to 2.120630
2012-03-13 AbigailSome files in cpan/Compress-Raw-Zlib have the x bit...
2012-03-12 AbigailFixes type in commit 14c554185
2012-03-12 AbigailMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2012-03-12 AbigailUpgrade Compress::Raw::Zlib to 2.051.
2012-03-12 AbigailUpgrade Compress-Raw-Bzip2 to version 2.049.
2012-03-12 Max Maischeinload Algorithm::Diff later in corelist-perldelta
2012-03-12 Ricardo Signesavoid some long-line errors in podcheck of Term-Readline
2012-03-12 Ricardo Signesnew patch for Term::ReadLine event loop support
2012-03-12 AbigailUpgrade cpan/Archive-Tar to 1.84
2012-03-12 AbigailUpgrade Archive-Extract to 0.60
2012-03-12 Ricardo Signesmake the pod2html tests work with fs with vols
2012-03-12 Ricardo SignesSisyphus's fix for pod2html
2012-03-11 Tony Cookperldelta for die propgation fix
2012-03-11 Tony Cook[rt #111654] properly propgate tainted errors
2012-03-11 Tony Cook[rt #111654] TODO test for tainted die propagation
2012-03-11 AbigailDocument the updated version of Pod::Simple
2012-03-11 AbigailUpgrade Pod-Simple to 3.20. This should fix issue 111520.
2012-03-09 Reini Urbansdbm.c: fix off-by-one access to global ".dir"
2012-03-08 Father Chrysostomosregen pod issues
2012-03-08 Father Chrysostomosperlvar: Fix long lines
2012-03-08 Father ChrysostomosDear perlvar: ${^WARNING_BITS} was added in 5.6
2012-03-08 Father Chrysostomosperlvar: Document ${^WARNING_BITS} better
2012-03-07 Father ChrysostomosStop warning hint-checking from doing bad reads
2012-03-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/ Typos in diag msg
2012-03-07 Craig A. Berryfix warning in diagnostics output.
2012-03-06 David Mitchellfix typo in src comment
2012-03-06 Karl Williamsonpods: Note future deprecation of unescaped "{"