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2003-02-10 Artur BergmanCompile under threads and MacOSX. For some reason newSVpvf
2003-02-10 Abhijit Menon-SenNo, we don't really want the utility scripts.
2003-02-10 Autrijus Tangfix for C< use if qw/ 1 open :utf8 / > based on:
2003-02-10 Jay HannahRE: perldebug.pod suggestion
2003-02-10 John Peacockversion objects final(?) patch
2003-02-09 Chip SalzenbergAdd CPAN ChangeLog to MANIFEST.
2003-02-09 Jarkko HietaniemiCPAN ChangeLog not needed, says Andreas.
2003-02-09 autrijus@ossf... [perl #20785] glitches with $PerlIO::encoding::fallback
2003-02-09 Stas BekmanRe: utime undef, undef, "/tmp/test" and warnings
2003-02-08 Jarkko HietaniemiPossible cruft removal.
2003-02-08 Jarkko HietaniemiSignedness nits.
2003-02-08 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to CPAN 1.64, from Andreas Koenig.
2003-02-08 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Net::Ping 2.28, from Rob Brown.
2003-02-08 Audrey Tangperluniintro nit
2003-02-06 Peter Prymmerpath tweak fix up for t/pod/find.t on VMS
2003-02-06 Jarkko Hietaniemisv_cat_recode() proto was missing, noticed by Craig...
2003-02-06 Artur BergmanPatch from Richard Soderberg, cleanup the code a bit...
2003-02-06 Jarkko HietaniemiThings forgotten from Encode 1.87.
2003-02-06 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Encode 1.87.
2003-02-05 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd the test of [perl #8760] (fixed by change #18656).
2003-02-05 Jarkko Hietaniemi[perl #19767] has become fixed too (by changes #18653
2003-02-05 Inaba Hiroto[Patch] parsing under encoding (Re: [Encode] HEADS...
2003-02-05 Peter Prymmerfix for PerlIO/Via compilation on VMS
2003-02-05 Jarkko Hietaniemis/S_cache_re/cache_re/ for building with threads.
2003-02-04 Stephen McCamantB::Concise updates (incl. avoiding use of op_seq)
2003-02-04 Rafael Garcia... Better version of change #18648, by Enache Adrian
2003-02-04 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd the new test to MANIFEST.
2003-02-04 Graham BarrSync with 1.10
2003-02-04 Jarkko HietaniemiFix "[perl #20667] unicode regex vs non-unicode regex".
2003-02-04 Jarkko HietaniemiComment tweak.
2003-02-04 Jarkko HietaniemiSignedness issue.
2003-02-03 Rafael Garcia... Force the C locale in makedepend, to prevent gcc from
2003-02-03 Rafael Garcia... Document the environment variable PERL_UTF8_LOCALE...
2003-02-03 Rafael Garcia... Fix bug #8760 : cop_line isn't properly restored
2003-02-03 Abe TimmermanRe: [perl #20606] [PATCH} openbsd hints
2003-02-03 Jarkko HietaniemiDuh, test -e ENOPORTABLE, I should've remembered that.
2003-02-03 Jarkko HietaniemiDetypo.
2003-02-03 Abhijit Menon-SenIntegrate MIME::Base64 2.16 from CPAN. (Do we really...
2003-02-02 Artur BergmanIn any case, never copy this but use the same SV since
2003-02-02 Artur BergmanMove SvPVIV out of ->op_sv of METHOD_NAMED into the...
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9: Some time has passed.
2003-02-02 Nick Ing-SimmonsRe: typo in checkin 18616
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9: Add also sample for 5.8.0 from Russ...
2003-02-02 Abigailpod/perlfunc.pod
2003-02-02 Rafael Garcia... [perl #18232] [PATCH] store PL_reg_match_utf8 in reganch
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiAlso [perl #3547] has been fixed; add its test case.
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiThe [perl #7471] seems to have been fixed; add its...
2003-02-02 Jarkko Hietaniemi[perl #15397] seems to have been fixed; add its test.
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9: Supply also Russ Cox' original config.h for...
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9: Update config.plan9 based on Russ Cox' work.
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9: Update the list of object files.
