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2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ Add comment
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ Remove some unnecessary #if's
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ Change die into warning
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Use menominic variable name
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Fix typo in comment
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ Slight speed up
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Use variable instead of repeating expression
2018-06-25 Karl WilliamsonRemove support for qr/\p{_CanonDCIJ}
2018-06-25 Karl WilliamsonRemove support for qr/\p{_Comb_Above}/
2018-06-25 Karl WilliamsonRemove qr/\p{_Case_Ignorable}/
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonqr/\p{...}/: Rmv redundant text from warning msg detail
2018-06-25 Karl WilliamsonUnicode::UCD: Avoid uninit message
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ Add comment to generated code
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ #if indent is 2 spaces
2018-06-25 Karl WilliamsonMake the SCX enums public
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ Omit unnecessary #if's
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ uni_keywords.c no longer exists
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ depends on
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ White-space only
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ Revamp
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonregen/ sort output table
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonnumeric.c: White-space only
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsongrok_atoUV: allow non-C strings and document
2018-06-25 Karl WilliamsonCreate my_atof3()
2018-06-25 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Fix my_atof2() entry
2018-06-23 Sawyer XBump version to 5.29.0 and regenerate everything
2018-06-23 Sawyer Xnew perldelta for 5.29.0
2018-06-23 Sawyer XAdd per5280delta.pod to MANIFEST
2018-06-23 Sawyer XUpdate release schedule
2018-06-23 Sawyer XUpdate epigraph
2018-06-22 Sawyer XRevise inclusion of name and email in Git history v5.28.0
2018-06-22 Sawyer Xtrailing spaces drive me nuts
2018-06-22 Sawyer Xadd new release to perlhist
2018-06-22 Sawyer XUpdated perldelta
2018-06-22 Sawyer XBump Module-CoreList
2018-06-22 James E KeenanNeed to add email address in Porting/
2018-06-20 Sawyer XClarify your name and email *will* appear in AUTHORS...
2018-06-20 Sawyer XRemoval from AUTHORS based on author's request
2018-06-20 James E KeenanFix lack of closing ] in link.
2018-06-19 Sawyer XDocumenting epigraph
2018-06-19 Sawyer XUpdate META files
2018-06-19 Sawyer Xdisarm RC4 bump
2018-06-19 Sawyer XUpdate META files v5.28.0-RC4
2018-06-19 Sawyer Xbump version to RC4
2018-06-19 Sawyer XAdd new release to perlhist
2018-06-19 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta for Archive::Tar 2.30
2018-06-19 Sawyer XMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/smoke-me/jkeenan...
2018-06-19 Sawyer XBump Module::CoreList
2018-06-19 Sawyer XAdding epigraph for v5.28.0-RC3
2018-06-19 Chris 'BinGOs... Synch with CPAN: Archive::Tar v2.30.
2018-06-19 Sawyer XMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2018-06-19 Sawyer XUpdate META files
2018-06-19 Tony CookStorable: check PERL_TEST_MEMORY before trying to alloc...
2018-06-18 Sawyer Xdisarm RC3 bump
2018-06-18 Sawyer Xbump in perldelta too v5.28.0-RC3
2018-06-18 Sawyer XBump Module::CoreList
2018-06-18 Sawyer XUpdate META files
2018-06-18 Sawyer Xbump version to RC3
2018-06-18 Sawyer Xadd new release to perlhist
2018-06-18 Sawyer XAdd last comment to perldelta
2018-06-18 Sawyer XUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.28.0-RC3
2018-06-18 Sawyer XUpdate epigraph
2018-06-18 David Mitchellbump entry for Archive-Tar
2018-06-18 Smylersperldelta headings without full stops
2018-06-18 SmylersClarify that /({...)/ is deprecated
2018-06-18 SmylersDocument delete %hash{key} return value
2018-06-18 SmylersPod fix: Escape / inside L</>
2018-06-18 SmylersClarify key-value slices are of hashes
2018-06-18 David MitchellUpdate Archive-Tar to CPAN version 2.28
2018-06-06 David Mitchellrun Porting/makemeta
2018-06-06 Sawyer Xdisarm RC2 bump
2018-06-06 Sawyer Xbump date v5.28.0-RC2
2018-06-06 Sawyer XRegen acknowledgement
2018-06-06 Sawyer XProperly bump Module::CoreList
2018-06-06 Sawyer XCorrect date of release
2018-06-06 Sawyer XBump again
2018-06-05 Sawyer XFix new version in perlhist
2018-06-05 Vitali Peilfix version numbers in perldelta's description
2018-06-05 Sawyer XUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.28.0-RC2
2018-06-03 Sawyer XUpdate META files
2018-06-03 Sawyer Xbump version to RC2
2018-06-03 Sawyer Xadd new release to perlhist
2018-05-29 David Mitchellperldelta tweaks
2018-05-28 SHIRAKATA Kentaromore link to RT
2018-05-28 David Mitchellrevert perl_run() 0 -> 256 return mapping
2018-05-24 James E KeenanExcessively long line made t/porting/podcheck.t unhappy.
2018-05-24 Steve HayUpdate information on which gcc versions are supported...
2018-05-24 Daniel Draganfix Mingw GCC C++ build errors PL_inf/PL_nan
2018-05-23 Sawyer XAdd link to release for epigraph
2018-05-23 Sawyer Xperldelta: Clarify we refer to perl -i in in-place...
2018-05-23 Sawyer Xperldelta: Remove mention of reverted change
2018-05-23 Aaron Craneperldelta: convert all RT ticket references to links
2018-05-23 Aaron CraneMinor edits to perldelta
2018-05-23 Karl WilliamsonFixes for perldelta
2018-05-21 David Mitchellupdate with perl527*delta removal
2018-05-21 Sawyer XRemove 5.27.x perldelta files
2018-05-21 Sawyer XRegen META files
2018-05-21 Sawyer XAdding epigraph, correct previous
2018-05-21 Sawyer Xdisarm RC1 bump
2018-05-21 Sawyer XUpdate META files v5.28.0-RC1