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2017-07-31 Chris 'BinGOs... ... And now for something completely different
2017-07-31 Zeframfix example code in wrap_op_checker() doc
2017-07-31 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/ Fix broken tests
2017-07-31 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fix broken test on EBCDIC
2017-07-30 Lukas Maiperlsub: don't recommend leaky code for recursive ...
2017-07-28 Tony Cookmake _GNU-ish function declarations visible on cygwin
2017-07-27 David Mitchellfix RX_MATCH_COPY_FREE() on win32
2017-07-27 Steve Hay[perl #131726] [Win32] perl.h remaps 'strtoll' and...
2017-07-27 David Mitchell[MERGE] various boolean-related optimisations
2017-07-27 David Mitchellt/perf/benchmarks: rename some keys() entries
2017-07-27 David Mitchellmake scalar(keys(%lexical)) less slow.
2017-07-27 David Mitchellhv_pushkv(): handle keys() and values() too
2017-07-27 David Mitchellt/op/tie.t: add tests for scalar(keys(%tied))
2017-07-27 David MitchellS_padhv_rv2hv_common(): reorganise code
2017-07-27 David MitchellS_padhv_rv2hv_common(): unroll hv_scalar() calls
2017-07-27 David Mitchellsimplify keys(%tied_hash) in boolean context.
2017-07-27 David MitchellS_pushav(): tail call optimise
2017-07-27 David Mitchellpp_padav(): use S_pushav()
2017-07-27 David Mitchellharmonise S_pushav() and pp_padav()
2017-07-27 David MitchellPerl_hv_pushkv(): unroll hv_iterkeysv()
2017-07-27 David Mitchellcreate Perl_hv_pushkv() function
2017-07-27 David MitchellGive OP_RV2HV a targ
2017-07-27 David Mitchelladd S_padhv_rv2hv_common() function
2017-07-27 David Mitchellmove pp_padav(), pp_padhv() from pp.c to pp_hot.c
2017-07-27 David Mitchellpp_grepwhile: no need to extend the stack
2017-07-27 David Mitchellchange sv_setsv(sv,NULL) to sv_set_undef(sv)
2017-07-27 David Mitchellpp_iter(): jump directly to op after OP_AND
2017-07-27 David Mitchelloptimise (index() == -1)
2017-07-27 David Mitchellpp_readline,close,getc: explain NULL stack arg
2017-07-27 David Mitchellt/perf/optree.t: reformat a table
2017-07-27 David Mitchellregen/opcodes: move 'method' entry next to others
2017-07-27 David Mitchelladd boolean context support to several ops
2017-07-27 David MitchellS_check_for_bool_cxt(): avoid OPpTARGET_MY + bool
2017-07-27 David Mitchellpp_length: code tidy and simplify assert
2017-07-27 David Mitchellpp_length: only call sv_len_utf8_nomg() if needed
2017-07-27 David Mitchellpp_length: use TARGi rather rather than sv_setiv()
2017-07-27 David Mitchellt/perf/optree.t: better diagnostics
2017-07-27 David Mitchelloptimise @array in boolean context
2017-07-27 David Mitchelloptimise away OP_KEYS op in scalar/void context
2017-07-27 David MitchellOP_VALUES: reserve OPpMAYBE_LVSUB bit
2017-07-27 David Mitchelluse OPpAVHVSWITCH_MASK
2017-07-27 David MitchellPerl_do_kv(): add asserts and more code comments
2017-07-27 David Mitchellmake callers of SvTRUE() more efficient
2017-07-27 David Mitchelladd some SvTRUE() benchmarks
2017-07-27 David MitchellSvTRUE(): inline ROK, outline NOK
2017-07-27 David MitchellSvTRUE(): special-case immortals
2017-07-27 David MitchellMake immortal SVs contiguous
2017-07-27 David MitchellSvTRUE(): handle get magic more efficiently
2017-07-27 David Mitchellrationalise SvTRUE() macro variants
2017-07-27 David Mitchelladd, and use, some RXp_FOO() variants of RX_FOO()
2017-07-27 David Mitchellrename RX_HAS_CUTGROUP() to RXp_HAS_CUTGROUP()
2017-07-27 David Mitchellreformat RX_() macros
2017-07-27 David MitchellRX_FOO(prog) becomes RX_FOO(rx_sv)
2017-07-27 David Mitchellgive REGEXP SVs the POK flag again
2017-07-27 David Mitchellsv_2bool_flags(): assume ROK implies SvRV
2017-07-27 David MitchellS_check_for_bool_cxt(): special-case OP_AND
2017-07-27 David Mitchelluse the new PL_sv_zero in obvious places
2017-07-27 David Mitchellmake, support PL_sv_zero
2017-07-27 David Mitchelldist/threads/: support PL_sv_zero
2017-07-27 David Mitchelladd PL_sv_zero
2017-07-27 Dagfinn Ilmari... [perl #130410] Import B-Debug 1.25 from CPAN
2017-07-27 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fetch CPAN modules from the metacpan mirror instead...
