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2019-06-24 David MitchellMake op_free() non-recursive
2019-06-24 David Mitchellscalarvoid(): remove anti-recursion deferring
2019-06-24 Tony Cookperldelta for 9918f0bc5148
2019-06-24 Tony Cook(perl #134189) handle no gcc, but cc is clang
2019-06-23 Craig A. BerryMake -Duse64bitint the default on VMS.
2019-06-23 Craig A. BerryBegin restore of case sensitive symbols on VMS
2019-06-23 Craig A. BerryFix Unix-format path in Devel::PPPort's Makefile.PL
2019-06-21 Nicolas RRevert previous changes to pod/perl5311delta.pod
2019-06-21 Nicolas RTemporary bump PPPort to 3.54 before next release
2019-06-21 Nicolas Rignore macOS .DS_Store files
2019-06-21 Nicolas RFix unused variable warning in 5.30
2019-06-21 PaliFor gcc compiler enable compile warnings
2019-06-21 PaliUpdate NEED_* list in
2019-06-21 PaliRemove old #define NEED_vnewSVpvf
2019-06-21 PaliDevel::PPPort: Implement newSVsv_nomg()
2019-06-21 PaliDevel::PPPort: Implement SV_NOSTEAL for sv_setsv_flags()
2019-06-21 PaliFix processing ERRSV and croak_sv
2019-06-21 PaliGenerate Makefile dependences for ppport.h, PPPort...
2019-06-21 PaliAdd mktests.PL to MakeMaker's PL_FILES
2019-06-21 Karl Remove special case
2019-06-21 Karl WilliamsonUse latest blead embed.fnc
2019-06-21 Karl Don't store non-public functions
2019-06-21 Karl Add required line to generated apidoc.fnc
2019-06-21 Karl doc elements may have lead/trail space
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: A char* should be a U8*
2019-06-21 PaliAvoid usage of PL_Sv if possible
2019-06-21 PaliFix gv_fetchpvn_flags
2019-06-21 PaliDefine more API functions as macros
2019-06-21 PaliFix compilation of uv for Perl 5.5.3
2019-06-21 PaliFix utf8_to_uvchr_buf()
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: Use D_PP_ prefix for internal symbols
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: White-space changes only
2019-06-21 Karl WilliamsonIssue #72 utf8_to_uvchr fails for 5.6.0
2019-06-21 Karl WilliamsonIssue #71: Overflow failures with <= 5.8.6
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: Add some UNLIKELY()s
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: Use IV_MAX instead of PERL_INT_MAX
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: Combine two preprocessor directives onto...
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: Comments only
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: Add two tests of overlongs
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: Skip only some tests on early perls
2019-06-21 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/uv: Improve diagnostic test name
2019-06-21 Karl WilliamsonMove declaration to before code, so can work on C89...
2019-06-21 Nicolas Rdist target now depends on manifest
2019-06-21 Karen Etheridgefix dist/Module-CoreList/t/maintainer.t by filling...
2019-06-21 Karen Etheridgebump this version check for now, to get tests passing
2019-06-21 Karen Etheridgeupdating perldelta not needed here
2019-06-21 Karen Etheridgeadd explicit command to do a clean build
2019-06-21 Karen Etheridgeupdate Module::CoreList for 5.031002
2019-06-21 Karen Etheridgeupdate Module::CoreList to be ready for 5.31.2 changes
2019-06-21 James E KeenanRun regen/ to increment $VERSION in lib/B...
2019-06-21 James E KeenanAdd two entries to pod issues database
2019-06-21 Chris 'BinGOs... Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
2019-06-20 Karen EtheridgeRMG improvements
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeadd epigraph for 5.31.1
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgefix template for next major release
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgetick off 5.31.1 release
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgebump version to 5.31.2
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgegenerate new perldelta
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeadd new release to perlhist v5.31.1
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgefix podcheck errors for broken links
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgefinalize perldelta
2019-06-20 Karen EtheridgeUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.31.1
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeadd missing MANIFEST entry for new file
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeremove unused perldelta sections
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeperldelta entry for 21af3a5205
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeperldelta entry for 82b53111b2
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeperldelta entry for c8b94fe036
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeperldelta entry for 790ba7215e
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeperldelta entry for da5a0da22e
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeperldelta entry for ba77fc5964
2019-06-20 Andreas Koenig[PATCH] Updates to ANDK/CPAN-2.27-TRIAL2.tar.gz
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgeignore unwanted files copied from cpan repository
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgecommit (possibly outdated?) TODO file from cpan repository
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgewhitespace changes only
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgebump reference date in cross-compilation docs
2019-06-20 Karen Etheridgewhitespace changes only
2019-06-19 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix perldelta typo
2019-06-19 Steve Hayperldelta for 79c32fc288
2019-06-19 Tony Cookperldelta for 1a1d29aaa2e0, 22f05786af0b, d8422270033e
2019-06-19 Tony Cook(perl #134193) make the varname match the %[+-] names
2019-06-19 Tony Cook(perl #134193) allow %{^CAPTURE} to work when @{^CAPTUR...
2019-06-19 Vickenty Fesunov%{^CAPTURE_ALL} was intended to be an alias for %-...
2019-06-19 Tony Cookperldelta for 79e302e6c3f8, 3121d45269f9, f83193f25095
2019-06-19 Tony CookManuel Mausz is now a perl author
2019-06-19 Manuel MauszAdd test for perl #134169
2019-06-19 Manuel Mausz(perl #134169) mg.c reset endptr after use
2019-06-19 PaliDocument SvTRUEx() macro
2019-06-19 Tony Cookperldelta for bc26d2e6b287
2019-06-18 Tony Cook(perl #133936) make send() a bit saner
2019-06-18 Steve HayThe Windows CE Chainsaw Massacre
2019-06-17 Tony Cookperldelta for a8e0c1fd5ade
2019-06-17 Tony Cook(perl #133989) scalar() the argument to readline, if any
2019-06-17 Tony CookMichael Haardt is now perl author
2019-06-17 Michael HaardtIncrease cpp macro space for HP-UX 11.00 ANSI compiler
2019-06-17 Tony Cookperldelta for f1000aa2d58f, 229dff1ea726, 1d9630e7857d
2019-06-16 Tony Cook(perl #133936) document differences between IO::Socket...
2019-06-16 Tony Cookbump $IO::VERSION
2019-06-16 Tony Cook(perl #133936) ensure TO is honoured for UDP $sock...
2019-06-13 Tony Cookperldelta for 368ac47cccd4
2019-06-13 Tony Cook(perl #134035) ensure sv_gets() handles a signal handle...