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2005-09-22 Nicholas ClarkThe New*() compatibility macros aren't needed inside...
2005-09-22 Steve HayForgot to update MANIFEST in change 25547
2005-09-21 Rafael Garcia... Add an option --ignore to installhtml
2005-09-21 Steve HayLocalize $@ in Locale::Maketext::maketext()
2005-09-21 Rafael Garcia... A few POD fixes
2005-09-21 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Pod::Parser 1.33
2005-09-21 Rafael Garcia... PodParser is now Pod-Parser on CPAN
2005-09-21 Brendan O'Deamisc a2p fixes
2005-09-21 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to ExtUtils::ParseXS 2.12
2005-09-21 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.74
2005-09-21 Nicholas ClarkRemove the last STRLEN n_a;s that my compiler can reach.
2005-09-21 Rafael Garcia... Integrate changes from Text::Tabs and Text::Wrap on...
2005-09-20 Rafael Garcia... Yitzchak says that Tim says that we can distribute
2005-09-20 Rick DelaneyRe: [perl #36733] %SIG not properly local-ized
2005-09-20 Steve HayResolve [perl #37110]: Update README.win32
2005-09-20 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Compress::Zlib 1.39
2005-09-20 Salvador FandiñoPATCH for #37138: using XSUB as DB::DB causes perl...
2005-09-20 John E. Malmberg[patch@25502] Add hard link and V8.2 crtl support to...
2005-09-19 Nicholas ClarkThe second argument to Move() is the destination, so...
2005-09-19 Nicholas ClarkAdd parallel testing to TODO
2005-09-19 Nicholas ClarkFirst argument to he_dup is actually a const HE *
2005-09-19 Nicholas ClarkAll Perl_hv_name_set()s need to be plain hv_name_set...
2005-09-19 Steve HayUpdate win32 config files w.r.t. change #25387
2005-09-19 Yitzchak Scott... bleadperl DProf.xs:140: warning: `unused' attribute...
2005-09-19 Nicholas ClarkImprove failure case diagnostics from comp/package.t
2005-09-18 Nicholas ClarkShould have been embed.h, not proto.h, in 25475
2005-09-18 Nicholas ClarkIt looks like the only way to reliably make Perl_hv_nam...
2005-09-18 John E. Malmberg[patch@25452] VMS fix required by Change 25387
2005-09-18 Nicholas ClarkTidying up the unused or unneeded global variables...
2005-09-18 Nicholas ClarkControlling what the GNU linker exports from a shared...
2005-09-18 Nicholas ClarkDetail the minimal rewards programme we have on offer.
2005-09-17 Nicholas Clarkrefactoring xsubpp should have been in the "just perl...
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd "refactor xsubpp to be a thin wrapper around ExtUti...
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd shrinking GVs and CVs to the TODO
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd reduce duplication in sv_setsv_flags to TODO
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkMissing DO_BO_PACK_PC and DO_BO_UNPACK_PC for the 5...
2005-09-17 Nicholas Clarkvv5.9.3 is clearly a bug.
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd ordering of "global" variables to TODO
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkHolding a mutex then croak()ing strikes me as deadlock.
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd emulate the per-thread memory pool on Unix to the...
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd suggestion to profile to find a better set of hot...
2005-09-17 Nicholas Clarkadd merge Perl_sv_2[inpu]v to TODO
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkMaking make -j... work is a TODO
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd "automating coverage tests" as a TODO
2005-09-17 Nicholas ClarkRe-order the TODO tasks based on the skills they need...
2005-09-16 Rafael Garcia... Revert change #24223 : select() will continue
2005-09-15 Rafael Garcia... Fix obsolete identifiers in comment
2005-09-15 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to 0.48
2005-09-14 Jarkko HietaniemiMath::Complex and Math::Trig updates (Re: [perl #37117...
2005-09-14[perl #37163] dprofpp array subscript error
2005-09-14 Rafael Garcia... Change 25409 wasn't necessary for threaded perls
2005-09-14 Rafael Garcia... The debugger wasn't tracing correctly execution in...
