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2010-01-26 Jim Cromiecomment grammar, indentation
2010-01-25 David Goldenrevise package NAME VERSION entry in perl5120delta
2010-01-25 Ricardo Signescorrect a typo
2010-01-25 Ricardo Signesapply a second set of eyes to perl5120delta
2010-01-25 Jesse VincentMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2010-01-25 Jesse VincentAdd perl5120delta to pod.lst and MANIFEST
2010-01-25 Chris WilliamsUpdate CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to cpan version 0.46
2010-01-25 Nicholas ClarkChange from a hard coded temporary file name in lib...
2010-01-24 Jesse VincentMinor typo fix
2010-01-24 Jesse VincentFirst full pass at perl5120delta
2010-01-24 Jesse VincentAdded a stub of the Perl 5.12.0 delta which will be...
2010-01-22 Rafael Garcia... Update to podlators 2.3.0
2010-01-22 David MitchellClarify in INSTALL what an extension name looks like:
2010-01-22 David Mitchellfix SEGV in /\N{...}/
2010-01-21 Ricardo Signesupdate Mark Jason Dominus's name in AUTHORS
2010-01-21 David Goldeninitialize undefined version objects with zero, not...
2010-01-21 Nicholas ClarkAdd USE_PERL_ATOF to the list of -V's compile-time...
2010-01-21 Ricardo SignesRevert "remove defunct "Changes" file step from RMG"
2010-01-21 Ricardo Signesremove defunct "Changes" file step from RMG
2010-01-20 Nicholas ClarkRemove CPAN's Makefile.PL; let write one...
2010-01-20 Ævar Arnfjörð... Make perl's magic variables in gv.c grep-able
2010-01-20 Rafael Garcia... Update META.yml for Module::CoreList
2010-01-20 Ricardo Signescreate perl5115delta and update other versions
2010-01-20 Nicholas Clarkmake clean deletes runtests, so add a rule and dependen...
2010-01-20 Ricardo Signesadd -u to core-cpan-diffs to filter modules v5.11.4
2010-01-20 David Goldenperlfunc tweak for package NAME VERSION
2010-01-20 Ricardo Signesremove remaining boilerplate from perl5114delta
2010-01-20 Ricardo Signesperldelta5114 updated prior to shipping
2010-01-20 Ricardo Signesadd 5.11.4 (and myself) to perlhist
2010-01-20 Ricardo Signesregen_perly prepping for 5.11.4
2010-01-20 Ricardo Signesupdate Module::CoreList for pending 5.11.4
2010-01-20 David GoldenUpdate Module::Build to 0.3603
2010-01-20 David Goldenreminder: update Module::CoreList when bumping version...
2010-01-20 Ricardo Signesbump versions for core libs changed since 5.11.3
2010-01-19 Ricardo Signesregen for new version number
2010-01-19 Ricardo Signesbump version for 5.11.4
2010-01-19 Father Chrysostomosfix qr// and get-magic problems
2010-01-19 Tony CookFix for #71506: work around possible gcc bug
2010-01-19 David Goldennote strict/lax version requirements in documentation
2010-01-19 David Goldenadd version number format note to perldelta
2010-01-19 Niko TyniFix a NULL pointer dereference when looking for a DESTR...
2010-01-18 Father ChrysostomosFix for #71254: SEGV in Data::Dumper
2010-01-18 Jesse VincentFixed an editing error in perldoc about commit messages.
2010-01-18 Jesse VincentMinor updates to the git tutorial and our commit messag...
2010-01-18 kmx[perl #71676] GDBM_File support on Win32
2010-01-18 Rainer TammerPerl blead on AIX - fail: t/porting/test_bootstrap
2010-01-18 Nicholas ClarkMove packagev.t from t/comp to t/op, as it fouls the...
2010-01-18 Rafael Garcia... Revert "[perl #62646] Maximum string length with substr"
2010-01-17 Ricardo Signesupdate AUTHORS for new commits, spelling
2010-01-17 Vincent PitAdd t/comp/packagev.t to MANIFEST
2010-01-17 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to 1.94_54
2010-01-17 Karl WilliamsonClean up mktables intro comments; remove trailing white...
