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2004-04-07 Rafael Garcia... The optree builder was looping when constructing the ops
2004-04-06 H.Merijn BrandTest drives are fun. Implement ccversion for Itanium...
2004-04-06 H.Merijn BrandAIX-4 with xlc does not like malloc wrap
2004-04-06 Jim CromieRe: tests for change #22539
2004-04-06 Marcus Holland... Make the ! suffix handle n/N/v/V as signed integers
2004-04-05 Marcus Holland... C<undef> doesn't look like a number. See also:
2004-04-05 Craig A. BerryRe: perldelta584
2004-04-05 Ovidref ($proto) || $proto patch
2004-04-05 SADAHIRO Tomoyukisv_pvutf8n_force and sv_pvbyten_force
2004-04-05 Rafael Garcia... [perl #28171] wantarray docs should mention effect...
2004-04-05 Nicholas ClarkMore AUTHORS who deserve credit for patches
2004-04-04 Nicholas ClarkHand merge patch from maint back to blead.
2004-04-04 Nicholas ClarkBump version numbers for modules that have changed...
2004-04-02 Rafael Garcia... Fix bug #27940 : \cX escapes weren't working correctly...
2004-04-02 Craig A. Berryfix utils install problems on VMS
2004-04-01 Craig A. Berryarchname salad on VMS
2004-04-01 Dave MitchellFix change #22376. Only mark a const as short-circuited
2004-04-01 Nicholas Clarkdebug the instructions on upgrading Unicode
2004-04-01 Marcus Holland... Fix and tests for [perl #28123] Perl optimizes // away...
2004-03-31 Dave Mitchell [perl #28032] delete $_[0] + (\$) prototype = bad...
2004-03-31 Nicholas ClarkUpgrade to Unicode 4.0.1
2004-03-31 H.Merijn BrandRegenerated Configure after backported #22571
2004-03-31 Gisle AasRe: [PATCH] MIME::Base64 PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT
2004-03-31 Nicholas ClarkUnknowingly for years we've had a test that has assumed...
2004-03-30 Dan KogaiZaurus SL-[78]60 native compile patch
2004-03-29 Steve Hayvarious win32 build fixes
2004-03-29 Benjamin J... [perl #27986] IPC::Open3 fails in mod_perl (tie bug)
2004-03-29 Dave Mitchellbackout change 22606 (make gv_fullname() include a...
2004-03-28 Dave Mitchellupdate -Dx to cope with lexical version of OP_AELEMFAST
2004-03-28 Dave Mitchellmake gv_fullname() etc include a literal '^' for *...
2004-03-28 Dave Mitchellpv_display() had code to display \n etc as escapes...
2004-03-28 Dave Mitchellfix typo in change 22597
2004-03-27 Craig A. Berry-Dusemallocwrap for VMS)
2004-03-27 Craig A. Berrydon't clean-up perly.* on VMS
2004-03-27 Dave Mitchell[perl #24200] string corruption with lvalue sub
2004-03-26 Dave MitchellClarify op.h comments for which ops the OPpDEREF* priva...
2004-03-26 Dave Mitchellfix for change #22594; if using, must tell...
2004-03-26 Dave Mitchell[perl #26839] document the return value of an empty sub
2004-03-26 Dave Mitchell [perl #27040] - hints hash was being double freed...
2004-03-26 Andy LesterRe: [perl #27906] stat documentation correction
2004-03-26 Dave Mitchellfix some comments in perly.y
2004-03-26 Dave Mitchell[perl #27268] Blessed reference to anonymous glob
2004-03-24 jdhedden@1979... [perl #27748] 'find2perl' bug: -exec causes chdir error
2004-03-24 Nicholas ClarkRemaining smoked platforms where malloc wrap is known...
2004-03-24 Dan Jacobson[perl #27790] split docs: say the string is EXPR
2004-03-24 Nicholas Clarkmintest will pass if I skip the correct number of tests...
2004-03-24 Steve HayRe: [PATCH] Fix PERL_MALLOC_WRAP change for Win32
2004-03-24 Rafael Garcia... Good catch from Dave Mitchell; plus a null pointer...
2004-03-24 Nicholas ClarkUnlike perl, 0 in void context isn't special cased...