2005-09-13 Dominic DunlopRe: [MAINT24637] fails "make test" on OSX 10.4 (lib...
2005-09-13 Nicholas ClarkAdd Luke Closs to AUTHORS
2005-09-13 Luke Closs[perl #36448] configuring ranlib for perl on osx with...
2005-09-13 Yitzchak Scott... Allow non-arrowed form of chained subscripts after...
2005-09-13 John E. Malmberg[patch@25388] vms/vms.c Perl_cando fix.
2005-09-13 Andy LesterThe return of the consting
2005-09-12 Aaron Kaplan[perl #37142] h2xs skips enums with negative values
2005-09-12 H.Merijn BrandDetection of malloc_size and malloc_good_size
2005-09-11 H.Merijn BrandReverted 25364 on authors request
2005-09-10 Nicholas ClarkExperiment with putting the F<.patch>level into patchle...
2005-09-09 Rafael Garcia... Minor comment fix
2005-09-08 Rick DelaneyMake t/op/local.t use
2005-09-08 John E. Malmberg[patch@cbuilder_0.13] VMS fixes for cbuilder
2005-09-07 Rafael Garcia... The formatting function of Carp::Heavy has problem...
2005-09-07[perl #37091] File::Path::mkpath resets errno
2005-09-06 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Compress::Zlib 1.38
2005-09-06 Nicholas ClarkAdd a TODO test for bug #37038 - assigning to the match...
2005-09-06 Rafael Garcia... Revert Makefile.PL change from #25355
2005-09-06 Yitzchak Scott... Re: Fw: Tied hash numeric values are rounded off under...
2005-09-06 H.Merijn BrandAdded amd64 and x86_64 to recognized predefined cpp...
2005-09-06 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to IO 1.22 from gbarr
2005-09-05 Jim Cromieregression test for 25352
2005-09-04 Yitzchak Scott... Re: [perl #37039] perlref documentation about optional...
2005-09-02 Yitzchak Scott... Re: Optree Generation
2005-09-02 Yitzchak Scott... document index() with out of bounds POSITION
2005-09-02 Rafael Garcia... Really fix the Archive::Tar setup test.
2005-09-02 Rafael Garcia... Once again, fix Archive::Tar setup test with -Dmksymlinks
2005-09-02 Robin BarkerRE: [ANNOUNCE] Archive::Tar 1.25
2005-09-02 Rafael Garcia... Regression test for the fix in change #25308,
2005-09-01 Rafael Garcia... Oops, fix threaded build
2005-09-01 Rafael Garcia... Don't list test modules when listing cpan versions
2005-09-01 Rafael Garcia... Add the "no 6" / "no v6" syntax.
2005-09-01 Rafael Garcia... Remove no 6 from the todo list
2005-08-31 Rafael Garcia... Document that Sys::Syslog::openlog might die.
2005-08-31 Rafael Garcia... Fix for [perl #37036] perl segfault at 'compile'-time
2005-08-31 John E. Malmberg[patch@25339] ext/Dev/Peek/t/peek.t fix for VMS
2005-08-30 Rafael Garcia... Clarify the cases where system() returns 1,
2005-08-30 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to PathTools 3.11
2005-08-30 Jim Cromiesv-head refactor
2005-08-30 John E. Malmberg[patch@25334] t/op/magic.t - Last 3 tests invalid on VMS
2005-08-30 John E. Malmberg[patch@25334] hv.c vms environment fix.
2005-08-27 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to PathTools 3.10
2005-08-27 Rafael Garcia... Fix failure in Archive::Tar tests when perl is built
2005-08-25 Nicholas ClarkRevert 25331 (except for the typo fix).
2005-08-25 Nicholas ClarkTo make the current implementation of sv_replace sane...
2005-08-25 Nicholas ClarkPromote the warning about reference miscount in sv_repl...
2005-08-25 Nicholas ClarkNo need to manually set the reference count of a new...
2005-08-25 Rafael Garcia... Don't mention redundant usethreads in -V output