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2012-02-22 Ricardo Signesunixify paths a bit more systematicaly in Pod-Html
2012-02-22 Ricardo Signesdon't assume that filesys starts at / in Pod-Html
2012-02-22 Ricardo Signesunixify the --outfile arg to pod2html
2012-02-21 Max MaischeinMake keep the existing heading
2012-02-21 Max MaischeinFix typo
2012-02-21 Max MaischeinPluralize "Modules and Pragma" to "Modules and Pragmata"
2012-02-21 Max MaischeinAdd perl5158delta.pod
2012-02-21 Max MaischeinAdd epigraph for 5.15.8
2012-02-21 Marc GreenFix bug in pod2html crossreferencing
2012-02-20 Ricardo Signesmakerel should not add -uncommitted to tarballs
2012-02-20 Max MaischeinMerge branch 'release-5.15.8' into blead
2012-02-20 Max MaischeinFix typos in pod/perldelta.pod origin/release-5.15.8 v5.15.8
2012-02-20 Max MaischeinUpdate pod/perldelta.pod from the version numbers
2012-02-20 Max Maischeinadd new release to perlhist
2012-02-20 Max MaischeinUpdate Module::CoreList for v5.15.8
2012-02-20 Max MaischeinClean out XXX in preparation for Module::CoreList update
2012-02-20 Max MaischeinBump versions from 5.15.7 to 5.15.8
2012-02-20 Max MaischeinUpdate perldelta.pod for 5.15.8 for review
2012-02-20 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Silence Solaris compiler warning
2012-02-20 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Typo in pod
2012-02-19 Tony CookAvoid defining the same global between perl and
2012-02-19 Max MaischeinMake t/porting/authors.t work on Windows
2012-02-19 Ricardo SignesRevert updates to compression libraries
2012-02-19 Karl Williamsonepigraphs.pod: Rmv illegal spaces after | in L<>
2012-02-19 Karl Williamsonperlintro: Add missing closing ">"
2012-02-19 Ricardo Signes...and add unadded file
2012-02-19 Ricardo Signesremove MANIFEST entries for pruned files
2012-02-19 Max MaischeinRefactor the Tk event loop to allow for other event...
2012-02-19 Nicholas ClarkIn S_validate_suid(), move declarations after the first...
2012-02-19 Nicholas ClarkRefactor code in Data::Dumper to assume that >=5.8...
2012-02-19 Craig A. BerryFix typo in 985213f2fede57.
2012-02-18 Ævar Arnfjörð... Remove gete?[ug]id caching
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkAdd t/porting/pending-author.t, fixing a limitation...
2012-02-18 Nicholas Clarkt/porting/authors.t only needs to pass the Author to...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkCorrect the location of t/porting/perlfunc.t in perldel...
2012-02-18 Craig A. BerryLonger filenames for while_readdir.t.
2012-02-18 Father Chrysostomosperlvar: $] is not deprecated
2012-02-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Update IO-Compress to CPAN version 2.049
2012-02-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Compress-Raw_Zlib to CPAN version 2.049
2012-02-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Compress-Raw-Bzip2 to CPAN version 2.049
2012-02-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Update perlfaq to CPAN version 5.0150039
2012-02-18 Ricardo Signespopulate the Future Deprecations section
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkMerge the Pod::Functions refactoring to blead.
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkDescribe the update to Pod::Functions in perldelta.
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkAdd metadata to perlfunc.pod for which version or featu...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkTest that Pod::Function's descriptions are stylisticall...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkTest that functions in the groups in perlfunc.pod are...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkTest that every function in perlfunc.pod has a summary...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkAdd t/porting/perlfunc.t so that porting tests catch...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkIn the generated Pod::Functions, store all function...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkGenerate Pod::Functions from perlfunc.pod
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkAdd a dependency for ext/Pod-Functions/Functions_pm...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkEnsure Pod::Simple is built before Pod::Functions.
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkChange ext/Pod-Functions to generate from...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkAdd annotations to perlfunc.pod for Pod::Functions.
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkMove Pod::Functions from lib/ to ext/
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkBring the joy of strict and warnings to Functions.t
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkTerser code in Pod::Functions to generate $Type_Descrip...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkTeach Pod::Functions that each, keys and values also...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkAdd all missing functions to Pod::Functions.
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkTeach Pod::Functions about 'Keywords related to the...
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Pod::Functions with changes from perlfunc.pod
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkIn perlfunc.pod, sort the descriptions more consistently.
2012-02-18 Nicholas ClarkAdd 4 functions missing from perlfunc.pod's 'Perl Funct...
2012-02-18 Zeframcorrectly clone eval context frames
2012-02-18 Dominic HargreavesRevert "Increase the fallback value of MAXPATHLEN"
2012-02-18 Dominic Hargreaves[perl #109262] Don't use _POSIX_PATH_MAX as a fallback...
2012-02-18 Reini UrbanFilter-1.40 released to CPAN
2012-02-18 Craig A. BerryBump Cwd, File::Spec version.
2012-02-18 Craig A. BerryRethink EFS in File::Spec::VMS.
2012-02-18 Florian RagwitzThere is no G_LIST, only G_ARRAY
2012-02-17 Zeframprune faulty dead logic in pp_flock
2012-02-17 Father Chrysostomosmake regen
2012-02-17 Reini Urbanfix -Uuserelocatableinc
2012-02-17 Nicholas now reports a meaningful error for certain...
2012-02-17 Craig A. BerryVMS does have sockaddr_in6 and ipv6_mreq.
2012-02-17 Nicholas ClarkFor make test, move the 'porting' tests before 'lib...
2012-02-17 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_sv_del_backref(), don't panic if tsv is already...
2012-02-17 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Socket to CPAN version 1.98
2012-02-17 ZeframCarp-1.25 released to CPAN
2012-02-17 Zeframin Carp, cope with "_" in $warnings::VERSION
2012-02-16 H.Merijn BrandAdd new probes for IPv6 (LeoNerd)
2012-02-16 Ricardo Signesbegin filling the 5.16.0 delta from 5.15.7
2012-02-16 Ricardo Signesbegin filling the 5.16.0 delta from 5.15.6
2012-02-16 Ricardo Signesbegin filling the 5.16.0 delta from 5.15.5
2012-02-16 Ricardo Signesbegin filling the 5.16.0 delta from 5.15.4
2012-02-16 Ricardo Signesbegin filling the 5.16.0 delta from 5.15.3
2012-02-16 Craig A. BerrySimplify VMS symlink override.
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Some char names now obsoleted
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonpp.c: Cast function argument to expected type
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonpp_quote_meta: in locale, quote all UTF-8 Latin1 non...
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonpp.c: white-space only
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonperl #77654: quotemeta quotes non-ASCII consistently
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonpp_quotemeta(): Use more explicit macro
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: New macro for quotemeta
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonl1_char_class_tab.h: Add field for quotemeta
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonmktables: Generate a table for quotemeta
2012-02-16 Karl WilliamsonClarify some quotemeta docs
2012-02-16 Karl Williamsonperlfunc: quotemeta, clarify, fix incorrect statement
2012-02-15 Ævar Arnfjörð... Further eliminate POSIX-emulation under LinuxThreads