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2011-06-16 Jesse VincentAdded Shawn's canonical address
2011-06-16 Shawn M MooreAdd Shawn M Moore to AUTHORS
2011-06-16 Shawn M MooreFactor out ->program_name and use it in more places
2011-06-16 Shawn M MooreComment grammar and clarity fix
2011-06-16 Shawn M MooreConsistently titlecase descriptions in -h
2011-06-16 Shawn M MooreUse the same "$me OPTIONS" invocation as the other...
2011-06-16 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Shlomi Fish
2011-06-16 Shlomi FishCleanup lib/perl5db.t
2011-06-16 David Mitchellrevert recent changes to eintr.t
2011-06-16 Nicholas ClarkMerge ext/IPC-Open2 into ext/IPC-Open3.
2011-06-16 Ian GoodacreTypo fix in When to Still Use local()
2011-06-16 Nicholas ClarkAdd PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to ODBM_File
2011-06-16 Nicholas ClarkIn pp_match, refactor the call to CALLREGEXEC() to...
2011-06-16 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for breakpoints by file name
2011-06-16 Shlomi FishBreak upon <filename>:<line>
2011-06-16 Shlomi FishTests for #92906: perl -d has non-functional b command
2011-06-16 Father Chrysostomos[perl #92906] perl -d has non-functional b command
2011-06-16 George GreerCGI: Reset permissions during temporary directory test...
2011-06-16 Karl Williamsoncharnames: White space, comment only
2011-06-16 Karl Williamsoncharnames: Add :loose matching
2011-06-16 Karl Williamsonmktables: Allow for loose \N{} matching
2011-06-16 Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Rmv duplicated test
2011-06-16 Karl Williamsoncharnames: small comment fixes
2011-06-16 Karl Williamsoncharnames: Check for malformed utf8
2011-06-16 Karl Williamsoncharnames pod: Note that BELL is now deprecated
2011-06-16 Karl Williamsoncharnames: Minor pod clarifications
2011-06-15 Karl Williamsoncharnames: Quote metachars in script names
2011-06-15 David MitchellBenchmark.t: ignore sys CPU time
2011-06-15 David MitchellBenchmark.t: fix count estimate
2011-06-15 David Mitchell[perl #92828] eintr.t hangs on FreeBSD
2011-06-15 Nicholas ClarkRemove Shell from the core distribution. Get it from...
2011-06-15 Father ChrysostomosMake B::Deparse emit CORE::state, etc.
2011-06-15 David Goldenperldelta.pod updated through ca3749d
2011-06-14 Florian RagwitzMark Devel::DProf as deprecated in corelist
2011-06-14 Florian RagwitzKill Devel::DProf
2011-06-14 Florian RagwitzIgnore deletes when looking for changed versions
2011-06-14 Father ChrysostomosAllow ‘continue;’ without
2011-06-14 Father Chrysostomosperldelta up to 571f0e8
2011-06-14 H.Merijn BrandUpdate PerlCheat to 5.14
2011-06-14 Nicholas Clarkpos in lvalue context now returns a PVMG instead of...
2011-06-14 Nicholas ClarkIn magic.t, restore $$ after modifying it.
2011-06-14 David Mitchell[perl #8611] tied handles and gotos don't mix
2011-06-14 Florian RagwitzIgnore the generated mg_data.h
2011-06-14 brian d foyperlfaq9: Sys::Hostname is in core since 5.0
2011-06-14 brian d foyRemove FAQ about PONIE
2011-06-14 brian d foyRe-mention $foo Magazin in perlfaq2
2011-06-14 brian d foyThe Perl Review isn't really a magazine anymore
2011-06-14 Father ChrysostomosMake $$ writable, but still magical
2011-06-13 David GoldenUpdate preferred perldelta RT citation standard
2011-06-13 Karl Williamsoncharnames: Abbreviations wrong on certain C1 controls
2011-06-13 Father ChrysostomosMove an XS::APItest var decl to PREINIT
2011-06-13 Father ChrysostomosMore perldelta entries
2011-06-13 Father ChrysostomosSome perldelta updates
2011-06-12 Father ChrysostomosFix typo in perlmod
2011-06-12 Father ChrysostomosCompletely free hashes containing nulls
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkReorder interpreter struct to remove alignment holes
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkRe-order perlvars.h to group related variables, and...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkPL_perlio_mutex is only needed with USE_UIHREADS &...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkChange PL_use_safe_putenv from int to bool.
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkMove PL_runops_{std,dbg} to perl.h, and make them const.
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkMove PL_global_struct_size, PL_interp_size{,_5_16_0...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkIn perlvar.h, move the always-present globals above...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkMove PL_{revision,version,subversion} to perl.h, making...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkMove PL_sh_path to perl.h (except for OS/2), as it...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkMove PL_{No,Yes,hexdigit} from perlvars.h to perl.h...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkEliminate PL_patleave, unused since perl 5.0 alpha 2.
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkMove the temporary definitions for PERLVAR* macros...
2011-06-12 Leon BrocardUpdate Porting/ to not verify secure hostnam...
2011-06-12 Leon BrocardFix broken URL in dist/threads/lib/ for the...
2011-06-12 Leon BrocardFix broken URLs in dist/Net-Ping/Changes from perlbrows...
2011-06-12 Leon BrocardFix broken URLs in dist/Locale-Maketext/lib/Locale...
2011-06-12 Leon BrocardFix broken URLs in ExtUtils-Install/Changes from perlbr...
2011-06-12 Leon BrocardFix broken URL in threads/ for the itheads...
2011-06-12 Leon BrocardFix broken URLs for RFCs, bump version and document...
2011-06-12 Leon BrocardFix two broken URLs in, bump version and documen...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkGenerate the table of core magic types in perlguts...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkIn regen/, move $longest inside the only...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkReorder ops so that trans{,r} and aelemfast{,_lex}...
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkSplit OP_AELEMFAST_LEX out from OP_AELEMFAST.
2011-06-12 Leon BrocardFix some broken URLs found by Porting/
2011-06-12 Nicholas ClarkShrink struct am_table.
2011-06-11 Father Chrysostomos[perl #90130] Allow CORE::* without
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosCorrect file references in switch.t
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRemove TODO markers from Devel::Peek tests
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRemove x bit from rt-16221.t
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosIncrease Math::BigInt’s version
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosIncrease Math::BigFloat’s version
2011-06-11 Ton Hospel[perl #85026] Iterate hashes by hand during do_sv_dump
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRevert "Perl_do_sv_dump: alert when skipping elements"
2011-06-11 Salvador Fandinoallow features inside interactive debugger
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosAdd dist/Math-BigInt/t/rt-16221.t to MANIFEST
2011-06-11 Peter John... Fix Math::BigFloat->numify().
2011-06-11 Peter John... Fix objectify()'s handling of "foreign objects".
2011-06-11 Peter John... Add sign function bsgn() as a complement to babs().
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRemove another bug workaround
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRemove workaround for fixed bug
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRevert "Revert "Make untie check the FAKE flag on globs""
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRevert "Revert "[perl #77688] tie $scalar can tie a...
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRevert "Revert "[perl #77496] tied gets scalars and...
2011-06-11 Father ChrysostomosRevert ‘Deprecate tie $handle without *’