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2021-07-25 Dan Bookperlop - Invocant only needs to be an object or class...
2021-07-25 TAKAI KousukePOSIX: Make strtoul() return UV if possible
2021-07-24 Karl WilliamsonPOSIX: Bump version
2021-07-24 Karl WilliamsonPetar-Kaleychev is now a Perl author
2021-07-24 Thibault DUPONCHELLESkip 501_ping_icmpv6.t when icmpv6 cannot be initialize...
2021-07-24 Petar-KaleychevFix perl5300delta.pod
2021-07-24 Neil BowersBump the perl version in various places ready for 5...
2021-07-24 Neil Bowersnew perldelta for 5.35.3
2021-07-23 Karl WilliamsonU:N: Generalize to work on EBCDIC
2021-07-23 Karl WilliamsonU::N: Improve ok() function
2021-07-23 Karl WilliamsonUnicode::Normalize: Make ok() common to all .t files
2021-07-23 Neil BowersMerge branch 'release-5.35.2' into blead
2021-07-23 Neil Bowersadd new release to perlhist v5.35.2
2021-07-23 Neil BowersUpdated with changed modules
2021-07-23 Neil BowersUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.35.2
2021-07-23 Neil Bowersfirst cut at perldelta
2021-07-23 Neil BowersUpdated for 5.35.2
2021-07-22 Neil BowersUpdated Text-Tabs+Wrap from 2013.0523 to 2021.0717
2021-07-22 Neil BowersUpgraded Encode from 3.08 to 3.10
2021-07-22 Neil Bowersversion of Devel::PPPort wasn't bumped when merging
2021-07-22 Neil BowersUpgraded Math::BigRat, Math::BigInt::FastCalc, Math...
2021-07-22 Paul "LeoNerd... Use G_LIST in dist/threads
2021-07-20 Karl WilliamsonUnicode::UCD: Bump version; regen
2021-07-20 Jakub WilkUnicode::UCD: Fix character name in POD
2021-07-19 Paul "LeoNerd... Add perldelta.pod entry describing G_ARRAY->G_LIST...
2021-07-18 Karl WilliamsonUpdate op/length.t to use strict/modern 'is()' tests
2021-07-18 Karl WilliamsonDevel::PPPort: Fix STMT_START { ... } STMT_END
2021-07-18 Karl WilliamsonSync Devel::PPPort with CPAN version 3.63
2021-07-18 Karl WilliamsonPartially Revert "skip using gcc brace groups for STMT_...
2021-07-18 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Consolidate and revise pod for toCASE_CHANGEfoo()
2021-07-17 Karl WilliamsonSven Kirmess is now a Perl author
2021-07-17 Karl WilliamsonBump version
2021-07-17 Thibault DUPONCHELLEPut back the old url for (in lib/unicore...
2021-07-17 Nicholas ClarkRefine the changes to perlintro.pod after feedback...
2021-07-17 Nicholas ClarkThree small changes to perlintro.pod
2021-07-17 Sven KirmessAdd missing word in 'if's documentation
2021-07-17 Chris 'BinGOs... CPAN and Core match at Data-Dumper-2.183
2021-07-17 Paul MarquessSync DB_File with CPAN version 1.856
2021-07-15 James E KeenanMerge branch '18780-compound-token-split-by-macro'...
2021-07-15 Tony Cookskip using gcc brace groups for STMT_START/END 18984/head
2021-07-13 Thibault DuponchelleHaiku BFS does not store atime and always return curren...
2021-07-11 James E KeenanIncrement $VERSION throughout
2021-07-11 James E KeenanMerge branch 'pod-html-refactoring-3-of-5' into blead
2021-07-11 James E KeenanRe-arrange subs in calling order
2021-07-09 Thibault Duponchelleget working directory on a non existing path returns...
2021-07-06 Richard Leachav_new_alloc: revise description of size parameter
2021-07-06 Felipe GasperOnly set IOKp, not IOK on $) and $(.
2021-07-06 Karl WilliamsonFix syntax error wwhen NAN_COMPARE_BROKEN
2021-07-06 James E KeenanMerge branch 'pod-html-refactoring-2-of-5' into blead
2021-07-06 James E KeenanUse lowercase for lexical variables -- even filehandles 18950/head
2021-07-06 James E KeenanAfter eval-ing $VERSION, assign return value back to...
