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2011-05-24 Johan Vromans[perl #91508] __DATA__ starts reading on the next line
2011-05-24 Nicholas ClarkImprove comments in sv.h describing SVrepl_EVAL and...
2011-05-24 Father ChrysostomosUn-TODO a test on Snow Leopard
2011-05-23 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Convert to Un*x style for file name eq
2011-05-23 Claudio Ramirez[perl #90850] Outdated Solaris pkg list on README.solaris
2011-05-23 Father ChrysostomosAdd Claudio Ramirez to AUTHORS
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkRestore's ability to spot differences...
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkFold Abigail's TAP generation logic back into
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkChange the -x option of to exclude upstre...
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkPass the git tag to with a --tag argument.
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkConvert to Getopt::Long from Getopt:...
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkTrim the import list from File::Spec::Functions and...
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkOnly load if is invoked...
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkRefactor podcheck.t to slurp files into scalars, instea...
2011-05-23 Johan VromansIncorrect heading and index entries for (*MARK) in...
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkCorrect and update the comments about FBMs in Perl_sv_2...
2011-05-23 Nicholas ClarkAdd find2perl as a dependency for the target 'test_prep'.
2011-05-23 Father ChrysostomosAdd another address for Sisyphus
2011-05-23 Sisyphus[perl #91354] win32/ needs patching for...
2011-05-23 Max MaischeinTurn $$ into a magical readonly variable that always...
2011-05-23 Father ChrysostomosMake hash-rt85026.t less noisy
2011-05-23 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Extract line numbers from strings properly
2011-05-23 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Skip perltoc
2011-05-22 Nicholas ClarkPerl_refcounted_he_inc() needs a dVAR to compile with...
2011-05-22 Nicholas ClarkRestore building with -DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT, broken...
2011-05-22 Josh JoreDowngrade Unicode pod escape to ASCII for readbility
2011-05-22 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Another leak regression
2011-05-22 Father ChrysostomosFix deparsing of subs named :::: and ::::::
2011-05-21 Father ChrysostomosTest require override with Deparse [perl #62500]
2011-05-21 Tom ChristiansenGeneral perlfunc edit; document ‘default’
2011-05-21 Father ChrysostomosRevert "Revert "Missing bug number in d12b49d""
2011-05-21 Father ChrysostomosIncrease constant’s version
2011-05-21 Father ChrysostomosMove an assert
2011-05-21 Father ChrysostomosWhat’s wrong with me?
2011-05-20 Father ChrysostomosRemove fixed bug from Deparse’s docs
2011-05-20 Father ChrysostomosMake Deparse use CORE:: when necessary
2011-05-20 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Improve VMS abilities
2011-05-20 Father ChrysostomosDeparse: readpipe with complex expression
2011-05-20 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Another memory leak regression
2011-05-20 Father Chrysostomos[perl #91008] Deparse doesn't like each $ref
2011-05-20 Steffen MuellerBump Attribute::Handlers version to 0.91
2011-05-20 Steffen MuellerBump/upgrade Filter::Simple version to 0.87
2011-05-20 Steffen MuellerFix skip() usage in tests
2011-05-20 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Fully qualify carp call from package
2011-05-20 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Deal properly with -1 counts
2011-05-20 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: revise comment
2011-05-20 Craig A. BerryFilename portability for hash-rt85026.t
2011-05-20 Tony Cookif List-Util is built statically, depend on $(PERL_EXE...
2011-05-20 Tony Cookremove unused dependency rule generation for Text/Parse...
2011-05-20 Tony Cookhandle a static Cwd when generating the deps for x2p...
2011-05-20 Tony Cookremove unneeded dependencies against Cwd
2011-05-20 Nicholas ClarkAdd USE_LOCALE{,_COLLATE,_CTYPE,_NUMERIC} to the output...
2011-05-20 Nicholas ClarkCorrect comments about B::PV::PVBM.
2011-05-20 Nicholas ClarkBump the version of PerlIO::encoding following 1c2e8cca...
2011-05-20 Nicholas ClarkBump the versions of B and Storable following 1b95d04f7...
2011-05-20 Nicholas ClarkUse L<> rather than C<> in the Updated Modules section...
2011-05-20 Father ChrysostomosTests for iterator deletion [perl #85026]
2011-05-20 Ton Hospel[perl #85026] Deleting the current iterator in void...
2011-05-20 Father ChrysostomosTests for #85026
2011-05-20 Ton Hospel[perl #85026] deleting elements in a HASH iterator
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonperlvar: Fix broken links
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonperluniintro: fix broken link
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: Fix broken link
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonperlre: Fix broken links
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Missing diagnostics
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonperlutil: Fix broken links
2011-05-19 David fix podlators entry
2011-05-19 David Mitchellsv_clear: destructor may change SV type
2011-05-19 David Mitchellsv_clear only test for SvOBJECT on >= MG
2011-05-19 Robin Barkeruse __attribute__unused__ to silence -Wunused-but-set...
2011-05-19 Robin Barkerunused variables in pp_ctl.c
2011-05-19 Michael WittenDocs: perlhack: Use correct shell code and better git...
2011-05-19 Father ChrysostomosRegenerate known_pod_issues.dat
2011-05-19 Zsbán Ambrus[perl #90592] Porting/epigraphs.pod: add 5.14.0(-RC*)
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Fix bug in inversion list intersection
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Add new macro for readability
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonperluniprops: Add markup, like C<>
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonfold_grind.t: Revamp test case coverage analysis
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Greek multi-char folds fix
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: \x{17f} can match /\xdf/i
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonfold_grind.t: remove unnecessary tests
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonfold_grind.t: No longer any TODOs
2011-05-19 Karl WilliamsonFix some multi-char /i fold bugs
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Remove soon-to-be-obsoleted comment
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonutf8_heavy: Return pointer to special treatment hash.
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonutf8_heavy: Add comments
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add info giving specials hash name
2011-05-19 Karl Revise comment
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Remove unnecessary temporary
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: "<" should be "<="
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonfold_grind.t: Refactor subtests
2011-05-19 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #88822] Re: Test failure t/re_fold_grind...
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonregex: Add comments
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonfold_grind.t: Slightly change debug stmt
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonfold_grind.t: Make sure special-cased code points are...
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonfold_grind.t: Add testing of multi-char folds in pattern
2011-05-19 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Add two tricky fold cases
2011-05-19 Karl WilliamsonRevamp podcheck.t
2011-05-19 David Mitchellimprove api entries for hv_clear() and hv_undef()
2011-05-19 David Mitchellensure hash iterator gets deleted