2004-03-24 Nicholas ClarkExport PL_memory_wrap based on PERL_MALLOC_WRAP rather...
2004-03-24 Nicholas ClarkTidy up function prototypes in the light of suidpatch
2004-03-23 Nicholas ClarkMake usemallocwrap a Configure-time question. Default...
2004-03-23 Nicholas Clarkhv_delete_common was freeing the key, then passing...
2004-03-23 Nicholas ClarkUnify 5.008 and 5.009's B::Concise 0.58
2004-03-23 Nicholas ClarkUnify 5.008 and 5.009's B::Concise 0.56
2004-03-23 Hugo van der... Fix bug [perl #27839] returning @+ out of scope loses...
2004-03-23 Paul Szabo5.9.1 suidperl
2004-03-22 Rafael Garcia... Update the -v copyright notice.
2004-03-22 Nicholas ClarkDon't assume that the chmod will always work.
2004-03-22 padre@elte.huClarifications on constants subroutines, based on:
2004-03-22 Steve HayRe: ../lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t failure on Win32/GCC
2004-03-22 Yitzchak Scott... Re: [PATCH] warn on !=~
2004-03-21 Andy LesterFinally, this "Negative repeat count" warning wasn...
2004-03-21 SADAHIRO TomoyukiNobody has used SvPVbyte_force?
2004-03-21 Rafael Garcia... I must be tired today.
2004-03-21 Rafael Garcia... Silence a gcc warning.
2004-03-21 SADAHIRO TomoyukiRe: [perl #27803] perl crashes when utf8::upgrade(...
2004-03-21 Craig A. Berryfix memory bug in vms.c:mp_do_tounixspec
2004-03-21 Rafael Garcia... Add a new warning "Negative repeat count"
2004-03-20 Yitzchak Scott... warn on !=~
2004-03-20 Greg Mathesonmakefile.95 tweak
2004-03-20 Rafael Garcia... \x80\xFF is not valid UTF-8.
2004-03-19 Jim Cromie[perl #24821] enhancement patch for B::Concise
2004-03-19 Audrey allow upper-cased EUC
2004-03-19 Nicholas Clark[PATCH] Move from libwin32 module...
2004-03-19 Nicholas ClarkChange Storable.xs to conditionally include ppport...
2004-03-19 Nicholas ClarkMove Beau Cox's ppport.h fixes into
2004-03-19 Rafael Garcia... Nit in perluniintro about the U0 and C0 templates,
2004-03-19 beau@beaucox.comStorable PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT
2004-03-18 Marcus Holland... range operator warnings / 64-bit fix
2004-03-18 Dave Mitchelladd code comment for change 22525
2004-03-18 Rafael Garcia... Add a perl592delta.pod man page.
2004-03-18 Nicholas ClarkCorrections and explanations in comments
2004-03-18 Jarkko Hietaniemipumpkin fodder
2004-03-18 Rafael Garcia... Detypo.
2004-03-18 Dave Mitchellmake ~$x give warning is $x isn't initialised.
2004-03-18 Rafael Garcia... Try to fix the AIX and Windows builds regarding the
2004-03-18 Rafael Garcia... Bump bleadperl's version number to 5.9.2.
2004-03-17 Robin Barkerformat/casting/warning RE: perl 5.9.1
2004-03-17 Rafael Garcia... Optimize away the assignment in the constructs C<my...
2004-03-17 Jarkko Hietaniemimalloc wrappage
2004-03-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd auto-require of modules to restore overloading...
2004-03-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd regression tests for the auto-require of STORABLE_thaw
2004-03-16 Nicholas ClarkMove the PERLVAR(Ireentrant_buffer, REENTR*) outside...
2004-03-16 Rafael Garcia... Add a lchown() call to the POSIX module. [perl #27547]
2004-03-16 Andy DoughertyRe: Perl and Parrot disagree about sched_yield on Solaris
2004-03-16 Rafael Garcia... Restore the "DEVEL" locally-applied-patches version...
2004-03-16 Rafael Garcia... Update Changes. (again)
2004-03-16 Rafael Garcia... Update copyright notices
2004-03-16 Rafael Garcia... Regenerate META.yml