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2010-08-20 Florian Ragwitz Bump the version of Module-CoreList in
2010-08-20 AbigailMention Florian under THE KEEPERS OF THE PUMPKIN
2010-08-20 Florian Ragwitzupdate TOC and perldelta references
2010-08-20 Florian Ragwitzretitle perl5134delta.pod
2010-08-20 Florian Ragwitzcreate perl5135delta.pod
2010-08-20 Florian RagwitzAdd 5.13.4 epigraph
2010-08-20 Florian RagwitzDisable regeneration of regcharclass.h on win32 v5.13.4
2010-08-20 Florian RagwitzAdd 5.13.4 to perlhist
2010-08-20 Florian RagwitzUpdate Module::Corelist for 5.13.4
2010-08-20 Florian RagwitzUpdate Changes for 5.13.4
2010-08-20 Florian RagwitzBump the perl version to 5.13.4
2010-08-20 Florian RagwitzImprove perldelta formatting
2010-08-20 Florian RagwitzFinish up perl5134delta
2010-08-20 Jan DuboisFix stack corruption by unsupported filetests
2010-08-20 Florian RagwitzWe break Switch
2010-08-19 Florian RagwitzHTML::Parser is fixed already
2010-08-19 Florian Ragwitzperldelta t/re/overload.t
2010-08-19 Florian RagwitzAdd t/re/overload.t to MANIFEST
2010-08-19 Florian Ragwitz*.t and don't need to be executable
2010-08-19 Florian RagwitzTest for +x bits for all the files in exec-bit.txt
2010-08-19 Florian RagwitzMake everything exec-bit.txt lists executable
2010-08-19 Steve PetersSilence a warning in time64.c. Need to downgrade a...
2010-08-19 Steve PetersMoved prototype check to XS code, allowing the .pm...
2010-08-19 AbigailAdded a test for bug #77084.
2010-08-19 Steve PetersSome nits picked on the 5.13.4 delta.
2010-08-19 Florian RagwitzUpdate META.yml
2010-08-19 Florian RagwitzPorting/mergelog is no more
2010-08-19 Florian RagwitzCoreList, not Corelist
2010-08-19 Florian RagwitzGet perl5134delta into a mostly finished state
2010-08-18 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to 41f69a9
2010-08-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Revert "Version bump Module-CoreList to 2.37 for a...
2010-08-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Version bump Module-CoreList to 2.37 for a CPAN release
2010-08-18 Florian RagwitzEnsure Filespec wont't show up in Module::Corelist
2010-08-18 Florian RagwitzThere never was a `'
2010-08-18 David Mitchellfix 'might be used uninitialized' in PerlIO_tmpfile
2010-08-18 David Mitchellfix 'might be used uninitialized' in S_regmatch
2010-08-18 Florian RagwitzIt's `VMS::Filespec', not `Filespec'
2010-08-18 Florian RagwitzIgnore xsubpp temp files
2010-08-18 Florian RagwitzMake perl is not enough
2010-08-18 Steve PetersMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://stevep@perl5.git.perl...
2010-08-18 Steve PetersMake I18N::Langinfo::langinfo take $_ as an argument...
2010-08-18 Florian RagwitzKarl convinced me this isn't revelant
2010-08-18 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to ff7894f
2010-08-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Archive-Tar to CPAN version 1.68
2010-08-18 Florian RagwitzNote the HTML::Parser breakage
2010-08-18 Florian RagwitzIgnore *.old files
2010-08-18 Florian RagwitzSteal some rewording from perl5122delta
2010-08-18 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to a8a2f4f
2010-08-17 George GreerRe-sort MANIFEST and use tabs for new entry.
2010-08-17 Andy ArmstrongMake sure the stack is balanced in the case that we...
2010-08-17 Jerry D. HeddenMove to lib/ to fix autosplitter problem
2010-08-17 Nicholas ClarkFix building with PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT defined.
