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2009-12-20 David Goldenupdate perldelta with module and pragma version updates
2009-12-20 Jesse VincentAdd 5.11.3 to perlhist.
2009-12-20 Jesse VincentRemove Roman numerals from README.vms after confirmatio...
2009-12-20 Jesse VincentUpdate AUTHORS file for 5.11.3
2009-12-20 David GoldenUpdate Module::CoreList for Module::Build update to...
2009-12-20 David GoldenUpdated Module::Build to 0.36
2009-12-20 Jesse Vincentupdate perldetla instructions to mention the new test...
2009-12-20 Jesse VincentUpdate perldelta with newly added tests, using corion...
2009-12-20 Max MaischeinGenerate a stub for newly added tests since the last...
2009-12-20 Jesse VincentRegenerate Module::CoreList and bump to 2.24 for Perl...
2009-12-20 Jesse VincentMinor updates to our corelist update tool
2009-12-20 Jesse VincentBump to 5.11.3
2009-12-20 Jesse VincentAdded a todo about some releng automation we could use
2009-12-20 Jesse - minor change to POSIX.xs since 5.11.2 -...
2009-12-20 Jesse VincentBumped File::Find's version since it's changed since...
2009-12-20 David Goldenmention Porting/ in perldelta...
2009-12-20 David GoldenVarious perldelta consistency edits and other cleanup
2009-12-20 Karl WilliamsonAllow U+0FFFF in regex
2009-12-20 Rafael Garcia... Note changes in perldelta
2009-12-20 Rafael Garcia... Introduce C<use feature "unicode_strings">
2009-12-20 H.Merijn BrandSpeed-up notice for bisects (skip Encode)
2009-12-20 Alexandr CiorniiExtUtils::MakeMaker changes for perl5113delta.pod
2009-12-20 Daniel Frederick... Add lchown to POSIX.pod
2009-12-20 Rafael Garcia... Make eval {} compile directly to OP_ENTERTRY
2009-12-20 Nicholas ClarkFix Pod errors in perl5113delta.pod.
2009-12-20 Leon BrocardFix version number we are different from
2009-12-20 Ricardo Signesflesh out doc updates
2009-12-19 Jesse VincentFurther paring down of perldelta
2009-12-19 Jesse VincentMore pruning of the perl 5.11.3 delta file
2009-12-19 Craig A. BerryRename VMS-unfriendly multi-dot files.
2009-12-19 Nicholas ClarkRun t/porting/diag.t from the top-level directory.
2009-12-19 Craig A. Berryrunperl may modify arguments passed to it.
2009-12-19 Craig A. BerryTT is not a terminal for non-interactive processes.
2009-12-19 brian d foy* Synced the perlfaq
2009-12-19 brian d foy* Update perlport examples for modern Perl style
2009-12-18 Jesse VincentSorting MANIFEST
2009-12-18 Jesse VincentUpgrade to Pod::Simple 3.13 from CPAN to fix a regressi...
2009-12-18 Jesse VincentFirst pass at cutting down the git log as a 5.11.3...
2009-12-18 Jesse VincentUpdate MANIFEST for the latest changes to
2009-12-18 Jesse Vincentmanicheck's complaints about missing files are now...
2009-12-18 Jesse VincentDetabify manicheck
2009-12-18 Gerard GoossenWhen discarding a token free the op associated with it
2009-12-18 Jesse VincentBring up ExtUtils::MakeMaker to 6.56 - no functional...
2009-12-18 Jesse VincentImport 1.94_53 from CPAN
2009-12-18 Gerard GoossenFree the PL_scopestack_name
2009-12-18 Jan DuboisExport PL_curinterp symbol for MULTIPLICITY without...
2009-12-17 Max MaischeinCorrect some #ifdef USE_ITHREADS / USE_MULTI
2009-12-17 David GoldenUpdated Module::Build to 0.35_15
2009-12-17 David GoldenUpdated Module::Build to 0.35_14
2009-12-17 Chris WilliamsUpdated CPANPLUS to cpan release 0.90
2009-12-17 Jan DuboisImplement win32_isatty()
2009-12-16 Jan Dubois-t should only return TRUE for file handles connected...
