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2021-10-23 James E KeenanMerge branch 'fix-grammar' into blead
2021-10-23 Robert Rothenberglib/ remove obscure wording in POD
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansPrepare Module::Corelist for 5.35.6
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansBump version to 5.35.6
2021-10-21 Leon Timmermansnew perldelta for 5.35.6
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansTick off 5.35.5 from release schedule
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansAdd epigraph for 5.35.5
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansAdd 5.35.5 to perlhist v5.35.5
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansUpdate perldelta for 5.35.5 release
2021-10-21 Leon TimmermansUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.35.5
2021-10-21 Tomasz Konojackiinline.h: _BitScanForward64 is available only on 64...
2021-10-21 Tomasz Konojackiinline.h: remove superfluous Visual C++ version checks
2021-10-20 Leon TimmermansRevert "Introduce a "declaration after statement" into...
2021-10-20 Leon TimmermansAdd dropping old MSVC++ (pre-VC12) to perldelta
2021-10-20 Nicholas ClarkPerl_newHVhv should use share_hek_hek() instead of...
2021-10-20 Nicholas ClarkFix the build and tests when NODEFAULT_SHAREKEYS is...
2021-10-20 Nicholas ClarkPerl_newHVhv() did not correctly copy hashes with non...
2021-10-20 Nicholas Clarkhv_delete_common() must not call GvAV() on a non-GV
2021-10-20 Dagfinn Ilmari... op.c: use %zd to format PADOFFSET values
2021-10-20 Leon TimmermansAdd NetWare removal to perlport
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansAdd to mailmap
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansUpdate Encode to 3.16
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansUpdate Scalar-List-Util to 1.60
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansUpdate experimental to 0.025
2021-10-19 Leon TimmermansUpdate Test-Simple to 1.302188
2021-10-19 Steve HayRemove old MSVC++ (pre-VC12) support from Windows Makefiles
2021-10-19 Tony Cookdon't overwrite the faked up type details for hv-with-aux
2021-10-19 Nicholas Clark`for my($k, $v) (%hash)` should not be a syntax error
2021-10-18 Nicholas Clarkfor CORE::my $var (...) {} is legal syntax, hence test it
2021-10-18 Tony Cookadd customized entries for the latest Memoize changes
2021-10-18 Sergey PoznyakoffFix Memoize tests, where GDBM_File is involved
2021-10-18 Dan Bookperlop - clarify that hyphens are interpreted literally...
2021-10-15 Tomasz Konojackiinstall libgdbm and libdb in GitHub Actions
2021-10-15 Tomasz Konojackidisable LeakSanitizer in GitHub Actions
2021-10-15 Ricardo SignesMerge branch 'pp_iter' into blead
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkPod improvements suggested by Matthew Horsfall 18925/head
2021-10-15 Nicholas Clarkfor my ($foo,,, $bar) { ... } should parse as ($foo...
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkTest next, continue and redo with n-at-a-time for loops
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkNote why this if block in pp_iter is empty
2021-10-15 Nicholas Clarkperldelta for n-at-a-time for loops.
2021-10-15 Nicholas Clarkn-at-a-time for loops now warn by default (as 'experime...
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkAdd a new warning experimental::for_list.
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkMove reading CxTYPE(cx) out of the loop, to be clear...
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkB::Deparse now handles n-at-a-time for.
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkB::Concise now handles n-at-a-time for.
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkRegression tests and documentation for n-at-a-time...
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkImplement n-at-a-time for loops.
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkGenerate the optree for n-at-a-time for loops.
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkIterate for loops $n-at-a-time in PP_ITER.
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkRe-indent the case statement in pp_iter, ready for...
2021-10-15 Nicholas ClarkTests for existing for loop optrees.
2021-10-14 Sergey PoznyakoffGDBM_File: Implement crash-tolerance and export/import...
2021-10-13 James E KeenanMerge branch 'perlbug-string-3' into blead
2021-10-13 James E KeenanSend bugs to GitHub 19181/head
2021-10-13 Karl Williamsonperlhacktips: Fix typo
2021-10-13 Nicholas ClarkAdd a section to INSTALL describing that we now rely...
2021-10-13 Nicholas Clarkperldelta for C99 support
2021-10-13 Nicholas ClarkDevel::PPPort shouldn't unconditionally -Wdeclaration...
2021-10-13 Nicholas ClarkIntroduce a "declaration after statement" into inline.h
2021-10-13 Nicholas ClarkUpdate README.win32 to the new C99/MSVC 12.0 requirements
2021-10-13 Nicholas ClarkNote how best to confirm that other C99 features can...
2021-10-13 Nicholas ClarkUpdate perlhack with details of the C99 features we...
2021-10-13 Nicholas should not add -std=c99 if -std=gnu99 is...
2021-10-13 Nicholas ClarkTest declarations after statement in Configure's C99...
2021-10-13 Nicholas ClarkTeach Configure and cflags.SH about C99
2021-10-13 Richard Leachpp_match: remove is_utf8_string check, used by removed...
2021-10-12 Nicholas ClarkLeave the checkout `fetch-depth` at its default (1... 19153/head
2021-10-12 Nicholas ClarkA CI test that manicheck reports no errors on a clean...
2021-10-12 Nicholas ClarkA CI test that manicheck has no errors after `git clean...
2021-10-12 Nicholas ClarkAdd CI tests for `make distclean` and Porting/manicheck
2021-10-12 Nicholas Clarkmanicheck now optionally exits non-zero if it finds...
2021-10-12 Nicholas ClarkIn manicheck be explicit that the code is stripping...
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkEliminate more uses of `XPVHV* xhv;` to cache `(XPVHV...
2021-10-11 Nicholas Clarkperldelta entry describing the HvAUX struct move to...
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkRe-reading HvAUX(hv) is no longer necessary
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkSplit the XPVHV body into two variants "normal" and...
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkChange S_new_body to static inline, and use it instead...
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkMove variables in Perl_sv_clear() to a tighter scope.
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkRename HE_SVSLOT to HE_ARENA_ROOT_IX
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkInline S_hv_auxinit_internal() into S_hv_auxinit()
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkDelete the do_aux code from S_hsplit()
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkNo need to set dest->xhv_rand in S_hsplit() called...
2021-10-11 Nicholas ClarkInline the xhv_aux struct in the main hash body
2021-10-10 Dan Kogaicpan/Encode: synch with CPAN 3.15
2021-10-10 Hugo van der... Whitespace only: reindent #if 0 block
2021-10-09 James E KeenanMerge branch 'perlbug-string-2' into blead
2021-10-09 James E KeenanBetter email address for Perl 5 Porters 19180/head
2021-10-09 James E KeenanWe're Perl 5 Porters
2021-10-09 James E KeenanRetain original whitespace, per rjbs review
2021-10-09 James E KeenanSend bug reports to GitHub
2021-10-09 James E KeenanMerge branch 'allocation-too-large-gh-17867' into blead
2021-10-09 James E KeenanRemove documentation of previously removed warning 19175/head
2021-10-09 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Fix grammar
2021-10-08 Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove NetWare support
2021-10-07 David Mitchelladd OPpUSEINT op_private flag bit
2021-10-07 Chris 'BinGOs... Update HTTP-Tiny to CPAN version 0.078
2021-10-07 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Digest to CPAN version 1.20
2021-10-07 Chris 'BinGOs... Storable is 3.25 on CPAN
2021-10-07 Chris 'BinGOs... IO is 1.48 on CPAN
2021-10-07 Dan Kogaicpan/Encode: synch with CPAN 3.13