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2010-03-03 Jan DuboisSetup @INC at compile time because commit ec34a119...
2010-03-02 David Mitchell[perl #73174] swash_init() wasn't saving %^H
2010-03-02 David Mitchellfetching from e.g. github requires a repo name
2010-03-02 Craig A. BerrySkip Pod::Parser's find.t on VMS for now.
2010-03-02 Craig A. BerryDon't scrub DCL$PATH unless it's there.
2010-03-02 Craig A. BerryCannot portably split on $Config{path_sep} -- use quote...
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonNote this doesn't work: $re = "\\N{...}"; /$re/
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonDocument some re bugs in perlre.pod
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonDocument 5.8 regression #72998 in delta
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonDocument parsing changes for [perl #56444] patch
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonRevise wording about /x caveats
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonMention \N{U+...} documentation in delta
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonAdd statement about UTF-8 and \N{} to delta
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonDocument Unicode case-insensitive [] range bug
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonQuote a code example
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonAdd deprecation of non-name \N{foo} to delta pod
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonRevise notes on /x modifier
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonMark \N meaning [^\n] as experimental
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonMention there are places /x modifier is ineffective
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonClarify perlrebackslash.pod
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonNote existence (and warn against using) \N{U+c1.c2...}
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonNote that \N{U+...} forces character semantics
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonDocument \N{U+...}
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonMention \N{U+...} in perlunicode.pod
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonUpdate documentation
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonUpdate pods for \N changes
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonUpdate charnames documentations for \N changes, bugs
2010-02-28 Karl WilliamsonClarify sv.c API wording.
2010-02-28 David Mitchellfix for [perl #72604] @DB::args and win32 fork
2010-02-26 David downgrade DEPRECATED to NOTICE
2010-02-25 Rafael Garcia... Typo fix
2010-02-24 David Mitchellmore prose fixups to deprecation warning
2010-02-23 Jan DuboisTeach bump-perl-version about additional perl511 refere...
2010-02-23 Nicholas ClarkRegression test for 34394ecd - SVs that were only on...
2010-02-23 Jan DuboisSymbol S_no_symref_sv should be static (local to the...
2010-02-23 Jan DuboisTeach bump-perl-version about perl511.dll, perl511...
2010-02-22 Steve HayUpdate the release managers' guide: don't push the...
2010-02-22 David Mitchellfix prose from previous lib/ doc update
2010-02-22 David MitchellBetter explain utf8::upgrade/downgrade/encode/decode
2010-02-22 David Mitchelldeprecate
2010-02-22 AbigailBram pointed out the new tests hang if the fix for...
2010-02-22 Steve HayAnother minor update to the release managers' guide
2010-02-22 Craig A. BerryDon't multiply define Perl_regcurly in core and the...
2010-02-21 David Mitchellstop skipping ext/Fcntl/t/syslfs.t
2010-02-21 David Mitchellstop cpan/Memoize/t/tie_ndbm.t being skipped
2010-02-21 David Mitchellstop op/groups.t skipping on Linux
2010-02-21 David MitchellSys-Syslog/t/constants.t couldn't find macros.all
2010-02-21 Steve HayUpdate Porting/release_managers_guide.pod and Porting...
2010-02-21 Steve HayFix the NAME in two old perlXYZdelta.pod files
2010-02-21 Steve HayCreate perl5116delta and update other versions
2010-02-21 Steve HayStop pod/buildtoc from changing EOLs on Win32
2010-02-21 AbigailMerge branch 'tie-scalar' into blead
2010-02-21 Steve HayUpdate future release schedule
2010-02-21 AbigailUpped VERSION
2010-02-21 Nicholas ClarkSince change 9c901649534a1360, vendorlib_stem isn't...
2010-02-20 Steve HayFinal update to perl5115delta.pod v5.11.5
2010-02-20 Steve HayRecord Perl 5.11.5 and a new pumpkin keeper in perlhist
2010-02-20 Steve HayFix Module::CoreList's own $VERSION in 5.11.4
2010-02-20 Steve HayUpdate Module::CoreList for Perl 5.11.5
2010-02-20 AbigailDon't recurse forever if both new() and TIESCALAR(...
2010-02-20 AbigailDocument differences between Tie::Scalar and Tie::StdScalar
2010-02-20 Steve HayMissed a version bump in README.vms
2010-02-20 Steve HayBump version to 5.11.5
2010-02-20 Steve HayStop Porting/bump-perl-version from changing EOLs on...
2010-02-20 Steve HayAlmost the final updates to perl5115delta.pod
2010-02-20 Steve HayUpdate Porting/ with version bumps that...
2010-02-20 David MitchellunTODO some passing TODO tests in reg_fold.t
2010-02-20 Marcus Holland... Fix apidoc for HeUTF8()
2010-02-20 Steve HayUpdate perl5115delta.pod with new diagnostics
2010-02-20 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: deprecation warnings for unreasonable charnames
2010-02-20 Karl WilliamsonImprove handling of qq(\N{...}); and /x
2010-02-20 Marcus Holland... Add some missing dVAR's
2010-02-20 Steve HayRegen headers after previous patches
2010-02-20 Karl WilliamsonAdd X flag to embed.fnc entries.
2010-02-20 Karl WilliamsonMove some fncs from Public to extensions visible
2010-02-20 Steve HayMore updates to perl5115delta.pod
2010-02-19 Rafael Garcia... Avoid returning an undefined SV*
2010-02-19 Rafael Garcia... Regen headers after previous patches
2010-02-19 Karl WilliamsonMake a missing right brace on \N{ fatal
2010-02-19 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #56444] delayed interpolation of \N{...}
2010-02-18 Jesse VincentUpdate perldelta for 5.12 to warn vendors about depreca...
2010-02-18 Tony Cookrt #72866 - add magic to arrayrefs assigned to *Foo...
2010-02-18 Nicholas ClarkAvoid a panic from the UTF-8 length cache if the length...
2010-02-18 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_reg_temp_copy(), ensure SvMAGIC() is NULL in...
2010-02-18 Steve HayKeep perl5115delta.pod up to date
2010-02-18 Steve HayUpgrade podlators from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1
2010-02-18 Steve HayUpdate perl5115delta.pod with today's changes
2010-02-18 Steve HayUpgrade CPAN from 1.94_55 to 1.94_56
2010-02-17 Jesse VincentMerge branch 'pod-perlrepository' of git://
2010-02-17 Jesse VincentMake the new Socket implementation of inet_pton consist...
2010-02-17 Offer KayeDocumentation fix in perldoc's usage statement. (...
2010-02-17 Steve HayChange my email address from work to home
2010-02-16 Steve HayKeep perl5115delta.pod up to date
2010-02-16 Ævar Arnfjörð... Mention why it's a good idea to use topic branches...
2010-02-16 Ævar Arnfjörð... Adjusted the git config example...
2010-02-16 Ævar Arnfjörð... Prefix commands universally with "%". Most of the POD...
2010-02-16 Ævar Arnfjörð... Don't recommend that people manually fiddle with their...
2010-02-16 Jesse VincentFix another place where I typoed book's name
2010-02-16 Jesse VincentDoc fix. Thanks to Bram.
2010-02-16 Ævar Arnfjörð... Note that checking out from git via is at least 4x...