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2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosDisallow GIMME in ext/
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosIncrease $VMS::DCLsym::VERSION to 1.06
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosIncrease $Safe::VERSION to 2.39
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosRemove bogus ST(0) assignment from DCLsym.xs
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosRemove bogus GIMME check from DCLsym.xs
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosUse GIMME_V in POSIX
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosUse GIMME_V in Opcode
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosSafe Changes update
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosPropagate context properly in Safe->reval
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosUse GIMME_V in arybase
2014-12-21 Father ChrysostomosUse GIMME_V in Data::Dumper
2014-12-21 Max MaischeinMissed the %deprecated entry in Module::CoreList
2014-12-21 Max MaischeinBump version number to 5.21.8
2014-12-21 Max MaischeinCreate new perldelta
2014-12-21 Max MaischeinUpdate epigraphs.pod
2014-12-20 Max MaischeinMerge branch 'release-5.21.7' into blead
2014-12-20 Max Maischeinadd new release to perlhist v5.21.7
2014-12-20 Max MaischeinUpdate perldelta
2014-12-20 Max MaischeinUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.21.7
2014-12-20 Father ChrysostomosSkip multideref for PL_check[OP_HELEM] tinkering
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomosdump.c: Suppress extra sigils in multideref dump
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomosdump.c:unop_aux_stringify: Use newSVpvn_flags
2014-12-20 Father ChrysostomosAllow multideref for $x[CONST->$*]
2014-12-20 Father ChrysostomosAllow multideref for $x[($pkg)]
2014-12-20 Father ChrysostomosFix assertion failure with $x[CONST->[0]]
2014-12-20 Father ChrysostomosFix assertion failure with $x[($_)]
2014-12-20 Father ChrysostomosAllow multideref for $x[($lex)]
2014-12-20 Hugo van der... protect RExC_naughty changes behind macros
2014-12-20 Tony CookPerlIO::scalar: skip the 4GB seek test if off_t is...
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomos01234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123458] list cx re::regexp_pattern($nonre)
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomosuniversal.c:re_regexp_pattern: Mention GIMME_V once
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomospp_sys.c:pp_readdir: Call GIMME_V just once
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomospp_ctl.c: Only do GIMME_V once in pp_caller
2014-12-20 Father ChrysostomosUse GIMME_V in preference to GIMME
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomoswantarray.t: $got before $expected
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomoswantarray.t: Test logops at sub exit
2014-12-20 Father Chrysostomoswantarray.t: Remove unused var
2014-12-19 David Mitchellfix integer overflow in S_regpiece().
2014-12-19 David Mitchellfix integer overflow in S_study_chunk().
2014-12-19 David Mitchellfix integer overflow in S_study_chunk().
2014-12-19 David Mitchellfix integer overflow in S_scan_commit().
2014-12-19 David Mitchelladd asan_ignore - which errors to ignore
2014-12-19 David Mitchellop.c: better casting fix
2014-12-19 David Mitchellfix a couple of win32 op.c warnings
2014-12-19 David MitchellODBM: fix a compiler warning.
2014-12-19 David MitchellNDBM: silence 'unused var' warnings x 2
2014-12-19 David MitchellB.xs: remove redundant assignment
2014-12-19 David MitchellExtUtils::Embed: silence test warning
2014-12-19 Father ChrysostomosAlso allow /\N{}/
2014-12-18 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 1e2dd519
2014-12-18 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 3b91d897
2014-12-18 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 1f3063473
2014-12-18 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 9d52f6f3f87
2014-12-18 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 84ee769f11
2014-12-18 Karen Etheridgeinclude reference to; refer to the module...
2014-12-18 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 1.09
2014-12-18 Tony Cookperldelta for 696efa16de2c
2014-12-18 Tony Cookfix PerlIO::scalar get_cnt when the file position is...
2014-12-18 Father Chrysostomosregen pod issues
2014-12-18 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123417] Allow lexer to parse \N{U+dotted.hex}
2014-12-17 Tony Cookperldelta for 63d073d27fe5, 1d050e5534ce
2014-12-17 Tony Cookdon't allow a negative file position on a PerlIO::scala...
2014-12-17 Tony Cook[perl #123443] avoid overflowing got into a negative...
2014-12-17 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Filter::Util::Call to CPAN version 1.51
2014-12-17 Father ChrysostomosSort perldiag
2014-12-17 Father Chrysostomosperldelta typos
2014-12-17 Father ChrysostomosFix bad read in pad.c:cv_undef
2014-12-17 David Mitchellimprove xs_handshake() diag message
2014-12-17 David Mitchellxs_handshake(() clean up desciption
2014-12-17 Aaron CraneTemplate::Declare's tests now pass under 5.22-to-be
2014-12-17 David MitchellRemove duplicate apidoc entries
2014-12-17 David Mitchellupdate perldelta for UNOP_AUX and OP_MULTIDEREF
2014-12-17 David MitchellINSTALL: warning text has changed
2014-12-17 Father ChrysostomosDeparse constant Perl subs
2014-12-17 Craig A. BerryVMS does have fsync, so configure accordingly.
2014-12-17 Craig A. BerryClean up VMS includes in ext/Errno/Errno_pm.PL.
2014-12-17 Craig A. BerryObsolete workaround in ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/Makefile.PL.
2014-12-16 Father ChrysostomosAdd Template::Declare to perl5220delta
2014-12-16 David MitchellStorable.xs: introduce SEEN*_NN
2014-12-16 David Mitchellperldiag.pod: fix typo
2014-12-16 David Mitchelltoupper/lower: avoid sign warnings
2014-12-16 kmx[perl #123436] installperl patch related to $Config...
2014-12-16 kmx[perl #123438] Wrong comment style in win32/win32.h
2014-12-16 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123020] Scalar cx for lhs of void (...)x...
2014-12-16 Father ChrysostomosDon’t ignore rv2gv when deparsing readline
2014-12-16 Father ChrysostomosDeparse: Restore proto checks for coderef2text
2014-12-16 Father Remove obsolete comment about globals
2014-12-16 Craig A. BerrySkip obsolete skip in io_xs.t.
2014-12-16 Tony Cookperldelta for 3f6e436ff088
2014-12-15 Daniel Dragandocument + improve ancient optimization in ParseXS
2014-12-15 Father ChrysostomosDeparse: Stop =~ QR_CONST from dropping flags
2014-12-15 Father ChrysostomosAdd B::REGEXP::compflags
2014-12-15 Father Two more matchwords
2014-12-15 Father Chrysostomosdeparse-skips.txt: op/getpid.t fails
2014-12-15 Father Chrysostomosdeparse-skips.txt: More passing tests
2014-12-15 Father ChrysostomosDeparse system-BLOCK correctly
2014-12-15 Father Chrysostomosdeparse-skips.txt: eval tests pass
2014-12-15 Father Chrysostomosdeparse-skips.txt: Skip reason for op/each.t
2014-12-15 Father Chrysostomospp_readline: Don’t set PL_last_in_gv to &PL_sv_undef