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2009-11-20 Nicholas ClarkMerge %apidocs and %gutsdocs into $docs{api} and $docs...
2009-11-20 Moritz LenzClarify docs for implicit "next" on all "when" blocks
2009-11-20 Rafael Garcia... Missing static storage class for some new static functions
2009-11-20 Nicholas ClarkFix up the NAME in perl5112delta.pod
2009-11-20 Nicholas ClarkAlways bless filehandles into IO::Handle:: - don't...
2009-11-20 Chris WilliamsUpdated Module::CoreList Changes etc for a CPAN release
2009-11-20 Leon Brocardcreate perl5113delta
2009-11-20 Leon BrocardFix perldelta_template extension
2009-11-20 Leon BrocardTiny English fix
2009-11-20 brian d foy* Note that unlink sets $! on failure.
2009-11-20 brian d foy* Fixing inconsistent use of tabs in perlfunc. Now...
2009-11-20 brian d foy* FAQ sync for Nov blead release
2009-11-19 brian d foy* Fixed sort example using =(\d+)
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardMerge branch 'blead' of ssh:// v5.11.2
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardModule::CoreList updated for the real 5.11.2, including...
2009-11-19 Nicholas ClarkConvert the shell pipeline for the list of committers...
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardThe lexer API is very exciting, but only mention it...
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardRun Porting/podtidy
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardAdd details of module updates
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardDelete a few more sections
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardDelete sections, add a bunch more
2009-11-19 H.Merijn BrandMerge branch 'blead' of
2009-11-19 H.Merijn BrandSync AUTHORS and Porting/ with Changelogs
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardMention how to generate stats for the Acknowledgements
2009-11-19 Frank WiegandFix POD: C<...->...> => C<< ...-> ... >>
2009-11-19 David GoldenUpdated Module::Build to 0.35_09
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardFill in some details about the release
2009-11-19 Leon BrocardTweak tense, remove double spaces
2009-11-19 Chris WilliamsBump version of Module::CoreList to 2.23
2009-11-19 Nicholas ClarkAbolish xio_lines from struct PVIO - store IoLINES...
2009-11-19 Nicholas ClarkPVIOs don't use the SvIVX slot.
2009-11-19 Zeframlexer API fixes
2009-11-19 Zeframminitest fixes
2009-11-18 Leon BrocardAdd a few more distribution versus module name exceptions
2009-11-18 Leon BrocardMerge branch 'blead' of ssh://
2009-11-18 Leon BrocardAdd the 5.11.2 release
2009-11-18 Vincent Pit{camel,dromedary} names are gone, so update...
2009-11-18 Leon BrocardModule::CoreList updated for 5.11.2
2009-11-18 Leon BrocardFix two spelling errors
2009-11-18 Leon BrocardBump 5.11.1 -> 5.11.2 in all sorts of places it's ...
2009-11-18 Chris WilliamsUpdated CPAN path for Module::CoreList in
2009-11-18 Leon BrocardFix minor typo in comment
2009-11-18 Nicholas ClarkSkip the scope name checks if PL_scopestack_name is...
2009-11-18 Nicholas ClarkPL_scopestack_name needs to be present, -DDEBUGGING...
2009-11-18 Chris WilliamsUpdate CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to cpan version 0.44
2009-11-18 Nicholas ClarkCorrect the arguments to MBTest->tmpdir() to reflect...
2009-11-18 David GoldenUpdated Module::Build to 0.35_08
2009-11-17 AbigailTypo fix
2009-11-17 Nicholas ClarkCorrectly check that functions flagged as documented...
2009-11-17 Nicholas ClarkCorrect the flags for 3 functions that don't actually...
