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2010-09-08 David Goldenperlfunc: list each/keys/values as ARRAY functions
2010-09-07 Rafael Garcia... More tests for when(slice)
2010-09-07 David LeadbeaterFix RT #77468: Smart matching on slices
2010-09-07 Ben MorrowTests for caller_cx, cop_hints_*.
2010-09-07 Ben Morrowmake regen.
2010-09-07 Ben MorrowAPI functions for accessing the runtime hinthash.
2010-09-07 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Module::CoreList Changes and entry in Maintainer...
2010-09-07 Florian RagwitzThese files are no more
2010-09-06 Florian RagwitzFix a pod/buildtoc warning
2010-09-06 Florian RagwitzFix some more typos and bad wording
2010-09-06 Florian RagwitzFix typo spotted by ilmari++
2010-09-06 Florian RagwitzTry to encourage sending perldelta entries
2010-09-06 Rafael Garcia... Regenerate headers after last patch
2010-09-06 Zeframfunction interface to parse Perl statement
2010-09-06 Karl WilliamsonUpgrade to Test-Simple-0.97_01
2010-09-06 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to f4beb78
2010-09-06 Father ChrysostomosA couple of perldelta fixes
2010-09-06 David Mitchell$ref++, $ref-- leaked referent
2010-09-06 Father Chrysostomos[perl #76138] perl inadvertently destroys signal handle...
2010-09-06 Father Chrysostomosrt74170: test case that triggered the problem
2010-09-06 Tony Cookrt74170: handle the stack changing in the custom sort...
2010-09-05 Jan DuboisCleanup perl5135delta.pod instead of perldelta.pod
2010-09-05 Jan DuboisRemove duplicate command to rebuild uudmap.h
2010-09-05 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 0.59
2010-09-05 Florian RagwitzRemove NEXT's README and Changes files
2010-09-05 Florian Ragwitzremove dist/Filter-Simple-Changes from MANIFEST
2010-09-05 Florian RagwitzUpdate release manager guide for perldelta move
2010-09-05 Florian RagwitzMove the latest perldelta to pod/perldelta.pod
2010-09-05 Chris 'BinGOs... Update CPANPLUS-Dist-Build to CPAN version 0.48
2010-09-05 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to be34c38
2010-09-05 Steffen MuellerUpgrade Filter::Simple to 0.85
2010-09-05 Steffen MuellerFilter::Simple Changelog needn't be part of the core
2010-09-05 Tony Cookremove removed file dist/Cwd/Changes from the MANIFEST
2010-09-05 Steffen MuellerDo not ship the PathTools Changes
2010-09-05 Florian RagwitzFix core-cpan-diff for dists that extract weirdly
2010-09-04 Florian RagwitzUpdate's META.yml
2010-09-04 Florian RagwitzSynchronize with bignum 0.24
2010-09-03 Florian RagwitzSynchronize with Math::BigInt::FastCalc 0.21
2010-09-03 Florian RagwitzUpstream for Math::BigRat is CPAN
2010-09-03 Florian RagwitzMath::BigInt 1.90 just shipped to CPAN
2010-09-03 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to 45b279e
2010-09-03 Florian RagwitzBump $Errno::VERSION after change be54382
2010-09-03 Craig A. BerryIn uudmap.h rule, nothing is different from the absence...
2010-09-03 Florian RagwitzBump Math::BigInt{,::Calc}::VERSION for bnok fixes
2010-09-03 Piotr FusikFix Math::BigInt's bnok($k) for $k==0 and $k==$n-1
2010-09-02 Florian Ragwitzblead is upstream for bignum
2010-09-02 Florian Ragwitzblead is upstream for Math-BigInt-FastCalc
2010-09-02 Florian Ragwitzblead is upstream for Math-BigInt
2010-09-02 Nicholas ClarkIn XS_VERSION_BOOTCHECK, correct the flags argument...
2010-09-02 Nicholas ClarkChange the first argument of Perl_fetch_cop_label(...
2010-09-02 Nicholas ClarkFor the generated, avoid a runtime lexical...