2017-07-25 Steve HayUpdate MANIFEST and bump base $VERSION for previous...
2017-07-25 Aristotle PagaltzisLimit dotless-INC effect on with guard:
2017-07-25 Dagfinn Ilmari... Revert B::Debug removal
2017-07-25 Craig A. BerryUpdate case folding and character classification in...
2017-07-25 James E Keenanperldelta for ecfa068aa0dab432bfdef423766b665be127ef77
2017-07-25 James E KeenanRemove B::Debug from core distribution.
2017-07-24 Tony Cook(perl #131685) improve utf8::* function documentation
2017-07-24 Tony Cookunfortunately sysread() tries to read characters
2017-07-24 Tony no longer works
2017-07-24 Tony Cookuse utf8; doesn't force unicode semantics on all string...
2017-07-23 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix typo of in
2017-07-21 Zeframfix Storable test for pre-5.19.2 threaded perls
2017-07-21 Zeframrestore Storable's portability to pre-5.25.6 perls
2017-07-21 Father Chrysostomosop.c: Confusing comment typo
2017-07-20 Aaron CraneBump Perl version from 5.27.2 to 5.27.3
2017-07-20 Aaron CraneRelease announcement template: next stable is 5.28
2017-07-20 Aaron CraneNew draft perldelta for 5.27.3
2017-07-20 Aaron Craneperldelta template: add a note about module versions
2017-07-20 Aaron CraneTick off 5.27.2 release
2017-07-20 Aaron CraneAdd epigraph for 5.27.2
2017-07-20 Aaron CraneMerge branch 'release-5.27.2' into blead
2017-07-20 Aaron CraneAdd 5.27.2 to perlhist v5.27.2
2017-07-20 Aaron Craneperldelta: delete boilerplate for empty sections
2017-07-20 Aaron Craneperldelta: acknowledgements for 5.27.2
2017-07-20 Aaron Craneperldelta: module updates for 5.27.2
2017-07-20 Aaron CraneUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.27.2
2017-07-20 Steve Hayperlpolicy - Mention the maint-votes branch
2017-07-20 Steve HayExtUtils::CBuilder - Fix link() on Windows, broken...
2017-07-20 Zeframperldelta entry for Carp
2017-07-20 Zeframperldelta entry for PathTools
2017-07-20 Zeframfix PathTools dynamic linking for Perl 5.6
2017-07-20 Zeframfix PathTools taint handling for Perl 5.6
2017-07-20 Zeframfix problems from Carp's partial EBCDIC support
2017-07-19 Zeframre-fix do/@INC issue in Time-HiRes's Makefile.PL
2017-07-19 Zeframcorrect declared min Perl version for Time-HiRes
2017-07-19 Zeframfix ExtUtils-CBuilder tests for Perl 5.6
2017-07-18 Aaron CraneImport Encode-2.92 from CPAN
2017-07-18 Aaron CranePorting/perldelta_template.pod: tiny grammar tweak