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2020-11-06 Nicolas RFix unitialized warnings in S_pmtrans
2020-11-06 Karl Williamsonperlapi: PL_runops is documented in perlguts
2020-11-06 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Split section Display and Dump
2020-11-06 Karl A hash needs to have no keys to be empty
2020-11-06 Karl Specify scn for single-purpose files
2020-11-06 Karl WilliamsonRevert and fix " Don't recalculate value"
2020-11-06 Karl Williamsonperlapi: PERL_ABS takes an argument
2020-11-06 Karl Enhance apidoc_section feature
2020-11-06 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Add a link at the beginning to the Undocumenteds
2020-11-06 Karl Rename a few variables for consistency
2020-11-06 Karl Extract code into a fcn
2020-11-06 Karl Don't recalculate value
2020-11-06 Karl White-space, comments only
2020-11-06 Karl Williamsonperlguts: SAVEBOOL takes a bool
2020-11-06 Karl Williamsonperlinterp: Fix markup
2020-11-06 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Move some formats to the Formatting scn
2020-11-05 James E KeenanFile::Path: synch with CPAN version 2.18
2020-11-05 Tony Cookdragonfly BSD sets errno incorrectly for terminal contr...
2020-11-05 Tony Cookdragonfly doesn't touch ctime as documented, at least...
2020-11-05 Tony Cookdocument the issues for the enoent problem on dragonfly
2020-11-05 Tony Cookdragonfly bsd timestamps are only microsecond precision
2020-11-05 Tony Cookdragonfly BSD's default filesystem is mounted noatime...
2020-11-05 Nicolas RCatch errors earlier in Devel-Peek/t/Peek.t
2020-11-04 Chris 'BinGOs... Update ExtUtils-MakeMaker to CPAN version 7.52
2020-11-04 Tony Cook\K in lookaround might become permitted in the future
2020-11-04 Tony Cooksome extra tests as suggested by hvds
2020-11-04 Tony Cookdon't croak when the \K follows the lookaround assertion
2020-11-04 Tony Cookrun_multiple_progs: allow the EXPECT to contain only...
2020-11-04 Tony Cookrun_multiple_progs: allow fatal to be turned off too
2020-11-04 Scott BakerBump the version
2020-11-04 Scott BakerFix a failing test
2020-11-04 Scott BakerFix some tests for Pod2HTML
2020-11-04 Scott BakerLeave tabstops at 8
2020-11-04 Scott BakerUse Text::Tabs to convert tabs to spaces instead
2020-11-04 Scott BakerChange wording on source of code
2020-11-04 Scott BakerMake pod2html remove whitespace from literal blocks
2020-11-04 Richard Leachav_make: remove unnecessary AvFILLp assignment
2020-11-03 Tony Cookext/POSIX/t/sysconf.t: only unlink the fifo if we have...
2020-11-03 Tony Cookext/POSIX/t/posix.t: 0ee0b3d1 added 'use warnings'...
2020-11-03 Tony Cookrun/locale.t: don't setlocale() for our English locale...
2020-11-03 Dan Bookadd versions to POSIX features
2020-11-03 Dan Bookperldata - example of using DATA
2020-11-03 Tony Cookallow watchdog() to work in taint mode on non-threaded...
2020-11-03 Karl WilliamsonNote various symbols are documented in perlinterp
2020-11-03 Karl WilliamsonCertain PERL_UNICODE symbols are core only
2020-11-03 Karl WilliamsonNote MRO_GET_PRIVATE_DATA is documented in perlmroapi
2020-11-03 Karl WilliamsonNote various symbols are documented in perliol
2020-11-03 Tony Cookdon't read DATA when it is closed
2020-11-02 Tony Cookexport delimcpy_no_escape() so XS::APItest can use it
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Fix signature for PadnameOURSTASH
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Restrict scope of symbols to core
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonuni_keywords.h: Confine the scope to core
2020-11-02 Karl WilliamsonConfine regnodes.h symbols to core
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonperlapi: WIDEST_UTYPE is a typedef
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonperlapi: StructCopy isn't conventional
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonhv_func.h, hv_macro.h: Rename compile-once guard
2020-11-02 Karl WilliamsonCast parameters to instr, strstr
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonintrpvar.h: Don't define an undef symbol
2020-11-02 Karl WilliamsonXSUB.h: Fix some apidoc entries
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Add a link to xsubpp
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonperlguts: Fix up some perlapi entries
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Document IV_MAX, UV_MAX
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonperlclib: Don't mention toFOO_LC()
2020-11-02 Karl Williamsonperlio.c: White-space, dead-code only
2020-11-01 James E KeenanBen Cornett is now a Perl author
2020-11-01 Ben CornettFix typo in perlguts 18277/head
2020-10-31 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Document SvPV_free
2020-10-31 Karl WilliamsonFix up delimcpy_no_escape()
2020-10-31 Karl WilliamsonRewrite delimcpy to use memchr and Copy, not per-byte
2020-10-31 Karl WilliamsonAdd API test for delimcpy()
2020-10-30 David MitchellPerl_custom_op_get_field(): remove undef behaviour
2020-10-30 David MitchellPathTools/Cwd.xs: fix off-by-one in bsd_realpath()
2020-10-30 David Mitchellbump version numbers for PathTools to 3.79
2020-10-30 Karl Williamsonext/POSIX/t/posix.t: use 'warnings'
2020-10-30 Karl Williamsont/run/locale.t: use 'warnings'
2020-10-30 Karl use 'warnings'
2020-10-30 Karl Fix locales_enabled()
2020-10-30 Karl Williamsont/ Don't destroy caller's array
2020-10-29 Tony Cookremove assertion that collation magic has data
2020-10-26 Tony Cookremove dead code when using Perl_strtod for numeric...
2020-10-26 Karl Williamsonembed.h: Add caution about PERL_NO_SHORT_NAMES
2020-10-23 Karl WilliamsonFix GH #17278
2020-10-23 David Mitchell[MERGE] don't do special-cases in S_mg_free_struct
2020-10-23 David Mitchelladd Perl_magic_freemglob() magic vtable method
2020-10-23 David Mitchelladd Perl_magic_freeutf8() magic vtable method
2020-10-23 David Mitchelladd Perl_magic_freecollxfrm() magic vtable method
2020-10-23 Karl Williamsont/ Consider thread 0 always locale-safe
2020-10-22 Karl Williamsonperlguts: some items are actually documented in config.h
2020-10-22 Karl Williamsonautodoc: Add clarifying info to error messages
2020-10-22 Karl Williamsonperl.h: Fix rarely compiled syntax errors
2020-10-22 Karl Williamsonperl.h: Fix typo in comment
2020-10-22 Karl Williamsonperl.h: Call macro instead of expanding it out
2020-10-22 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Add markup
2020-10-22 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Add blank line for visual clarity
2020-10-22 Karl Williamsonperlapi: PTRV is a typedef
2020-10-22 Karl Use $scalars to hold heading names
2020-10-22 Karl Output undocumented fcns in multi columns
2020-10-22 Karl Extract code into a function
2020-10-22 Karl Rename sort function for clarity of purpose
2020-10-22 Steve HayDevel::PPPort Makefile.PL is not customized since 46677...