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2006-10-23 Rafael Garcia... Some notes about the recent changes in perldelta
2006-10-23 Rafael Garcia... Protection against overwriting defsubs.h via a symlink
2006-10-23 Jim Cromie[patch] make test.valgrind capable of running cachegrind
2006-10-22 Nicholas ClarkFix the other bug introduced by change 29079
2006-10-22 Nicholas ClarkFix bug in change 27321 - Perl_ss_dup should also have...
2006-10-22 Nicholas ClarkFix a bug introduced by change 29079
2006-10-22 Steve PetersRemoved typo that caused a variable to shadow an existi...
2006-10-22 Nicholas ClarkMerge cases in Perl_ss_dup().
2006-10-22 Nicholas Clarkconst the variable used for the save stack type in...
2006-10-22 Rafael Garcia... Make the overrides of built-ins in the bytes pragma...
2006-10-21 Nicholas ClarkAdd PERLIO_INIT and PERLIO_TERM to PERL_SYS_INIT* and...
2006-10-21 Jarkko HietaniemiRe: Change 29050: Memory leak fix, by Jarkko
2006-10-21 Nicholas ClarkSemicolon consistency between PERL_FPU_INIT and the...
2006-10-21 Nicholas ClarkAdd PERLIO_INIT to PERL_SYS_INIT.
2006-10-21 Nicholas ClarkAlways defining PERLIO_TERM, even if it's empty, makes...
2006-10-21 Steve PetersChanges for threads::shared to all building with g++.
2006-10-21 Steve PetersFixes for Storable.xs when compiling a threaded Perl...
2006-10-21 Steve PetersFix in perl.h for compiling with g++.
2006-10-21 Steve PetersBetter solution to silencing prereq warnings from threads's
2006-10-21 Steve PetersQuiet a warning in pp_sys.c on AIX.
2006-10-20 Steve PetersComment out Hash::Util and IO::File from prereqs of...
2006-10-20 Rafael Garcia... Adjustment to symbol lists after latest changes (by...
2006-10-20 Rafael Garcia... Enable perlio mutexes under threads (by Jarkko)
2006-10-20 Rafael Garcia... regen headers
2006-10-20 Yves Ortononly do \C hackery if \C is seen
2006-10-20 Alexander GoughB:: changes for UNITCHECK blocks
2006-10-20 Rafael Garcia... Let's undocument -Dusesfio in INSTALL.
2006-10-20 Rafael Garcia... More leak fixes, by Jarkko
2006-10-20 Dave Mitchellzero length $1 took too long to detect utf8-ness
2006-10-20 Rafael Garcia... Silence some warnings
2006-10-19 Yves OrtonRe: Off by one in the trie code?
2006-10-19 Yves OrtonRe: Off by one in the trie code?
2006-10-19 H.Merijn Brand<tr> isnb't the same as C<tr>, and <tr> looks so stupid...
2006-10-19 Rafael Garcia... Trim perltodo.
2006-10-19 Alexander Goughstab at UNITCHECK blocks
2006-10-19 Jos BoumansAdd Log::Message and Log::Message::Simple to the core
2006-10-19 Rafael Garcia... Make prototype("CORE::mkdir") work. That's a special...
2006-10-19 Rafael Garcia... Memory leak fix, by Jarkko
2006-10-19 Rafael Garcia... Adjust documentation for previous change
2006-10-19 Rafael Garcia... Allow the _ prototype character to be followed by optio...
2006-10-19 Rafael Garcia... Make all JAPH tests pass
2006-10-19 Rafael Garcia... Remove free() part of change #29045, which causes
2006-10-19 Jarkko Hietaniemiblead valgrind finding
2006-10-18 Rafael Garcia... Make prototype("CORE::foo") return prototypes with...
2006-10-18 Rafael Garcia... Add a regression test for change #29041
2006-10-18 Nicholas ClarkUsing explicit printf-like APIs with a format of "...
2006-10-18 Rafael Garcia... Functions with a (_) prototype should behave as unary...
2006-10-18 Nicholas Clarkpanic if we attempt to sv_setsv to or from an already...
