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2021-01-18 Richard LeachUpdate ExtUtils::Manifest from 1.72 to 1.73
2021-01-18 Richard LeachUpdate Compress::Raw::Zlib from 2.096 to 2.100
2021-01-18 Richard LeachUpdate Compress::Raw::Bzip2 from 2.096 to 2.100
2021-01-17 Michael G.... typo fix
2021-01-17 Michael G.... fix: Manifest sorting for dotfiles with no extension.
2021-01-17 Michael G.... style: Add an EditorConfig file for the C code.
2021-01-17 TAKAI Kousukeperldiag.pod: Correct description for "Lost precision...
2021-01-17 Michael G.... style: Detabify regen files.
2021-01-17 Michael G.... style: Detabify indentation of the C code maintained...
2021-01-17 Karl Williamsonperlre: Add another mnemonic for /d
2021-01-17 Karl Williamsont/lib/ Comment, white-space only
2021-01-15 Kang-min Liuupdate the links to freenode
2021-01-15 TAKAI Kousukeperl.h: Fix typos in conditional macro names
2021-01-13 Felipe GasperFix trivial typos in perlguts.pod.
2021-01-11 Tom no longer stores Perl 5 bugs
2021-01-11 sisyphuswin32/ - enable USE_QUADMATH builds (mingw...
2021-01-11 sisyphuswin32/GNUmakefile - enable USE_QUADMATH builds (mingw...
2021-01-11 sisyphuswin32/config_sh.PL - enable USE_QUADMATH builds (mingw...
2021-01-11 sisyphuswin32/config_H.gc - enable USE_QUADMATH builds (mingw...
2021-01-11 sisyphusext/POSIX/POSIX.xs - allow POSIX::strtold on Windows...
2021-01-11 sisyphusperl.h - enable USE_QUADMATH builds (mingw compilers...
2021-01-10 James E KeenanCorrect for build-time warning
2021-01-10 Steve HayAiming for 5.32.1 on 23rd January
2021-01-10 Richard Leachperlguts.pod - single character case correction
2021-01-09 Steve HayAdd epigraph for 5.32.1-RC1
2021-01-09 Steve HayPerl 5.32.1 RC1 today
2021-01-08 Karl Williamsonperlre: Fix description of quantifer {m,n} upper limit
2021-01-07 Steve HayBump copyright to 2021 in perl.c and README.
2021-01-07 Steve HayAdd .gitignore to the list of files that are safe to...
2021-01-07 Tony Cookreinstate USE_LARGE_FILES for the packaged win32 config...
2021-01-07 Daniel LaügtGenerate lib/Config.pod with unix format to be read...
2021-01-06 Sergey PoznyakoffGDBM_File: minor changes
2021-01-06 Sergey PoznyakoffImprove GDBM_File
2021-01-06 Tony now needs access to ExtUtils::PL2Bat
2021-01-06 Tony Cookfix a typo
2021-01-05 Hugo van der... fix issue references in tests from 282d9dfeb4
2021-01-05 Hugo van der... Update comment after 5b354d2a8a
2021-01-05 Tony CookDaniel Laügt is now a perl author
2021-01-04 dlaugtDefine RSFP_FILENO before using it
2021-01-04 Tony Cookexport the win32 symlink related symbols
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... Add ChangeLog entry for IO version 1.45
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... regen META.yml
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... regen META.json
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... Bump VERSION of every file in dist/IO to 1.45 consistently
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... Add a unit test that IO::Socket constructor uses error...
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... Actually document the IO::Socket constructor's behaviou...
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... Remote note from IO::Socket::INET's docs about a change...
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... Update IO::Socket unit test for $IO::Socket::errstr
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... Bump IO::Socket version number
2021-01-04 Paul "LeoNerd... Have IO's socket code write errors also into $IO::Socke...
2021-01-04 Tony Cookperldelta for 0f2beabb0803
2021-01-04 Tony Cookadd a bareword_filehandles feature, which is enabled...
