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2003-12-26 Rafael Garcia... Refactor the code that checks whether a range is numeric
2003-12-26 Rafael Garcia... Restore ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/Makefile to its pre-21655...
2003-12-25 Rafael Garcia... Fix bug [perl #24641] : when POSIX::set[ug]id() are...
2003-12-25 Ilya ZakharevichINSTALL_PREFIX from C
2003-12-25 TelsBigInt v1.68 - pre-release
2003-12-25 Fergal Daly[perl #24506] [PATCH] cannot weaken refs to read only...
2003-12-23 Peter Prymmerdocument patch for VMS port on new file systems
2003-12-23 Stas Bekman[patch t/] comment fix
2003-12-22 Adrian M. Enachere-fix [perl #24508] without speed regression.
2003-12-22 Adrian M. Enachesanitize some macros - based on Chip Salzenberg suggest...
2003-12-22 Mike PomraningRe: Smoke [5.8.2] 21930 FAIL(t) MSWin32 5.1 Service...
2003-12-22 Jarkko Hietaniemidoc nits
2003-12-22 Craig A. archname tweak
2003-12-21 Mike Guy[perl #24651] Taint bug with multiple backticks in...
2003-12-21 Dominique QuatravauxFix a side-effect of bug #24674 in the perl debugger.
2003-12-20 Dorner ThomasPerl 5.8.3 patches from the BS2000 port
2003-12-20 Adrian M. Enacheafter back-references, restricted hashes.
2003-12-20 Adrian M. Enachefix [perl #24660], [perl #24663].
2003-12-20 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Time::Local 1.07_94
2003-12-20 Craig A. BerryOpenVMS I64 support
2003-12-20 Nicholas Clarkremove duplicate PERL_HASH (as spotted by Enache Adrian in
2003-12-20 Nicholas ClarkSolaris gconvert() doesn't like ndigits == 0. Currently...
2003-12-19 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to 3.01
2003-12-19 Elizabeth Mattijsen[DOCPATCH]
2003-12-18 Nicholas Clark"Richard" - who he? (Add "Richard Clamp" to the list...
2003-12-18 Rafael Garcia... Perl 1.0.16 has been released.
2003-12-17 Marcus Holland... arguments for perl_clone()
2003-12-17 Mike Pomraning2-arg cond_wait, cond_timedwait, tests
2003-12-16 Rafael Garcia... Sync with the latest MakeMaker snapshot.
2003-12-15 Alan BurlisonRemove incorrect guards around inclusion of <signal.h>
2003-12-15 Alan BurlisonRemove incorrect guards around inclusion of <signal.h>
2003-12-15 Rafael Garcia... Add the macros dAX and dITEMS to PPPort.
2003-12-14 Stas Bekman[patch Porting/pumpkin.pod] trying to ensure that PPPor...
2003-12-14 Elizabeth Mattijsen[DOCPATCH] perlfunc delete
2003-12-14 Nicholas ClarkForgot to remove a comment
2003-12-14 Nicholas ClarkS_save_hek_flags should honour the "free" flag.
2003-12-14 Nicholas ClarkSome fool missed a letter n.
2003-12-14 Adrian M. EnacheRe: Change 21862
2003-12-14 Nicholas ClarkClean up a bug I introduced into caseless ENV hv_delete
2003-12-13 Yitzchak Scott... Re: 5.6.2-RC1 on Cygwin
2003-12-13 Nicholas ClarkAdd Perl_ceil
2003-12-13 Rafael Garcia... Reformat a long line in perlembed.pod (bug #24623).
2003-12-13 Nicholas ClarkThe binary compatibility notes say that new global...
2003-12-13 Rafael Garcia... alarm() is now implemented on Win32.
2003-12-13 Nicholas Clarkforeach qw() { # not valid syntax for 5.005. So fix it.
2003-12-13 David DyckPatch for: [perl #24650] File::CheckTree should list...
2003-12-13 Rafael Garcia... Make the XSRETURN macro evaluate its argument only...
2003-12-13 Rafael Garcia... More POD fixes ; regenerate perltoc and perlmodlib.