2010-01-16 Craig A. BerryCorrect VMS-specific handling of $! in Perl_magic_get.
2010-01-16 Craig A. BerryA fig leaf for calling sv_pos_u2b with IV* where it...
2010-01-16 David GoldenParse 'use NAME VERSION' with C locale
2010-01-16 Ricardo Signeswrap a link in L<> to avoid bad autolinking
2010-01-16 Todd Rinaldo[perl #72098] File::Copy stripping 06000 perms on cp...
2010-01-16 brian d foy* Tom's latest perlfunc cleanups, to ensure we're on...
2010-01-16 brian d foy* Backported Tom's perlfaq cleanup to the perlfaq repo...
2010-01-15 Nicholas ClarkFix SV leaks in Perl_vnumify() and Perl_vnormal() for...
2010-01-15 Rafael Garcia... Add warning "Cannot find encoding"
2010-01-15 Rafael Garcia... Bump version of PerlIO::encoding
2010-01-15 Rafael Garcia... The warnings emitted by PerlIO::encoding should be...
2010-01-15 Nicholas ClarkAvoid a double SV leak in an error state branch of...
2010-01-15 Zefram[perl #62646] Maximum string length with substr
2010-01-15 Rafael Garcia... Document last change in perldelta for 5.11.4.
2010-01-15 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #71726] \p{xdigit} should match full-width...
2010-01-15 Karl WilliamsonThis adds a constructor option to not output the commen...
2010-01-15 Rafael Garcia... Qualify pointer arguments of prescan_version in embed.fnc
2010-01-14 Rafael Garcia... Bump version to 2.21 and add changelog
2010-01-14 Tim BunceFixed the closure argument passing bug perl#72068
2010-01-14 Tim BunceFixed tests.
2010-01-14 Tim BunceAdded tests for perl#72068
2010-01-14 Nicholas ClarkBack out the {ENTER,LEAVE}_with_name("sub") part of...
2010-01-14 Reini UrbanCYG23-544-stat
2010-01-14 David GoldenOmnibus strict and lax version parsing
2010-01-13 AbigailChanged Copyright year as suggested by karl williamson...
2010-01-13 brian d foy* Em dash cleanup in pod/
2010-01-13 brian d foy* FAQ sync for Perl 5.12 release candidate
2010-01-13 brian d foyTom Christiansen's perlfunc cleansing, part 2
2010-01-13 Chris WilliamsUpdate File-Fetch to CPAN version 0.24
2010-01-12 Ricardo Signestest stash_name in
2010-01-12 Ricardo Signescatch the one $class instance missed in
2010-01-12 Rafael Garcia... Document UNIVERSAL->import deprecation in perldelta
2010-01-12 Rafael Garcia... Mention name of C constant in for greppability
2010-01-12 Rafael Garcia... The new lvalue warning should not be turned on by default
2010-01-12 Rafael Garcia... Document new lvalue warning in perldelta
2010-01-12 Rafael Garcia... The "illegalproto" warning category is new in 5.11...
2010-01-12 Rafael Garcia... Nits in perldelta template
2010-01-12 Rafael Garcia... Add perl5114delta.pod
2010-01-12 H.Merijn BrandWith $PERL_UNICODE we still need to find
2010-01-12 David Mitchellfix for [perl #65582] anon globs segfaulting
2010-01-12 David Mitchellfix for [perl #61976] Errno ($!) not evaluated to a...
2010-01-11 Karl WilliamsonAdd note to .pod for compound form perl extensions
2010-01-11 Rafael Garcia... Bump less' version
2010-01-11 Ricardo Signesallow indirection between less and its hints stash...
2010-01-11 Karl WilliamsonRemove [[:posix:]] references because changes not going...
2010-01-11 David Mitchellfix for [perl #41138] $_ leaks under threads
2010-01-11 Tom ChristiansenPATCH: perlfunc cleanup, part 1
2010-01-11 Josh ben Jore[perl #71788] Skip $) test when NGROUPS_MAX is too...