2009-12-16 AbigailDocument issues when using named captures in combinatio...
2009-12-16 Rafael Garcia... Fix casting warnings
2009-12-16 Gerard GoossenAdd a test that "eval" does not create additional refer...
2009-12-16 Gerard GoossenStore the PL_compcv instead of the the PL_comppad in...
2009-12-16 Alex Daviestweak to pp_ctl.c gives smaller object code
2009-12-16 Jesse VincentUpdate File::Copy tests to skip on OpenBSD, as it mount...
2009-12-15 Tim BunceAllow override of PERL5OPT etc in t/TEST
2009-12-15 Rafael Garcia... Don't make C<use legacy> die on unknown legacy names
2009-12-15 Zefram[perl #22977] Bug in format/write
2009-12-15 Zefram[perl #68640] Wrong error for undef constant name
2009-12-15 Karl Williamsonmore regex folding tests
2009-12-14 Father Chrysostomos[perl #70171] 5.10.0 -> 5.10.1 Regression in fafafbaf70...
2009-12-14 Michael Breenfix bug 67156: overload: nomethod(..., '!') return...
2009-12-14 Gene Sullivan[perl #71204] suppresses 'Use of uniniti...
2009-12-14 Reini Urbancygwin IPv6 since 1.7
2009-12-14 Father Chrysostomos[perl #70764] $' fails to initialized for pre-compiled...
2009-12-14 Craig A. BerryFix compile failure introduced in 37e2e78edfe0a224b8a61...
2009-12-13 Reini UrbanEliminate OP_SETSTATE from cop.h header
2009-12-13 Rafael Garcia... Make new is_utf8_X_* functions public
2009-12-12 Rafael Garcia... Doc nits
2009-12-12 Rafael Garcia... Merge commit 'khwilliamson/x' into blead
2009-12-10 Jesse VincentNotes on why PathTools is in Cwd/
2009-12-10 Jesse VincentUpdate Cwd / PathTools to 3.31 to get us a non-devel...
2009-12-10 Jesse VincentUpdated to Pod::Simple 3.11 from CPAN [perl #71004]
2009-12-10 Chris WilliamsUpdate CPANPLUS to cpan version 0.89_12
2009-12-10 Chris WilliamsUpdate Archive::Extract to cpan version 0.36
2009-12-09 Jan DuboisOS/2 doesn't support inplace editing without backups
2009-12-09 Reini UrbanUpdated docpointer for illguts
2009-12-09 ZeframFix for [perl #70910] wrong line number in syntax error...
2009-12-08 Andy DoughertyMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2009-12-08 Andy DoughertyDocument config_args limitations reported in [perl...
2009-12-08 Gerard Goossenproper error on "grep $x (1,2,3)". Solves [perl #37314]
2009-12-08 Tony Cook[perl #70802] -i'*' refuses to work
2009-12-08 Bramundef $! before running the errno tests
2009-12-08 Ricardo Signeslegalize =begin foo bar
2009-12-08 Ricardo Signesmore aggressively deprecate L<section> and L<"section">
2009-12-08 Ricardo Signesremove prohibition against L<text|href>
2009-12-08 Rafael Garcia... Add latest test file to MANIFEST
2009-12-08 Chip Salzenbergutf8cache test: Hugo asks, and I provide. Merry Christmas
2009-12-08 Jan DuboisThrow away uncleanable scopes when exiting a pseudo...
2009-12-07 Rafael Garcia... The deep arrays for testing ~~ were not deep enough
2009-12-07 Rafael Garcia... Fix a test that wasn’t testing was it purported to...
2009-12-07 Father Chrysostomos[perl #71076] sort with active sub (5.10 regression)
2009-12-07 Rafael Garcia... Allocate the right HV
2009-12-07 Rafael Garcia... Fix [perl #71078] Smart match against @_ gives false...
2009-12-07 Chip SalzenbergMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2009-12-07 Tony CookFix for 7baa4690 breakage of threaded builds.
2009-12-06 Jesse VincentImport ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.55_03 from CPAN