2010-08-17 Nicholas ClarkAdd an -X option to to show how XSUBs...
2010-08-17 Florian Ragwitzperldelta Eric's lvalue/TARG changes
2010-08-17 Florian RagwitzRemove DATE section from README.aix
2010-08-16 Florian RagwitzPERL_API_* doesn't need to be maintained manually
2010-08-16 Florian RagwitzRelease managers need to be careful in INSTALL
2010-08-16 Florian RagwitzUpdate INSTALL regarding binary compatibility
2010-08-16 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to d5da2b2
2010-08-16 Florian RagwitzBump $feature::VERSION
2010-08-16 Nicholas ClarkOnly copy op.c to opmini.c if op.c is a symlink, else...
2010-08-16 Nicholas ClarkUse a loop to generate the Makefile rules for opmini...
2010-08-16 Nicholas ClarkFor both opmini.o and perlmini.o define PERL_EXTERNAL_G...
2010-08-16 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to b474a1b
2010-08-16 Chris 'BinGOs... Corrected typo in documentation for glob().
2010-08-16 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Test-Harness to CPAN version 3.22
2010-08-16 Nicholas ClarkRemove compile-time conditionals from PVIV and PVNV...
2010-08-16 Zeframfix [perl #74118] $[ assignment not noisy enough
2010-08-16 Florian RagwitzRemove MacOS 9 support code from XS-APItest
2010-08-15 Florian RagwitzRevert "Make the peep recurse via PL_peepp"
2010-08-15 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to a98d1b3
2010-08-15 Chris 'BinGOs... Fix the overload tests marked as TODO in 22afb09b13a6dc...
2010-08-15 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to 2be7097
2010-08-15 Florian RagwitzAdd a note on API versions for release managers
2010-08-15 Nicholas ClarkRemove the vestigial my_safe{calloc,malloc,free} macros...
2010-08-15 Nicholas ClarkRemove the unused new_X*V and del_X*V macros from sv.c
2010-08-15 Nicholas ClarkNote the e-mail address Robin Barker used in db7198b53d...
2010-08-14 Slaven Rezic[perl #72588] t/op/mkdir.t fails, setting LC_ALL=C...
2010-08-14 Robin BarkerRT #74436: [PATCH] Add -Wwrite-strings
2010-08-14 Chas. OwensRT #77150: perlre documentation issue and possible fix
2010-08-14 Chris 'BinGOs... Made a number of tests TODO in lib/overload.t due to...
2010-08-14 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Test-Simple to CPAN version 0.96
2010-08-14 Nicholas ClarkProperly reinstate space optimisations to SV body struc...
2010-08-14 Jan DuboisAdd Wolfram Humann to AUTHORS
2010-08-14 Wolfram Humannmake string-append on win32 100 times faster
2010-08-13 Tony CookPOSIX/t/posix.t expects a certain start to Makefile.PL
2010-08-13 Tony Cooktwo of my patches had a bad From, teach checkAUTHORs...
2010-08-13 Tony populates @INC correctly, don't override...
2010-08-13 Tony needs to be installed in lib before SDBM_File...
2010-08-13 Karl Williamsonuse charnames (); fails
2010-08-13 Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: tweak amount of testing of CJK chars
2010-08-13 Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Change message to fit in 80 columns
2010-08-13 Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: Guard agains empty lines in __DATA__
2010-08-13 Karl Williamsoncharnames.t: use srand's seed
2010-08-13 Eric BrineFix untimely destruction introduced by lvalue ops ...
2010-08-13 Eric BrineTODO tests for untimely destruction introduced by lvalu...
2010-08-13 Eric BrinePure Perl lvalue subs can't return temps, even if they...
2010-08-13 Eric BrinePure Perl lvalue subs can't return temps, even if they...
2010-08-12 David GoldenAdd perldiag entry for invalid version object
2010-08-12 David GoldenRemove invalid version object from diag.t exceptions