2009-11-16 Jan DuboisRemove dead preprocessor code from toke.c
2009-11-16 Jan DuboisFix crash in refactored lexer internals
2009-11-16 Gerard Goossenadd op class assertions to newXXXOP functions
2009-11-16 David GoldenDocument SIGPIPE when printing to closed socket
2009-11-16 Jesse VincentPatches to Encode 2.38 to match current test layout
2009-11-16 Jesse VincentUpdated Encode to CPAN release 2.38
2009-11-15 Chris WilliamsUpdate CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to cpan version 0.42
2009-11-15 Chris WilliamsUpdate IPC::Cmd to cpan version 0.54
2009-11-15 Nicholas ClarkInline PL_no_symref_sv into its users. Deprecate the...
2009-11-15 Nicholas ClarkInline PL_no_symref into pp_entersub. Deprecate the...
2009-11-15 Zeframlexer API
2009-11-15 Nicholas ClarkMake the style of pad_add_name's flags consistent with...
2009-11-15 Nicholas ClarkChange S_pad_check_dup()'s arguments from char*/STRLEN...
2009-11-15 Nicholas ClarkConvert pad_check_dup() to static linkage, and call...
2009-11-15 Nicholas ClarkRefactor common code paths from Perl_pad_add_name(...
2009-11-15 David GoldenChange perl -v version format
2009-11-15 Rafael Garcia... Performance optimisation in assert, suggested by Tim...
2009-11-15 Vincent PitTeach B::Deparse about in-place reverse
2009-11-14 Chris WilliamsUpdated File::Fetch to cpan version 0.22
2009-11-14 Rafael Garcia... Include legacy.t in the maintainance list
2009-11-14 Rafael Garcia... POD fixes and typos
2009-11-14 Karl Williamsonadd code for Unicode semantics for non-utf8 latin1...
2009-11-14 Graham BarrUpdate to Scalar-List-Utils-1.22 from CPAN
2009-11-14 Steve HayRevert core fixes for IO-Compress following IO-Compress...
2009-11-14 Paul Marquess[PATCH] IO-Compress 2.022
2009-11-13 Jan DuboisSupport $! stringification of socket error codes on...
2009-11-13 Jerry D. HeddenFix compiler warning:
2009-11-13 Jerry D. HeddenFix compiler warnings:
2009-11-13 Jerry D. HeddenFix compiler warnings:
2009-11-13 Jerry D. HeddenFix compiler warning:
2009-11-13 Jerry D. HeddenFix compiler warning:
2009-11-13 Chris WilliamsUpdated IPC::Cmd to cpan release 0.52
2009-11-13 Gerard GoossenTest for a bug in sort where the elements are freed...
2009-11-13 Daniel Frederick... Refactor and expand unshift.t
2009-11-13 Father Chrysostomos[perl #70337] perldiag: localtime(...) too large
2009-11-13 Jan Duboisflock() on Windows should set proper errno numbers.
2009-11-13 Jan Duboisflock() should return EWOULDBLOCK instead of EAGAIN.
2009-11-13 Jan DuboisPL_scopestack_name needs to be copied in perl_clone()
2009-11-13 Gerard GoossenMake win32_start_child responsible for cleaning all...
2009-11-12 Craig A. Berry1 is a magic number to C's exit() and Perl_my_exit().
2009-11-12 Chris WilliamsUpdated CPANPLUS to cpan version 0.89_09
2009-11-12 David E. WheelerBring Pod::Simple up to 3.10
2009-11-12 Jan DuboisPL_scopestack_name is only defined in DEBUGGING perl
2009-11-12 Nicholas ClarkAs our $_; is forced into main::, it should warn as...
2009-11-12 Nicholas ClarkExplicitly check that our $_; is special, and forced...
2009-11-12 H.Merijn BrandSorry, missed a "
2009-11-12 H.Merijn BrandHP-UX does not accept UTC0UTC, because there is no...
2009-11-12 Gerard GoossenAdd line information to jumplevel debug information
2009-11-12 Gerard GoossenAdd missing LEAVE to universal.c sv_does
2009-11-12 Gerard GoossenAdd missing LEAVE to POSIX.xs sigaction