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2015-06-05 Steve HayFix Scalar-List-Utils build on Windows; patch sent...
2015-06-05 Steve HayCONTRIBUTING.mkdn is IGNORABLE, so no need to list...
2015-06-05 Steve HayFix up the HTTP::Tiny upgrade
2015-06-05 Steve HayLICENCE (e.g. in libnet) is IGNORABLE too
2015-06-05 Steve HayUpgrade Scalar-List-Utils from version 1.41 to 1.42
2015-06-05 Steve HayUpgrade parent from version 0.232 to 0.234
2015-06-05 Steve HayUpgrade Module-Metadata from version 1.000026 to 1...
2015-06-05 Steve HayUpgrade libnet from version 3.05 to 3.06
2015-06-05 Steve HayUpgrade HTTP-Tiny from version 0.054 to 0.056
2015-06-05 Steve HayUpgrade Getopt-Long from version 2.45 to 2.46
2015-06-05 Steve HayUpgrade CPAN-Meta-YAML from version 0.014 to 0.016
2015-06-05 Steve HayUpgrade CPAN-Meta-Requirements from version 2.132 to...
2015-06-05 Craig A. BerryHandle variant build product extensions in configure...
2015-06-04 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Encode to CPAN version 2.73
2015-06-04 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Locale-Codes to CPAN version 3.35
2015-06-04 Chase WhitenerPrefer 'Foo->new' to 'new Foo' in examples of constructors.
2015-06-03 Shlomi FishConvert "\t" to spaces.
2015-06-03 Shlomi FishRemove trailing whitespace.
2015-06-03 Shlomi FishRemove an unnecessary right parenthesis
2015-06-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Time-Piece to CPAN version 1.30
2015-06-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Socket to CPAN version 2.019
2015-06-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update ExtUtils-CBuilder to CPAN version 0.280223
2015-06-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Module-CoreList-5.20150520 is on CPAN now
2015-06-03 Tony Cookperldelta for 0c9375a5ca42
2015-06-03 Tony Cook[perl #125115] don't create file GLOB(...) when dupping...
2015-06-03 Tony Cookperldelta for 0b1fcdcc0341
2015-06-03 Shlomi FishFix RT#71678 (-d a command after exit) with a test.
2015-06-03 Daniel remove unused lexicals
2015-06-03 Daniel Draganrefactor win32_get_*lib() funcs to match rest of PERL_I...
2015-06-03 Daniel Draganlet Visual C 2013 builds run on WinXP
2015-06-03 Daniel DraganPerl_croak->croak and misc C optimizing in
2015-06-03 Daniel Draganremove redundant PERL_EXPORT_C and PERL_XS_EXPORT_C...
2015-06-03 Niko TyniFix quote() function to escape backslashes but not...
2015-06-03 Niko TyniMake t/run/locale.t survive missing locales masked...
2015-06-02 Jim Cromiefix XXX on DEBUG_TOP_FLAG comment
2015-06-02 Jim Cromieperl_clone_using: Zero -DPERL_TRACE_OPS mem for sub...
2015-06-02 Tony Cookperldelta for b4a10d33, 3f185657, 8db29734, 0d2463eb...
2015-06-02 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: White-space, comment only
2015-06-02 Karl Williamsonmktables: Under -annotate use dotted circle for combini...
2015-06-02 Karl Williamsonperldelta_template: Add L<> around 2 links
2015-06-02 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #125291] perlreref misstatement
2015-06-02 Reini Urbanactually load vars to test its new sideeffect
2015-06-02 Peter John... Fix bug in Math::BigFloat's bceil() and bint() methods.
2015-06-02 Peter John... Speed up Math::BigFloat -> blog().
2015-06-02 Peter John... Correct Math::BigInt -> new() for non-integer input.
2015-06-02 Peter John... Correct bdiv() and bmod() in Math::BigRat
2015-06-02 Peter John... Correct bdiv() and bmod() in Math::BigInt and Math...
