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2002-02-27 Gerrit P. HaaseSome minor changes for Cygwin
2002-02-27 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate the UTF-8 explanation table.
2002-02-27 Jarkko HietaniemiRepatch from Robin Barker: anon subs in C<package;...
2002-02-27 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate Changes.
2002-02-27 Jarkko Hietaniemiperldelta updates.
2002-02-27 Jarkko HietaniemiSignedness nit.
2002-02-27 H.Merijn BrandRe: Smoke 14870
2002-02-27 Jarkko HietaniemiAvoid PL_OpPtr et al getting unnecessarily (when not...
2002-02-27 Robin BarkerRe: [ID 20020227.003] minor text imperfection in perlru...
2002-02-27 Robin BarkerRe: [PATCH @14870] long C<=item>s and other pod->man...
2002-02-27 Jarkko HietaniemiOnly modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH in case there are directories.
2002-02-27 Paul Greenperl/hints/
2002-02-27 Jarkko HietaniemiForgot from #14888.
2002-02-27 Jarkko HietaniemiUnicode::Normalize 0.14 synch, from SADAHIRO Tomoyuki.
2002-02-26 Simon Glover Subject: Missing diagnostics
2002-02-26 Andreas KönigNot OK 5.7.2@14884
2002-02-26 Jarkko HietaniemiCray FP strikes again: things like 1.1 + 0.1 are easily
2002-02-26 Jarkko HietaniemiNeither.
2002-02-26 Michael G.... "Attempt to access to key"?
2002-02-26 Rafael Garcia... docs, typos
2002-02-26 Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX: add isatty to @EXPORT_OK, reformat.
2002-02-26 Jarkko HietaniemiIf using -Dloclibpth=... the directories need to
2002-02-26 Yitzchak Scott... Perl interface to newIO()
2002-02-26 Rafael Garcia... "." is not in @INC when -T
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiBig5 tweaks from Autrijus Tang.
2002-02-25 Rafael Garcia... cleanups
2002-02-25 Nicholas Clarkcompile warnings (was Re: Smoke 14756 /pro/3gl/CPAN...
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to I18N::LangTags 0.27.
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Getopt::Long 2.28.
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiNo =head.
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate Changes.
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiSome hosts understand split -l 50, some only split -50
2002-02-25 Nikola KnezevicRe: [PATCH bleadperl] socketpair.t
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiMention the new pack tricks.
2002-02-25 Richard Foleyconsistent commands for etc.
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiTypo corrections from John P. Linderman.
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Math::BigInt 1.52.
2002-02-25 Robin Barker Subject: [PATCH] cut-n-paste error?
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiCut-and-paste errors.
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiEBCDIC: the control characters are not that easy to...
2002-02-25 John PeacockRe: [PATCH] Re: Copying PV only with possible UTF-8...
2002-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiSvSetSV() is not returnable, but that's okay since
2002-02-24 John PeacockRe: Copying PV only with possible UTF-8 characters
2002-02-24 Jarkko HietaniemiTiny code cleanup.
2002-02-24 Jarkko HietaniemiUse to_uni_fold().
2002-02-24 Jarkko HietaniemiDocument the new taint behaviour of exec LIST and
2002-02-24 Rick DelaneyRe: taint news
2002-02-24 Jarkko HietaniemiEBCDIC tweak (native instead of uni) and comment update.
2002-02-24 Jarkko HietaniemiUsing uninitialized (and wrong) variables is not good.
2002-02-24 Jarkko HietaniemiEBCDIC: this seems to calm the last of the
2002-02-23 Jarkko HietaniemiEBCDIC: document using Encode for character conversions.
2002-02-23 Jarkko HietaniemiEBCDIC: disable also Unicode::Collate and
2002-02-23 Jarkko HietaniemiAUTHORS updates.