2003-12-13 Rafael Garcia... Fix some of the pods to produce more standard manpages,
2003-12-13 Anders JohnsonRE: [perl #24610] Pod::Html infinite recursion
2003-12-12 Alan BurlisonModify the common guard for the signal.h header, because
2003-12-12 TelsMath::BigInt v1.67 released
2003-12-12 Gisle Aasd_u32align for win32
2003-12-11 Craig A. Berryenviron array fix for VMS
2003-12-11 Mark Leighton... Perl 5.9.0 AUTHORS
2003-12-11 Rafael Garcia... Add a mention of the error "DESTROY created new reference
2003-12-11 Adrian M. Enache#21866 was wrong. another try to plumb that damn leak.
2003-12-11 Adrian M. Enachefix bug #24605.
2003-12-09 Rafael Garcia... Suppress a C< $DB::single = 1 > from, as...
2003-12-09 Audrey TangImplicit upgrading docs
2003-12-09 Adrian M. Enachetemporary fix to avoid t/op/tie.t failures on Win32
2003-12-08 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Digest-MD5 2.33.
2003-12-08 Rafael Garcia... Integrate change #21862 from maint-5.8 :
2003-12-08 Tassilo von... iterator reset moved to hv.c (was: [PATCH] SCALAR/FIRST...
2003-12-08 Adrian M. Enacheyet another leak. bigger fish still swimming around.
2003-12-08 Adrian M. Enacheyet another 2 leaks. example for the second:
2003-12-08 Adrian M. Enacheplumb a leak with pos().
2003-12-07 Tassilo von... documenting SCALAR gotcha
2003-12-07 Craig A. Berrysetenv tweak for VMS
2003-12-06 Rafael Garcia... Missing thingies.
2003-12-06 TelsMath::BigInt v1.67 (pre-release)
2003-12-06 Rafael Garcia... Forgot to update the MANIFEST.
2003-12-06 Rafael Garcia... Math::BigInt::Scalar is only for tests.
2003-12-06 Craig A. Berrycasting bug in VMS part of Perl_start_glob
2003-12-06 Rafael Garcia... Remove the "Can't provide tied hash usage" error from...
2003-12-06 Rafael Garcia... Clarify the description of SCALAR in perltie
2003-12-06 Tassilo von... SCALAR/FIRSTKEY for tied hashes in scalar context
2003-12-06 Nicholas ClarkMake sv_force_normal_flags cope with shared hash key...
2003-12-05 Nicholas ClarkBack out the Makefile.PL part of 21808 as requested...
2003-12-05 Gisle AasConfigure gets d_u32align wrong
2003-12-05 chromatic[REPATCH lib/AutoLoader.t] Test can() with AutoLoader
2003-12-05 Craig A. Berryanother ext/SDBM_File/sdbm build fix
2003-12-05 Paul Johnson$^P, eval and caller
2003-12-04 Steve HayFix File::Copy with hard links on Windows.
2003-12-04 Alan BurlisonRe: a2p.pod not being installed in 5.8.2?
2003-12-03 Stas BekmanRe: XS modules having problems with CLONE and ithreads...
2003-12-02 Rafael Garcia... The prove utility should also be installed on VMS and...
2003-12-02 Rafael Garcia... FAQ sync.
2003-12-02 Slaven RezicRe: [perl #24574] find2perl provides different results...
2003-12-02 Jan Duboissetting $0 still broken
2003-12-02 Elizabeth MattijsenBetter docs for the special code blocks, based on :
2003-11-30 Rafael Garcia... Fix the test boilerplate in lib/if.t, so it can be run
2003-11-30 Rafael Garcia... Keep installing xsubpp in lib/ExtUtils,
2003-11-30 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.38.
2003-11-30 SADAHIRO TomoyukiRe: [perl #24554] Segfault in POSIX module
2003-11-29 Nicholas ClarkIntegrate 0.0401
2003-11-29 Nicholas ClarkRemove whitespace from ends of lines (simply because...
2003-11-29 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Unicode::Normalize to 0.28
2003-11-29 Nicholas ClarkD'oh! This has been moved to lib/Digest/t/digest.t...
2003-11-29 Nicholas ClarkUpdate Unicode::Collate to 0.31 (Only the .pm version...