2021-01-03 Craig A. BerryRemove trailing semicolon from ALIGNED_TYPE definition
2021-01-03 Craig A. BerryRevert "Fix Time::HiRes compile probe on VMS"
2021-01-03 Craig A. Berrysprintf does not display 54 digits on VMS
2021-01-03 Felipe GasperSignatures: add argument counts to count-mismatch error...
2021-01-03 Karl WilliamsonDocument various CopSTASHfoo functions
2021-01-03 Karl WilliamsonUse perl.h versions of PERL_UNUSED_foo in XSUB.h
2021-01-03 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Fix assertion failure GH #18451
2021-01-03 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Clarify comments
2021-01-03 Karl Williamsonregexp.h: Clarify how a computed value is derived.
2021-01-01 James E KeenanDelete Porting/cherrymaint
2020-12-31 Karl WilliamsonUse SSize_t for read lock counter
2020-12-30 Tomasz Konojackiop.c: croak on "my $_" when "use utf8" is in effect
2020-12-30 Karl WilliamsonFix buggy fc() in Turkish locale
2020-12-30 Karl WilliamsonDocument regexp, regmatch_info
2020-12-30 Karl Williamsonperlapi: link to SvPV
2020-12-30 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Consolidate newRV and newRV_inc pod
2020-12-29 TAKAI Kousukeperldelta.pod: Document "Lost precision" warning changes
2020-12-29 TAKAI Kousukesv.c: Delete irrelevant preprocessor conditionals
2020-12-29 TAKAI Kousukesv.c: Suppress imprecision warnings on Inf.
2020-12-29 TAKAI Kousukesv.c: more imprecision warnings on increment/decrement
2020-12-28 Ricardo SignesMerge branch 'perlgov-related-edits' into blead
2020-12-28 Ricardo Signespod: update a few documents for perlgov changes 18434/head
2020-12-27 Karl Williamsonperlapi: More fully document gv_stashpvn
2020-12-27 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Turn reference to SvSHARED_HASH into a link
2020-12-27 Karl WilliamsonMerge branch 'sisyphus-gcvt' into blead
2020-12-27 sisyphuswin32/GNUmakefile - define __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO by...
2020-12-27 sisyphuswin32/ - define __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO by...
2020-12-27 sisyphusAPItest.xs - suppress valid -Wformat-overflow warning...
2020-12-27 sisyphust/op/sprintf2.t - append new test (Issue 18170)
2020-12-27 sisyphussv.c - suppress bogus -Wformat-overflow warnings (Issue...
2020-12-27 sisyphusConfigure - test that gcvt/qgcvt are not buggy (Issue...
2020-12-27 James E Keenanpod/buildtoc: documentation in POD format
2020-12-27 James E KeenanAvoid indirect object notation
2020-12-27 James E Keenanlib/B/Deparse-core.t: Tidy leading whitespace
2020-12-27 TAKAI KousukePOSIX.xs: Use Perl_signbit unconditionally for POSIX...
2020-12-27 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Two references aren't yet links
2020-12-27 Karl WilliamsonDocument gv_autoload4
2020-12-27 Karl WilliamsonDocument safesys...alloc fcns; safesysfree
2020-12-27 Karl WilliamsonDocument gv_fetchfile(_flags)?
2020-12-27 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Document line_t
2020-12-27 Branislav ZahradníkUse explicit %empty
2020-12-27 Branislav ZahradníkCleanup remnants of 'KEY_err' removal
2020-12-27 Branislav ZahradníkDistinguish C- and perly- literals - PERLY_DOLLAR
2020-12-27 Branislav ZahradníkDistinguish C- and perly- literals - PERLY_SLASH
2020-12-27 Branislav ZahradníkDistinguish C- and perly- literals - PERLY_STAR
2020-12-27 Branislav ZahradníkDistinguish C- and perly- literals - PERLY_PAREN_CLOSE
2020-12-27 Branislav ZahradníkDistinguish C- and perly- literals - PERLY_PAREN_OPEN
2020-12-27 Branislav ZahradníkDistinguish C- and perly- literals - PERLY_PERCENT_SIGN