2021-07-06 James E KeenanPod-Html: rename to
2021-07-06 James E KeenanKeep $VERSION in synch
2021-07-06 James E KeenanIntroduce refine_parser()
2021-07-06 James E KeenanIntroduce generate_cache() and identify_input()
2021-07-06 James E KeenanRename one method per suggestion from rjbs
2021-07-06 James E KeenanIntroduce internal sub set_Title();
2021-07-06 James E KeenanIntroduce internal sub refine_globals()
2021-07-06 James E KeenanCreate internal sub parse_input_for_podtree()
2021-07-06 James E KeenanRemove last hard-tabs from
2021-07-06 James E KeenanCreate sub write_file()
2021-07-06 James E KeenanIntroduce Pod::Html::Auxiliary
2021-07-06 James E KeenanStart refactoring lib/Pod/
2021-07-06 James E KeenanReduce default arguments for Testing:_prepare_argstable()
2021-07-06 James E KeenanIntroduce Testing::record_state_of_cache()
2021-07-06 Tony Cookperldelta for e1d3ed996ab
2021-07-06 Tony Cookadd a note to perldoc -f each on using anon hashes...
2021-07-06 Tony Cookwarn when using each on an anonymous hash or array
2021-07-05 James E KeenanEliminate '-Wstring-compare' build-time warning in... 18948/head
2021-07-05 Nicholas ClarkData::Dumper 2.183 was released on 2021-07-05.
2021-07-05 Nicholas ClarkFix version numbers and attribution in the Data::Dumper...
2021-07-05 Nicholas ClarkBump Data::Dumper's $VERSION and update Changes, for...
2021-07-05 Nicholas ClarkChange dumper.t to done_testing() from plan() and an...
2021-07-05 Nicholas ClarkRefactor the variable name code in Dumpxs to avoid...
2021-07-05 Nicholas ClarkIn Data_Dumper_Dumpxs, rename name to name_sv.
2021-07-05 Nicholas ClarkBump Data::Dumper's $VERSION and update Changes, for...
2021-07-05 Nicholas ClarkData::Dumper was erroneously stringifying qr'$foo'...
2021-07-03 Sawyer XGH #18047: Initial phrasing for =head5 and =head6
2021-07-03 Richard LeachPerl_pad_alloc: simplify av_fetch() calls
2021-07-03 Richard LeachAdd inline av_fetch_simple and av_store_simple functions
2021-06-30 Nicholas ClarkState that the -s command line switch is discouraged...
2021-06-30 Nicholas ClarkData::Dumper 2.182 was released on 2021-06-30.
2021-06-30 Neil BowersReformatted Data-Dumper Changes as per CPAN::Changes...
2021-06-30 Karl WilliamsonDumper.xs: Add comment
2021-06-30 Karl WilliamsonDumper.xs: Output orphaned EBCDIC control as octal
2021-06-30 Karl WilliamsonDumper.xs: Revise calculation of needed size
2021-06-30 Karl WilliamsonDumper.xs: isDIGIT() is now in ppport.h
2021-06-30 Karl WilliamsonDumper.xs: Port ESC_NATIVE back on EBCDIC
2021-06-30 Nicholas ClarkBump Data::Dumper's $VERSION and update Changes, for...
2021-06-30 James E KeenanReport Data::Dumper problems to Perl 5 Github issues...
2021-06-30 Nicholas ClarkRemove references to Macintosh/Mac OS in perlfunc.pod...
2021-06-30 Karl Williamsonutf8_length: Fix undefined C behavior
2021-06-29 Christian Waldeperldiag: numer -> number typo fix
2021-06-29 Karl WilliamsonPod::Simple: synch with CPAN version 3.43
2021-06-28 Leon TimmermansRemove :win32 PerlIO layer
2021-06-28 James E KeenanMerge branch 'pod2html-single-tempdir-20210510' into...
2021-06-28 James E Keenanext/Pod-Html/t/*.t: Have each file run in tempdir pod2html-single-tempdir-20210510
2021-06-28 Nicholas ClarkCopy the test bootstrapping order from t/TEST to t...
2021-06-28 Karl WilliamsonAvoid some conditionals in is...UTF8_CHAR()
2021-06-28 Karl WilliamsonMakefile.SH: Fixes for z/OS