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2019-07-22 Tony Cookensure mktests.PL produces the same output cross-platform
2019-07-22 Tony Cookperldelta for 85d4e0a35b2d
2019-07-22 Tony Cook(perl #134291) propagate non-PVs in $@ in bare die()
2019-07-21 Karen Etheridgeadd perlweb update to RMG
2019-07-21 James E Keenanperldelta for 6b62d97b14ca2894417d0297a435c63e056e31fe
2019-07-21 E.ChorobaFix pod formatting
2019-07-21 Steve HayUpdate next major release number in Porting/todo.pod
2019-07-20 Dan Bookupdate 'say' docs to better represent reality
2019-07-20 Steve HayGet dist/Devel-PPPort/t/uv.t passing
2019-07-20 Steve HayModule::CoreList 5.20190720 is now on CPAN
2019-07-20 Steve HayUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.31.3
2019-07-20 Steve HayBump version to 5.31.3
2019-07-20 Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.31.3
2019-07-20 Steve HayTick off 5.31.2
2019-07-20 Steve HayAdd epigraph for 5.31.2
2019-07-20 Steve Hay5.31.2 today v5.31.2
2019-07-20 Steve HayFinalize perldelta
2019-07-20 Steve HayUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.31.2
2019-07-20 Steve Hayperldelta tidy-ups
2019-07-20 Steve HayVC6 support is likely to be removed soon
2019-07-20 Steve Hayperldelta - Document a couple more changes
2019-07-20 Steve HayNo need to list CUSTOMIZED files for anything but upstr...
2019-07-20 Steve HayRevert the Module::CoreList part of 7872aa47f6
2019-07-20 Steve HayRevert the Module::CoreList part of e01077d94e
2019-07-20 Steve Hayperldelta - Remove boilerplate stuff
2019-07-20 Steve Hayperldelta - Documentation and Diagnostics
2019-07-20 Steve Hayperldelta - Modules and Pragmata
2019-07-19 Steve HayDocument known problems on Windows
2019-07-19 Steve HayFix upgrade notes in INSTALL
2019-07-19 Steve HayRMG - Fix a couple of typos
2019-07-19 Steve HayConfig::Perl::V is ahead of CPAN
2019-07-19 Steve HayCorrect an epigraph link
2019-07-19 Steve HayFill in missing epigraphs links
2019-07-19 Tony Cook(perl #134221) MSVC doesn't define O_ACCMODE
2019-07-16 Tony Cookperldelta for ae73d7ec2329, 0424723402ef, 74b421cc877e
2019-07-16 Tony Cook(perl #134221) preserve O_APPEND for open ... undef...
2019-07-16 Tony Cook(perl #134221) support O_APPEND for open ..., undef...
2019-07-16 Tony Cook(perl #134221) support append mode temp files on Win32 too
2019-07-16 Tony Cook(perl #134221) support append mode for open .. undef
2019-07-14 Chris 'BinGOs... Update IPC-Cmd to CPAN version 1.04
2019-07-11 Dagfinn Ilmari... Support Bison version 3.1 through 3.4
2019-07-11 David MitchellPerlIO-encoding/t/encoding.t: improve test skip
2019-07-11 David Mitchellthreads::shared: fix leak
2019-07-10 James E KeenanCorrect typo in POSIX.pod
2019-07-10 David Mitchellavoid SEGV with uninit warning with multideref
2019-07-09 H.Merijn BrandAllow -Uusedtrace / -Dusedtrace=false / -Dusedtrace=no
2019-07-09 Alexandr Savcapp_sys.c: fix the position of HAS_SETNETENT definement
2019-07-09 Tony Cookperldelta for 2773b4f50f99
2019-07-09 Tony CookRevert "postpone perl_parse() exit(0) bugfix"
2019-07-08 Tony Cookmake apidoc error reporting a little more explicit
2019-07-08 Tony Cook(perl #120841) document some errno macros for internal use
2019-07-08 Tony Cook(perl #120841) document ERRSV and CLEAR_ERRSV()
2019-07-08 Tony Cookperldelta for fb81daf0179f, 66ff4fb58270
2019-07-08 Tony Cookuse hex for the call_*()/eval_sv() flag definitions
2019-07-08 Tony Cook(perl #134177) add G_RETHROW flag to eval_sv()
2019-07-06 James E KeenanCommit df09255f was by new contributor
2019-07-05 SvyatoslavPVS-Studio: fixed warning in ternary operator.