2010-09-02 AbigailFix test (see <>)
2010-09-02 Curtis JewellSanity check on Errno values.
2010-09-01 Nicholas Clarkt/lib/ must convert $^X to an absolute path...
2010-09-01 Nicholas ClarkTests using t/lib/ need to run in separate...
2010-09-01 Todd RinaldoRT 74444 - emits warnings when installpe...
2010-09-01 Florian RagwitzAdd alternate email address for Todd
2010-09-01 Florian RagwitzIgnore droppings from lib/h2ph.t
2010-09-01 Florian RagwitzAdd test for deprecation warnings from h2ph
2010-09-01 Todd RinaldoRT 74404 - h2ph using deprecated goto
2010-09-01 Nicholas ClarkStop Tie::Hash->TIEHASH() looping forever.
2010-09-01 David Mitchellpp_match: fix confusing layout in an if()
2010-09-01 David MitchellCopy RE capture buf on overload as well as TEMP
2010-09-01 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to 137127d
2010-09-01 Nicholas Clarkt/harness can run the tests lib/*.t in parallel with...
2010-09-01 Florian RagwitzClarify CPU cache improvements entry in 5133delta
2010-09-01 Tony CookPL_my_cxt_list is only available with PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT
2010-09-01 David Mitchellfix some 64-bit casts under DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS
2010-09-01 David Mitchellfix indentation of MY_CXT #defines
2010-09-01 David Mitchellmerge two similar MY_CXT code branches
2010-09-01 David MitchellMY_CXT macros: make the two sets of defs similar
2010-09-01 Jirka HruškaPL_my_cxt_list leaks
2010-09-01 Jirka HruškaMemory leak cloning PVGVs
2010-09-01 Nicholas ClarkMove the call to Perl_cv_clone() into S_doform(), from...
2010-09-01 Nicholas ClarkRefactor Perl_store_cop_label() to avoid exposing struc...
2010-09-01 Florian RagwitzBump blib::VERSION after 3f9bb6b
2010-09-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #77492] open $fh, ">", \*glob causes SEGV
2010-08-31 Nicholas ClarkCorrect errors in the use of multiple targets for bitco...
2010-08-31 Florian RagwitzMerge the two 5134delta entries for uniary functions
2010-08-31 Father Chrysostomos[perl #77234] Change 649d02de (unary prototypes) change...
2010-08-31 Zeframremove dead listexprcom production from grammar
2010-08-31 David Mitchellbetter silencing of APItest deprecation warning
2010-08-31 Jesse VincentAdd Zefram as our release manager victim for 20 December
2010-08-31 Vincent PitAdd two missing break in Perl_magic_set's big switch
2010-08-31 Nicholas ClarkRemove unneeded use of INT2PTR() in the XS for Tie...
2010-08-31 Florian RagwitzStart perl5135delta
2010-08-31 Jesse VincentModule::CoreList updates for 5.12.2
2010-08-30 Eric BrineAvoid needless use of UTF8=1 format [RT#56336]
2010-08-30 Eric BrineTODO tests for avoid needless use of UTF8=1 format...
2010-08-30 Zsbán Ambrusadd more tests to lib/mauve.t so it tests also that...
2010-08-30 Yves Ortonuse more efficient sv_reftype_len() interface
2010-08-30 Tony Cookfix the AIX skip to only skip on AIX
2010-08-30 Tony Cookrt77432: sigaction would crash/assert with a replaced...
2010-08-30 Tony Cookmauve.t needs access to %Config, make sure it's available
2010-08-29 Yves Ortoncreate the "mauve" temporary namespace for things like...
2010-08-29 Yves Ortonadd sv_reftype_len() and make sv_reftype() be a wrapper...
2010-08-29 Yves Ortonwhen building under git, test that MANIFEST and git...
2010-08-29 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 0.58
2010-08-28 Florian RagwitzFix a typo in the PL_keyword_plugin docs
2010-08-28 Craig A. BerryMake PerlIOUnix_open honor default permissions on VMS.