2002-02-23 Jarkko HietaniemiRetract #14571: there may be a better solution than
2002-02-23 Craig A. Berry$Config{prefixexp} for VMS
2002-02-23 Jarkko HietaniemiAlso Encode/JP needs to be listed explicitly.
2002-02-23 Jarkko HietaniemiDocument known UNICOS/mk deficiency.
2002-02-23 Audrey TangREADME mention version 5.0
2002-02-23 Jarkko HietaniemiOld hosts like NeXT Classic don't have sort -k,
2002-02-22 Abhijit Menon-SenMinor clarifications as suggested by Anton Tagunov.
2002-02-22 Rafael Garcia... Re: Prototype checking on assignment of coderef to...
2002-02-22 Jarkko HietaniemiIn AIX the split(1) default (1000 lines) chokes the...
2002-02-22 Michael G.... Re: Pyrrhic compression in Encode
2002-02-22 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate Changes.
2002-02-22 Jarkko HietaniemiImplement IV/UV/NV/long double pack/unpack with
2002-02-22 Nicholas ClarkRe: [PATCH++] Re: [PATCH] go faster for Encode's compile
2002-02-22 Jarkko HietaniemiNetWare change from Ananth Kesari.
2002-02-22 Ilya Zakharevichpack with a human face: part ]|[
2002-02-22 Jarkko HietaniemiEBCDIC: Disable Encode::JP and Encode::Tcl for now.
2002-02-22 Jarkko HietaniemiMake measure_struct a file static.
2002-02-22 Jarkko HietaniemiEBCDIC: someone who knows what they are doing
2002-02-22 Jarkko Hietaniemicroak() needs context.
2002-02-22 Ilya Zakharevichpack with a human face: the sequel
2002-02-22 Nicholas ClarkRe: [PATCH++] Re: [PATCH] go faster for Encode's compile
2002-02-21 Jarkko HietaniemiTest for #14795.
2002-02-21 Jarkko HietaniemiTesting for ASCII in EBCDIC makes one's brain hurt.
2002-02-21 Rafael Garcia... next batch of bugfixes
2002-02-21 chromaticFind Filehandles Fully (was Re: [ID 20020221.004] ...
2002-02-21 Jarkko HietaniemiExternalization from Jatan Shah <>.
2002-02-21 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Math::BigInt 1.51.
2002-02-21 Gerrit P. HaaseRe: [PATCH] 'make clobber' on Cygwin broken
2002-02-21 Ilya Zakharevichgrouping in pack/unpack
2002-02-21 Nikola Knezevicquestion about fs.t
2002-02-21 Gerrit P. Haase'make clobber' on Cygwin broken
2002-02-21 Mark-Jason... typo correction
2002-02-21 Rafael Garcia... No OPf_SPECIAL on OP_ENTERSUB when readline() is overriden
2002-02-21 Ilya Zakharevichcosmetic OS/2 patches
2002-02-21 Jarkko HietaniemiRevert #14805, didn't quite work.
2002-02-21 Paul EggertRe: [ID 20020220.002] Perl 5.7.2 porting patches for...
2002-02-21 Jarkko HietaniemiMore advice.
2002-02-21 Jarkko HietaniemiMissing MANIFESTation.
2002-02-20 Audrey TangAdd missing Tolkien quotes to *.c
2002-02-20 Abe TimmermanRe: Make Schwern poor in just 20 easy steps!
2002-02-20 Jarkko HietaniemiIn EBCDIC the UNI_TO_NATIVE() macro evaluates its argument
2002-02-20 Jarkko HietaniemiBetter debugging info.
2002-02-20 Nicholas ClarkRe: [PATCH] go faster for Encode's compile
2002-02-20 Paul EggertRe: [ID 20020220.002] Perl 5.7.2 porting patches for...
2002-02-20 Hugo van der... Re: Re-posts of some unresolved bleadperl bugreports
2002-02-20 Paul Greenperl/Makefile.SH -- care with question mark
2002-02-20 Jarkko HietaniemiForgot from #14790.