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2002-04-22 Paul Greenupdate VOS-specific pod files
2002-04-22 Paul Greencleanup ./hints/
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Encode 1.57, from Dan Kogai.
2002-04-22 Stas Bekmansmall corrections
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate Changes.
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiIn MANIFEST but not added.
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiDuh.
2002-04-22 Norton T. AllenRe: t/japh/abigail.t [PATCH]
2002-04-22 Mark-Jason... {PATCH docs] sockatmark
2002-04-22 Paul Greencflags.SH -- to preserve hint file options
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd new files from #16076; re-sort.
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiNetWare changeover from Watcom to Codewarrior, from...
2002-04-22 H.Merijn BrandRe: [ID 20020422.003] Suggestion in Perl 5.6.1 installa...
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiSignedness nit.
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiNo semicolons after blocks.
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to PerlIO::encoding 0.04, from Dan Kogai.
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Encode 1.56, from Dan Kogai.
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiComment tweak from Philip.
2002-04-22 Gurusamy Sarathya Test::Harness tweak to make the test lines show up...
2002-04-22 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate //depot/perlio into mainline
2002-04-22 Gurusamy Sarathyclean up after stray test file littering
2002-04-22 Gurusamy Sarathyanother windows fix: only create a new console for...
2002-04-22 Gurusamy Sarathyall the thread tests now pass on windows (32-bit and...
2002-04-22 Gurusamy Sarathyenable maximal optimizations on win64
2002-04-22 Jarkko HietaniemiTweaks copied from Philip Newton's Encode patches.
2002-04-22 Artur BergmanEnd blocks were not run on Win32.
2002-04-21 Artur BergmanDo not unlock mutex twice.
2002-04-21 Gurusamy Sarathysquelch some more type mismatch warnings
2002-04-21 Jarkko HietaniemiMake writing user-defined character properties nicer.
2002-04-21 Gurusamy Sarathytest appears to be ass_u_ming sizeof(long) == sizeof...
2002-04-21 Jarkko HietaniemiOne more way to do character class subtraction.
2002-04-21 Jarkko HietaniemiMopup of #16048.
2002-04-21 Gurusamy Sarathysome test failures have been fixed
2002-04-21 Gurusamy Sarathyuse compare_text() rather than compare() to avoid bogus
2002-04-21 Gurusamy Sarathyfixes for all the warnings reported by Visual C (most...
2002-04-21 Nicholas Clarkanother Storable test (Re: perl@16005)
2002-04-21 Mattia BarbonWin32: encode/t/perlio.t needs some binmode
2002-04-21 Andrey SapozhnikovTypo in pod/perltrap.pod
2002-04-21 Jarkko HietaniemiDo not assume that io buffer flushing happens in the...
2002-04-21 Jarkko HietaniemiAs if people would be reading the documentation :-)
2002-04-21 Jarkko HietaniemiTypo tweaks.
2002-04-21 Artur BergmanGot the last memory leak in the while(1) { threads...
2002-04-21 Rafael Garcia... Make doc clearer, as suggested by Brent Dax
2002-04-21 Rafael Garcia... Revert change #15974.
2002-04-21 Jarkko HietaniemiS_ stands sfor static.
2002-04-21 Jarkko Hietaniemihtovs et al might be macros.
2002-04-21 Gurusamy Sarathymissed checkin of this file in change#16033
2002-04-21 Gurusamy SarathyWindows 64-bit support:
2002-04-20 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Encode 1.52, from Dan Kogai.
2002-04-20 Mark-Jason... Re: [PATCH 5.7.3 docs] The question deals with a bug...
2002-04-20 Artur BergmanRemove auto-detach
2002-04-20 Craig A. Berryrescue perldoc for VMS
2002-04-20 Andreas KönigRe: [PATCH] typo
2002-04-20 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Encode 1.51, from Dan Kogai.
2002-04-20 Gurusamy Sarathypurge existing win64 stuff (this never really worked...
2002-04-20 Stas BekmanRe: perl@16005
2002-04-20 Andreas Königperlunicode.pod typos
2002-04-20 Jarkko HietaniemiTest tweak from mjd.
2002-04-20 Jarkko HietaniemiIntegrate perlio:
2002-04-20 Nick Ing-SimmonsFill in the PERLIO sections.
2002-04-20 Nick Ing-SimmonsAdd :bytes to POD part.
2002-04-20 Artur BergmanReally let the update of the link list do something.
2002-04-20 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate mainline
2002-04-20 Nick Ing-SimmonsTweak to Encode.xs to avoid buffer overrun.
2002-04-20 Jarkko Hietaniemi[PATCH] t/japh/abigail.t
2002-04-20 Jarkko HietaniemiUser-defined character properties were unintentionally
2002-04-19 Audrey TangRe: [PATCH] Big5-related changes.
2002-04-19 Rafael Garcia... Add a BUGS sections to
2002-04-19 Rafael Garcia... Disable warning noise
2002-04-19 Rafael Garcia... More tests for the 3-arg open
2002-04-19 Nick Ing-SimmonsSilence warning generating warning message for U+FFFF...
2002-04-19 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate mainline (for Tk with Encode testing)
2002-04-19 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate Changes.
2002-04-19 Rafael Garcia... warn on ref open without perlio
2002-04-19 H.Merijn BrandSmoke 15996 /pro/3gl/CPAN/perl-current
2002-04-19 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to PerlIO::encoding 0.02, from Dan Kogai.
2002-04-19 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Encode 1.50, from Dan Kogai.
2002-04-19 Andreas Kö sync
2002-04-19 Jarkko HietaniemiSnip away an obsolete section noticed by Benjamin Goldberg.
2002-04-19 Jarkko HietaniemiThe previous change on this was *ahem* slightly off...
2002-04-18 AbigailTypo in pod/perldebtut.pod
2002-04-18 Jarkko Hietaniemiz/OS situation update.
2002-04-18 Jarkko HietaniemiDoc tweaks.
2002-04-18 Jarkko HietaniemiThe tests need perlio.
2002-04-18 Mark-Jason... [PATCH 5.7.3 docs] The question deals with a bug that...
2002-04-18 Artur BergmanPort testcases from thr5005 tests so we don't fail...
2002-04-18 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate mainline
2002-04-18 Artur BergmanAlways flush the PerlIO buffers after running END blocks in
2002-04-18 Doug MacEachernplug memory leak in perl_destruct() by cleaning out...
2002-04-17 Jarkko HietaniemiMove /dev/full testing post-5.8.0.
2002-04-17 Jarkko HietaniemiNeither UNICOS nor UNICOS/mk sport shared libraries.
2002-04-17 Luc St-LouisDevel::DProf Real Elapsed Times
2002-04-17 Jarkko HietaniemiWith -Uuseperlio the error might be EBADF.
2002-04-17 Vadim KonovalovBorland for Win32 adaptation for lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t
2002-04-17 Vadim KonovalovRE: failed with undefined USE_PERLIO for Win32
2002-04-17 Mark-Jason... Re: [ID 20020416.001] 'close' does not report failure...
2002-04-17 Jarkko HietaniemiREADME.cjk update.
2002-04-17 Philip Newton@:foo?
2002-04-17 Philip NewtonRe: gcc on HP
2002-04-17 Rafael Garcia... Adjust test for groups that appear multiple times on...