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2007-11-09 Nicholas ClarkFollowing change 31410, also re-align the column title.
2007-11-09 Nicholas ClarkNote that investigating PADTMP hash pessimisation is...
2007-11-09 Jos I. BoumansCPANPLUS::Dist::Build 0.06_02
2007-11-09 Jos I. BoumansCPANPLUS 0.083_09
2007-11-09 Rafael Garcia... Update to 1.9204
2007-11-09 Rafael Garcia... A couple of bite-sized TODO for the pod/* tools
2007-11-09 Rafael Garcia... Remove old directions for reusing across...
2007-11-09 Dave MitchellMust remember to proof-read my comments before committi...
2007-11-09 Dave Mitchell[perl #47233] Core dump caused by goto
2007-11-08 Nicholas ClarkRemove CLONE_SKIP (5.8.7). Remove -dt (5.8.6, and Brain...
2007-11-08 Steve HayA minor correction to perl5100delta
2007-11-08 Nicholas ClarkAdd UNITCHECK to the list of keywords in pl2pm
2007-11-08 Rafael Garcia... Increment some numbers.
2007-11-08 Jan DuboisRE: Change 32238: "Bake" the values of PERL_REVISION...
2007-11-08 Jerry D. HeddenBug fix for storing shared objects in shared structures
2007-11-08 Nicholas ClarkOne definite grammar fix, and one sort-of-grammar fix...
2007-11-08 Rafael Garcia... INSTALL updates: note that usemymalloc isn't always...
2007-11-07 Nicholas Clark"Bake" the values of PERL_REVISION, PERL_VERSION and...
2007-11-07 Nicholas ClarkFix up copyright years for files modified in 2007.
2007-11-07 Rick DelaneyRe: [perl #47195] $1 suddenly tainted after regexp...
2007-11-07 Dave MitchellDisable debugging output in PerlIO_teardown;
2007-11-07 Jan DuboisErroneous binmode() call in
2007-11-07 Jos I. BoumansRe: 5.10.0 test hangs on non internet access
2007-11-07 Nicholas ClarkNote that there is common code in installperl and insta...
2007-11-06 Rafael Garcia... Found by Juerd, don't document that \w, \s and \d don...
2007-11-06 Nicholas ClarkAdd a TODO test for bug #47195
2007-11-06 Sébastien Aperghis... Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/constant-1.12.tar.gz
2007-11-06 John E. MalmbergVMS.C misc fixes, including vms_realpath fixes
2007-11-05 Nicholas ClarkAdjust the skip count for t/io/dup.t for the -Uuseperli...
2007-11-05 Nicholas ClarkAs reported in bug #46207, change 30633 to PerlIO_expor...
2007-11-05 Nicholas ClarkAllow (pedantically correct) C pre-processor comments...
2007-11-05 Sébastien Aperghis... Another small patch for Sys::Syslog
2007-11-04 Sébastien Aperghis... Re: (perl-current of 5.9.5) patch for ext/Sys/Syslog...
2007-11-04 Rafael Garcia... Update Term::UI to 0.18
2007-11-04 Craig A. BerryRoll back #32214 as it causes more failures than it...
2007-11-04 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade CPANPLUS to 0.83_08
2007-11-04 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to File::Fetch 0.13_02
2007-11-03 Dave Mitchellmake PERLSYS_TERM not require a context
2007-11-03 Jarkko HietaniemiRe: building mod_perl-2.0.3 with Perl 5.10.0 (DEVEL32096)
2007-11-03 Rafael Garcia... Based on a patch by John E. Malberg: make
2007-11-02 Dave Mitchell[perl #47045] CLONE_SKIP doesn't result in undef copies
2007-11-02 Rafael Garcia... Make installman work with -Duserelocatableinc and DESTDIR
2007-11-02 Dave Rolsky- Update Time::Local to latest version
2007-11-02 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to cperl-mode 5.23
2007-10-31 Nicholas ClarkNow that ExtUtils::ParseXS requires 5.006, we can repla...
2007-10-31 Paul MarquessDB_File
2007-10-31 Rafael Garcia... Revert #32197, should not be needed anymore since the...
2007-10-31 Rafael Garcia... Fix (or hide?) a case of memory corruption with \K...