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9: No Configure.
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9: doesn't really do Configure (undo #18585/#18586)
2003-02-02 Jarkko Hietaniemiminitest wasn't working. (The $^X /miniperl/ test in
2003-02-02 Jarkko HietaniemiFix and test for [perl #15549 Empty \Q\E not permitted]
2003-02-01 Artur BergmanFix bug #15837, temporary from storable call hadn't...
2003-02-01 Jarkko HietaniemiIntegrate from perlio:
2003-02-01 Artur BergmanDon't free thread before using it, breaks platforms...
2003-02-01 Nick Ing-SimmonsRe: bleadperl: PerlIOStdio_invalidate_fileno breaks...
2003-02-01 Nick Ing-Simmonsfflush() before invalidating stdio's fileno.
2003-02-01 Nick Ing-SimmonsPerlIO friendly version of speed up of $/ = undef case.
2003-02-01 Nick Ing-SimmonsMichael Schroeder's fix for re-try if stdio ops after
2003-02-01 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate mainline
2003-01-31 Jarkko HietaniemiGo even further (back) than change #18608 and revert
2003-01-31 Adrian M. Enache[FIX] Re: UTF-8 failures (surprise!)
2003-01-31 Abhijit Menon-SenFix typo in version check ($[ to $]).
2003-01-30 Jose Auguste... Upper<->Lower case mistake in perlunicode.pod ?
2003-01-30 Beckett Richard... [perl #20616] code example in the FAQ that isn't strict...
2003-01-30 Rafael Garcia... FAQ sync.
2003-01-30 Adrian M. Enache[FIX] Re: UTF-8 failures (surprise!)
2003-01-30 Todd C. MillerUpdates to the openbsd hints
2003-01-29 Jarkko HietaniemiMore of the #18600.
2003-01-29 Jarkko HietaniemiRetract the %_/SVf change (part of #18456) for PROTOTYP...
2003-01-28 Paul JohnsonFix a very small memory leak in op_free, by reserving the
2003-01-28 Rafael Garcia... Integrate from maint-5.8:
2003-01-27 Slaven RezicRe: [perl #20274] perlbug requires dynamic loading
2003-01-27 Dave MitchellIntroduce the PUSHSUB_DB macro, equivalent to PUSHSUB...
2003-01-27 Nicholas Clarkmake Copy On Write work once again
2003-01-27 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate the pod list for Plan 9.
2003-01-26 Artur BergmanWhen we copy things out of a hash and increment the
2003-01-26 Jarkko HietaniemiMissing (STRLEN)casts.
2003-01-26 Nick Ing-SimmonsPERL_IMPLICIT_SYS does NOT vector PerlIO_xxx but PerlSI...
2003-01-26 Dave MitchellOPf_SPECIAL on OP_DBSTATE now indicates a breakpoint.
2003-01-26 Jarkko HietaniemiLest people get worried about not having PerlIO.
2003-01-26 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9 doesn't do nm, from Russ Cox.
2003-01-26 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9 doesn't really have the symlink API, from Russ...
2003-01-26 Jarkko HietaniemiPlan 9 compiler can't return quads from the ?: (condop).
2003-01-26 Slaven RezicRe: truncate using a globref
2003-01-26 Adrian M. Enachepatch to speed up Perl's slurp mode
2003-01-26 Adrian M. EnacheRe: [perl #20408] SV's SvPVX get freed even when its...
2003-01-26 Craig A. Berryconst declaration fixup
2003-01-23 Dave Mitchellmove pad.c warnings to different test file
2003-01-23 Nick Ing-SimmonsFix Solaris 32-bit invalidate case.
2003-01-22 Rafael Garcia... Integrate change 18448 from maint-5.8 :
2003-01-22 Dave MitchellRe: difference between my and our before introduction
2003-01-22 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate mainline
2003-01-22 Rafael Garcia... Fix [perl #19860] by adding a POSIX::fsync() stub.
2003-01-22 Jarkko HietaniemiIntegrate from perlio:
2003-01-22 Nick Ing-SimmonsFixes for which attempts to load layers:
2003-01-22 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Encode 1.86.