2015-06-02 Daniel Draganremove obsolete VOL in S_parse_body
2015-06-02 Dagfinn Ilmari... Handle fcntl(F_GETPIPE_SZ) failure in t/io/eintr.t
2015-06-02 ZeframImpose deterministic order on cpp-definition options.
2015-06-01 David GoldenApply changes for CPAN-Meta-YAML v0.014.
2015-06-01 Ricardo Signesepigraphs: the v5.22.0 epigraph
2015-06-01 Ricardo Signesfeature: add the 5.23 bundle (same as 5.22)
2015-06-01 Ricardo Signesdrop the perldeltas for 5.21.*
2015-06-01 Chris 'BinGOs... Update M-CL Changes to reflect v5.22.0 release
2015-06-01 Karen Etheridge[PATCH] add changelog entries that were in perl52111del...
2015-06-01 Ricardo Signescorelist: add stubs for v5.23.0
2015-06-01 Ricardo Signesversion bump: make regen and make META.json
2015-06-01 Ricardo Signesadd perldelta for 5.23.0
2015-06-01 Ricardo Signesbump version to v5.23.0
2015-06-01 Ricardo SignesCoro is known broken on blead v5.22.0
2015-06-01 Ricardo SignesMETA.json: this is now a stable release
2015-06-01 Ricardo Signesremove the RC marker from patchlevel.h for v5.22.0!
2015-06-01 Jarkko Hietaniemiperldelta: Tru64: mention also the CPAN failures.
2015-05-31 Jarkko Hietaniemiperldelta: Elaborate on the IRIX and Tru64 failures.
2015-05-30 Karl Williamsonperldiag: Clarify wording
2015-05-30 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Fix typos, make clarifications; nits
2015-05-30 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Capitalize perl when it means the language
2015-05-30 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add L<> for hyperlinks
2015-05-30 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Use American instead of UK spelling
2015-05-30 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Rmv unhelpful text
2015-05-30 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Rmv some intra 5.21 changes
2015-05-30 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add/Rmv C<>
2015-05-30 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Italicize "e.g.", "i.e."
2015-05-30 Ricardo Signesperldelta: correct the upgraded-to versions in modules...
2015-05-29 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Note that the 'locale' warnings category...
2015-05-29 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Refactor grouped warnings
2015-05-29 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add missing warnings categories
2015-05-29 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Move 'no re' to bug fix section
2015-05-29 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Move 2 fatal msgs into that section from...
2015-05-29 Ricardo Signesperldelta: close setting $! is a bugfix
2015-05-29 Ricardo Signesperldelta: remove an obsolete notice
2015-05-29 Ricardo Signesupdate epigraphs for v5.22.0 RCs
2015-05-29 Ricardo Signesperldelta: add some known problem modules
2015-05-28 Ricardo Signesperldelta: alphabetize module upgrades
2015-05-28 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add some details for Module changes
2015-05-28 Karl Williamsonperlfunc: Fix confusing entries for splice
2015-05-21 Dagfinn Ilmari... perldelta: Revert erroneous C<> removal for Inf/NaN...
2015-05-21 Ricardo Signesadd new address for kmx v5.22.0-RC2
2015-05-21 KMXhandle existing mkstemp() in mingw-w64-v4
2015-05-21 Ricardo Signesupdate perlhist and patchlevel for RC2
2015-05-21 Ricardo Signesuse ~1 instead of ^ for parent commit
2015-05-21 Craig A. BerryCorrect default for usedevel on VMS.
2015-05-21 Tony CookThey're Unicode tables, not UTF-8 tables
2015-05-21 Daniel Draganpack('f', $NAN) must account for NAN_COMPARE_BROKEN...
2015-05-20 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Nits, clarifications, wordsmithing
2015-05-20 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Remove 5.21-only changes
2015-05-20 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Don't split =head across lines
2015-05-20 Karl Williamsonperldelta: List more changes in the pods
2015-05-20 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Rmv reference to internal flag