2006-10-18 Rafael Garcia... Test for the interaction between ; and _ in prototypes
2006-10-18 Rafael Garcia... Document _ prototype in perlsub
2006-10-18 Rafael Garcia... Fix prototype to mimic built-in in perlsub examples
2006-10-18 Rafael Garcia... The _ character is only allowed to be at the end of...
2006-10-18 Rafael Garcia... Improvements and fixes to the _ prototype
2006-10-18 Rafael Garcia... FAQ sync
2006-10-18 Dave Bailey[perl #40557] regexec.c saves context stack position...
2006-10-17 Rafael Garcia... First attempt at implementing the _ prototype
2006-10-17 Steve PetersUpgrade to Time-HiRes-1.94.
2006-10-17 SADAHIRO TomoyukiRe: [PATCH] remove leaveit from toke.c:scan_const
2006-10-17 Steve PetersUpgrade to CPAN-1.88_55.
2006-10-17 Rafael Garcia... Less brace nesting.
2006-10-16 Rafael Garcia... The "Unrecognized escape" warning can now be emitted...
2006-10-16 SADAHIRO Tomoyukiremove leaveit from toke.c:scan_const
2006-10-16 SADAHIRO TomoyukiRe: sprintf 64 test
2006-10-16 Nicholas ClarkFix change 28770 to cope with the strange 32 bit bool...
2006-10-15 Steve PetersUpgrade to Time-HiRes-1.93.
2006-10-14 Steve PetersUpgrade to CPAN-1.88_54.
2006-10-14 Steve PetersUpgrade to Digest-SHA-5.44.
2006-10-14 Nicholas ClarkAvoid undefined behaviour for -DPERL_MEM_LOG by not...
2006-10-14 Steve PetersUpgrade to XSLoader-0.07.
2006-10-14 Nicholas ClarkAvoid undefined behaviour for -DPERL_MEM_LOG by not...
2006-10-14 Nicholas ClarkUse Perl_croak_nocontext() rather than Perl_croak(...
2006-10-14 Nicholas ClarkFix typo.
2006-10-13 Jim CromieRe: SVpvs vs SVpvn
2006-10-13 Steve PetersUpgrade to Time-HiRes-1.92.
2006-10-13 Nicholas ClarkCorrect one "parenthesis" to "parentheses".
2006-10-13 Rafael Garcia... Don't bother checking for bad characters in prototypes...
2006-10-13 Robin Barkercompiler warning noreturn
2006-10-13 Rafael Garcia... Fix nit in possessive quantifier descriptions.
2006-10-13 Yves OrtonAdd possessive quantifiers to regex engine.
2006-10-12 Steve PetersUpgrade to PathTools-3.23.
2006-10-12 Jerry Heddenthreads::shared 1.04
2006-10-12 Jerry Heddenthreads 1.44
2006-10-12 Robin Barkerfix format errors; was RE: g++ compile and make test...
2006-10-12 Robin BarkerRE: g++ compile and make test 100%
2006-10-12 Yves OrtonMore regexp documentation
2006-10-12 Yves OrtonAdd Regex conditionals. Various bugfixes. More tests.
2006-10-11 Robin BarkerRE: g++ compile and make test 100%
2006-10-11 Steve PetersFix typo in NDBM_File.xs and bump up the version number.
2006-10-11 Rafael Garcia... Fix aliasing to an non-existent element of %+
2006-10-11 Rafael Garcia... Update comment (by Yves Orton), plus POD fixes
2006-10-11 Rafael Garcia... Missing % in format string
2006-10-11 Jarkko Hietaniemiext re: C++: EXTERN_C needed, and where did sub install...
2006-10-11 Steve PetersGrrr...moved the files, but forgot to update
2006-10-10 Jarkko HietaniemiC++: class is a keyword
2006-10-10 Rafael Garcia... Adjust test count for ExtUtils::Command
2006-10-10 Steve PetersUpgrade to ExtUtils-Manifest-1.49.
2006-10-10 Steve PetersUpgrade to ExtUtils-Command-1.12.
2006-10-10 Steve PetersUpgrade to CPAN-1.88_53.
2006-10-10 Anatoly Vorobey[perl #40473] sprintf width+precision fails on wide...