2019-07-05 Karen Etheridgemake variable names consistent in this example
2019-07-04 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix "it it" typos
2019-07-04 Steve HayUpdate META.json following JSON::PP update
2019-07-04 Steve HayUpdate Pod::Simple from version 3.38 to 3.39
2019-07-04 Steve HayUpdate JSON::PP from version 4.02 to 4.04
2019-07-04 David Mitchellperldelta: fix typo
2019-07-03 David Mitchellperldelta entry for v5.31.1-101-g5c696bd319
2019-07-03 Paul "LeoNerd... Print a more helpful UNREACHABLE message when NOT_REACH...
2019-07-02 Karl Williamsonutf8_to_uvchr_buf() make behavior match docs
2019-07-02 Karl Williamsonperl.h: Add a comment about tainting
2019-07-01 Tony Cook(perl #134187) how do we know it's a Turkic locale
2019-07-01 Tony Cookperldelta for c0ad3f089909e
2019-07-01 Tony Cook(perl #134218) make sure ECHO is defined
2019-06-27 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #133996] reword diagnostic
2019-06-27 Karl WilliamsonAdd some defensive coding to av_store()
2019-06-27 Tony Cookperldelta for 1ef28cc363ae
2019-06-26 Tony Cook(perl #134125) make no digits after 0x/0b fatal
2019-06-26 Dagfinn Ilmari... Clean up after previous commit
2019-06-26 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix leading spaces in Exporter error message
2019-06-26 Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Use actual commit number
2019-06-26 Karl WilliamsonAdd ANYOFHr regnode
2019-06-26 Karl Williamsonregex: Add lower bound to ANYOFH nodes UTF-8 byte
2019-06-26 Karl WilliamsonUse inRANGE for seeing if node is an ANYOFH type
2019-06-26 Tony Cook(perl #122112) make sure SIGPIPE is delivered if we...
2019-06-25 Karl WilliamsonWhite space only in comment
2019-06-25 Karl Williamsonregcomp.sym: Change regnode description
2019-06-25 Richard LeachAdditional Net-Ping tests skip if d_getpbyname is undef
2019-06-25 Richard LeachTests for Android stub functions updated for Oreo
2019-06-25 Karl WilliamsonFix apidoc macro entries
2019-06-25 David Mitchellhonour $PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL on non-debug builds
2019-06-24 Steve HayFix erroneous references to USE_CBACKTRACE
2019-06-24 David Mitchell[MERGE] make optree-walking mostly non-recursive
2019-06-24 David MitchellPerl_op_lvalue_flags(): make mostly non-recursive
2019-06-24 David MitchellPerl_op_lvalue_flags() add blank lines
2019-06-24 David MitchellPerl_op_lvalue_flags(): skip OPf_WANT_VOID ops.
2019-06-24 David MitchellPerl_op_lvalue_flags(): fixup documentation
2019-06-24 David Mitchellreindent op.c:S_lvref()
2019-06-24 David Mitchellmake op.c:S_lvref() non-recursive
2019-06-24 David Mitchelldocument what op.c:S_lvref() does
2019-06-24 David Mitchellop.c: S_lvref(): handle all kids on OP_NULL
2019-06-24 David MitchellClarify purpose of S_looks_like_bool()
2019-06-24 David Mitchellmake op.c:S_find_and_forget_pmops() non-recursive
2019-06-24 David MitchellPerl_doref(): reindent