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2017-12-22 Zeframremove broken PerlLIO_mkstemp() definition
2017-12-22 Zeframfactor out remaining fcntl F_SETFD calls
2017-12-22 Zeframset FD_CLOEXEC atomically in easy cases
2017-12-22 Zefram*_cloexec() I/O functions
2017-12-22 Zeframconfigure probes for accept4(), dup3(), pipe2()
2017-12-22 Zeframset PERL_EXIT_DESTRUCT_END in all embeddings
2017-12-22 Zeframtest more about exit from special blocks
2017-12-22 Zeframpreserve numericness of system() args on Win32
2017-12-21 Chris 'BinGOs... Cogito ergo sum
2017-12-21 Zeframfix up faulty perl embeddings
2017-12-21 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Module-CoreList for v5.27.8
2017-12-20 Chris 'BinGOs... Bump the perl version in various places for v5.27.8
2017-12-20 Chris 'BinGOs... New perldelta for v5.27.8
2017-12-20 Chris 'BinGOs... Include epigraph for v5.27.7
2017-12-20 Chris 'BinGOs... add new release to perlhist v5.27.7
2017-12-20 Chris 'BinGOs... Finalise perldelta
2017-12-20 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Module::CoreList for v5.27.7
2017-12-20 Chris 'BinGOs... Start finalisation of perldelta
2017-12-20 Chris 'BinGOs... Resolve issue with Win32 caused by 0301e8995
2017-12-19 Karl Williamsont/re/reg_mesg.t: White-space only
2017-12-19 Karl Williamsont/re/reg_mesg.t: Test that death actually happens.
2017-12-19 Karl Williamsonreg_mesg.t: Move some tests to proper places
2017-12-19 David Mitchell[MERGE] s/// return value fixups
2017-12-19 David Mitchells/// in boolean context: simplify return value
2017-12-19 David Mitchellavoid tainting boolean return value of s///
2017-12-19 David Mitchells///: return boolean in not-in-place branch
2017-12-19 Karen Etheridgeminor punctuation improvement
2017-12-19 Karl WilliamsonForbid literal \v in /[]/ under re strict, except under /x
2017-12-19 Karl Williamsonperldiag: Fix obsolete text
2017-12-19 Karl Williamsonreg_mesg.t: Fix comment
2017-12-19 Karl Williamsonreg_mesg.t: Fix typo
2017-12-18 James E KeenanDemonstrate how File::Spec->catfile('.', @other_args...
2017-12-18 Karl WilliamsonEmulate C99 int_fast8_t, etc typedefs
2017-12-18 Karl Williamsonmktables: Use already set variable
2017-12-18 Karl WilliamsonChange number to mnemonic
2017-12-18 Father Chrysostomosperlxs: Document bitwise calling conventions
2017-12-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Customisations for Digest-SHA tests
2017-12-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Digest-SHA to CPAN version 6.00
2017-12-18 David Mitchellenable PERL_OP_PARENT always
2017-12-18 Zeframalign version numbers in the PathTools distro
2017-12-18 Zeframremove support for running PathTools on MacOS
2017-12-18 Zeframfix pod markup in
2017-12-18 Zeframremove support for running PathTools on EPOC
2017-12-18 Father Chrysostomosperldelta: Avoid ‘deprecated’ for non-deprecated module
2017-12-18 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for #132468 warnings functions
2017-12-18 Father Chrysostomosperldelta: Alphabetise modules
2017-12-18 Father Chrysostomos[perl #132468] At _at_level warnings functions
2017-12-17 Father Chrysostomospp_ctl.c: Add -D output for inward goto
2017-12-17 Zeframmerge branch zefram/dumb_match
2017-12-17 Karl WilliamsonUnicode::UCD: max code point is now IV_MAX
2017-12-17 Karl Williamsonregcomp.sym: Clarify regnode comment
2017-12-17 Karl Williamsonregen/ reformulate a branch and outdent
2017-12-17 Karl Williamsonregen/ Outdent code
2017-12-17 Karl Williamsonregen/ Fix typo
2017-12-17 Karl Williamsonperlre: '#' is a metacharacter under /x
2017-12-16 Zeframmake dNOOP usable outside function in C++
2017-12-16 Zeframtypo fix in doc
2017-12-16 Zeframshow modern usage for {XS,Dyna}Loader
2017-12-16 Zeframsemicolon-friendly diagnostic control
2017-12-16 Zeframperform system() arg processing before fork
2017-12-16 Zeframupdate and clarify "die" and "warn" doc
2017-12-16 Zeframretry gdbm_open() upon block size error
2017-12-16 Zeframadd ticket number to perldelta entry
2017-12-16 Zeframwiden size-type variables in pack/unpack
2017-12-15 Marco Fontaniperlfunc: remove stray plus from start of line
2017-12-15 Zeframdocument GDBM_File's delete vs each conflict
2017-12-15 Zeframrewrite "ref" documentation for clarity
2017-12-15 Zeframclean up directories of split pod files
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 282fc0b3cc2439f69587d980b62bef7f5d5bdfef
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta e135ff695231a81e2a70a739e8d813525432fd4d
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 47836a13cc4c999c9b3589c6797d6769b52c37fd
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 3d033384b2016a58c3eed89524dc658660c759ce
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 0bd1c35ee47dab181543ba366fe021122c591f65
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 38e30ca7507a601c2d84596bc51d88c0f3c516b4
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta addf67e13a08f45d3bb4c245c821b1ef2767c5a5
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 27d3197f2b90b3534ea74a96fc7e37200baeb9b7
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta d5407247046f2f01c1492998b32b3b148445febe
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 16ada235c332e017667585e1a5a00ce43a31c529
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 397baf232086e0a9ad6f881a9614d3dbaea853fc
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 0165f7b01e9c43629d0c6f4b5eb2e672abeda51a
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta dd9e86b4501b7c8aeba1f5ebda9f8907747c443f
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 9b91093d3e74d13a6e4f67269a587f4ab397998a
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta b5145c7d479fcfcb104fc6d3d89b4d757ca3cd15
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 0301e899536a22752f40481d8a1d141b7a7dda82
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 6c4f4eb174d1e2e9f874786123a699d11ae741f9
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 1af9149031d9f5d2d43b6df59b628a0f2c1041f6
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta bff3de19b083d33895fc03f7d7d092e5830547a5
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta b3893bfa90e8810497e2f81458a5a46db611cadf
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 0c9c439d08a65206d442724bcd9fb29fa5a7f937
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 58be57636a42d6c6fd404c48c4e1cb87870182df
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 7c6e7cf06853eef1d1b271077c402c5f8655fbe6
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 38a3df78b8fbbdf02988dd5fe691c23a8041334f
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 557714184de18964b954b2c00fa13127fd3f216a
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 3c0dbbbaeb55e36a6beabd1cfc9f0432053bcaf0
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 7270698f29ae2f22f2cdfec7b156a75602cddf68
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta d3f0c815eccb54ae88550259c06aa395b2274580
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 39dc9d148281a0a05168f216359b3bdb696fec66
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 0740a29d60ebd4ff72090340b0140ec2210e90c7
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta sub constructor documentation
2017-12-15 Zeframperldelta 8bfeb7823012732f6bfd9c65485ae3ad9c0cce8d