2007-10-31 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.21
2007-10-30 Rafael Garcia... Mention and new v-string portability warning in
2007-10-30 Jarkko HietaniemiRe: configure failed in tru64
2007-10-30 Craig A. BerryTypo in comment in 32201.
2007-10-30 Charles BaileyRe: copyright notices for vms.c and vmsish.h
2007-10-29 Rafael Garcia... Leopard has more standard /etc/passwd files than previous
2007-10-27 lemkemch@t... Re: Perl 5.10.0 getting close: please test
2007-10-27 Thomas Pfauproblem with MAKE_EXT.COM
2007-10-27 Rafael Garcia... Band-aid to get xs.t working. Need to check that make...
2007-10-27 Father ChrysostomosRe: [PATCH] perlfunc/perldiag errors
2007-10-26 Craig A. BerryIn the revised Module::Build, don't create temp directories
2007-10-25 Craig A. BerryPlatform-neutral quoting in optree_misc.t.
2007-10-25 Craig A. BerryCopy Win32 system() behavior on VMS and make a first...
2007-10-25 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Module::Build 0.2808_01
2007-10-25 H.Merijn BrandEmergency fix for /tmp dir cleanup's for smokers.
2007-10-25 Andy Dougherty(Was Re: [PATCH] FreeBSD atoll() warning)
2007-10-25 John PeacockBring core into compliance with CPAN release
2007-10-25 Rafael Garcia... Bump version of IPC::Cmd
2007-10-25 John E. Malmbergpatch@32181 IPC::Cmd fix for VMS.
2007-10-24 David LandgrenFile::Path 2.02
2007-10-24 Peter Dintelmannwarning from ext/Hash/Util/FieldHash/t/02_function.t
2007-10-24 John E. Malmbergpatch@32181 patches for VMS
2007-10-24 Rafael Garcia... Fix an off by one error, found by valgrind
2007-10-24 David Landgrendocumentation typo for Text::Wrap
2007-10-23 Andy DoughertyRe: [perl #46725] v5.10.0 util.c and pp_sys.c fail...
2007-10-23 Ricardo SIGNEShostname.t busted
2007-10-23 Rafael Garcia... Typos and other doc nits. Plus, de-alpha the version...
2007-10-23 Rafael Garcia... A couple of updates to perl5100delta
2007-10-23 Nicholas ClarkSilly Nick. If you see a nextstate op, then it may...
2007-10-23 Craig A. BerryFile::Find::_find_dir nit for VMS, plus version bump.
2007-10-23 Craig A. BerryMake the File::Find tests stay under t/ where they
2007-10-22 Andy DoughertyFreeBSD atoll() warning (Was Re: Code freeze
2007-10-22 Andy Doughertyperltodo.pod: Add more detail about @INC order.
2007-10-22 Nicholas ClarkSQL::Translator triggered a subtle piece of wrongness...
2007-10-22 Nicholas ClarkNote Jarkko's URL about MSVC and __FUNCTION__-a-like.
2007-10-22 Jos I. BoumansUpdate Log::Messge::Simple to 0.04 (was: Re: Code freeze)
2007-10-22 Nicholas Clarkhv_iterkeysv() actually creates a mortal SV for every...
2007-10-22 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_mro_isa_changed_in(), no need to call an RVALUE...
2007-10-22 Nicholas ClarkS_mro_get_linear_isa_c3() doesn't need to call hv_fetch...
2007-10-22 Rafael Garcia... Mention perlcommunity.pod, plus some typo fixes
2007-10-22 Marcus Holland... Fix a typo (pport -> ppport).
2007-10-22 Nicholas ClarkB::Concise was failing an assertion on index "foo"...
2007-10-22 Rafael Garcia... There's no point in empty TODO sections
2007-10-22 Rafael Garcia... Mention B::COP::hints_hash method
2007-10-22 Rafael Garcia... Newest things to put in perldelta
2007-10-22 Rafael Garcia... Add -Duse32bit* in perltodo
2007-10-22 Rafael Garcia... Regenerate Changes
2007-10-22 Rafael Garcia... More delta info from Perl 5.9.5
2007-10-21 Rick DelaneyRe: overload64.t failures
2007-10-21 Rafael Garcia... More perldelta entries from perl 5.9.4, plus some reord...
2007-10-21 Rafael Garcia... More perldelta entries from 5.9.3
2007-10-21 Rafael Garcia... Changes from perl 5.9.2