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2010-08-12 David GoldenImprove diag.t to detect BADVERSION diagnostics
2010-08-12 H.Merijn BrandAccount for GNU "i" extension when checking 'nm' output.
2010-08-12 Nicholas ClarkConvert int.t to (and hence produce better...
2010-08-11 Father ChrysostomosRT #75468: readline ignores <> overloading when arg...
2010-08-11 Father Chrysostomos[perl #75904] \$ prototype does not make a unary function
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonop.h: Move bits around to allow for future growth
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonregexp.h: Move bits around
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonop.h, regexp.h: renumber shifts.
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonop_reg_common.h: Continue refactoring
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonregexp.h: Nit in comments
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonop_reg_common.h: Move things around
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonop_reg_common.h: Refactor variable for safety
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonregexp.h, op.h: decouple mostly from op_reg_common.h
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonop.h: Fix error msg
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonregexp.h: Fix error check to use correct offset
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: Document subtlety in Unicode
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: Fix typo
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonperlglossary: Add defn for "code point"
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonperlunifaq: Note: \d, \D do not have Unicode bug
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonperlunicode.pod: Elaborate unicode bug for POSIX
2010-08-11 Rafael Garcia... Revert "perlunicode.pod: Elaborate unicode bug for...
2010-08-11 Karl Williamsonperlunicode.pod: Elaborate unicode bug for POSIX
2010-08-11 Karl Note unicode_strings is not complete
2010-08-09 Karl Williamsonperlrepository.pod: Elaborate -a, -m
2010-08-09 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 0.56
2010-08-07 Jan DuboisDefine _USE_32BIT_TIME_T for VC6 and VC7
2010-08-06 Jan DuboisDon't mention Activeware Perl versions
2010-08-06 Jan DuboisDrop references to obsolete MinGW 1.x (gcc 2.95)
2010-08-06 Jan DuboisPlatform name is Windows, not Win32
2010-08-03 Leon BrocardPodtidy perlrepository.pod
2010-08-02 H.Merijn BrandC89 doesn't allow static dynamic initialization of...
2010-08-02 Chris 'BinGOs... Updated Unic0de-Collate to CPAN version 0.55
2010-08-02 Craig A. BerryClose the tempfile in caller.t
2010-08-02 David CantrellAdd tests for Tie::ExtraHash
2010-08-02 David CantrellFix file name in comment
2010-08-02 Karl Williamsonperlhack: Note existence of t/lib/warnings
2010-08-02 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Note Devel::PPPort has duplicated macros
2010-08-01 David Mitchellclarify when HV backref is in magic
2010-08-01 David Mitchellstop after first del_backref
2010-08-01 David Mitchelloptimise single backreferences
2010-08-01 David Mitchellrefactor Perl_sv_add_backref
2010-08-01 David MitchellDEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS: add sv_debug_parent
2010-08-01 George GreerChange spaces to tabs for t/op/tie_fetch_count.t in...
2010-07-31 Florian RagwitzAdd t/op/tie_fetch_count.t to MANIFEST
2010-07-31 David GoldenMore release manager updates from 5.13.3 release notes
2010-07-30 David Goldenrevert epigraphs.pod note in release manager's guide
2010-07-30 David GoldenUpdate release managers guide with notes from 5.13...
2010-07-30 David GoldenImprove Porting/
2010-07-30 David add --who to list unique authors
2010-07-30 Rafael Garcia... Make new tie test less noisy
2010-07-30 Karl WilliamsonAdd new hdr op_reg_common to Makefile.SH
2010-07-30 AbigailTests to check if FETCH of a tied variable isn't called...
2010-07-29 David MitchellPeek.t: better identify failing tests
2010-07-29 David MitchellDump didn't display CVf_ISXSUB flag
2010-07-29 David MitchellPerl_do_sv_dump didn't increase nesting for magic
2010-07-29 David MitchellPerl_do_sv_dump: alert when skipping elements
2010-07-29 David Mitchellexpand the xhv_backreferences code notes
2010-07-29 David Mitchellre-apply some xhv_backreferences notes and stuff
2010-07-29 David MitchellRevert "process xhv_backreferences early in S_hfreeentries"
2010-07-29 David MitchellRevert "make it an error to look for magic hv backref"
2010-07-29 Father Chrysostomos... Hash assignment can zap weak references to the hash
2010-07-29 Karl WilliamsonRefactor common parts of op.h, regexp.h into new .h
2010-07-29 Karl Williamsonext/B/defsubs_h.PL: teach to allow exprs with <<
2010-07-29 Karl Teach to handle wider range of exprs
2010-07-29 Karl Williamsonext/B/defsubs_h.PL: add explanatory comment
2010-07-29 Karl Williamsondefsubs_h.PL: Use correct variable in error msg
2010-07-29 Karl Williamsonregexp.h: Add some comments
2010-07-29 Karl Williamsonop.h: Fix comments in #defines that cross lines
2010-07-28 Nicholas ClarkMake srand() return "0 but true" for 0, for backwards...
2010-07-28 Rafael Garcia... Add a test for srand's return value
2010-07-28 Karl Williamsonsrand: change to return its seed
2010-07-28 Chip Salzenbergremove misleading comment about CXINC; it's fine
2010-07-28 Chip SalzenbergRevert "Fix off-by-one: avoid allocating an extra context"
2010-07-28 Chip SalzenbergFix off-by-one: avoid allocating an extra context
2010-07-27 Florian RagwitzBump $ExtUtils::ParseXS::VERSION to non-dev version
2010-07-27 Florian RagwitzMove ExtUtils::ParseXS from cpan/ to dist/
2010-07-27 Rafael Garcia... Document in perldelta Karl's work I just merged
2010-07-27 Rafael Garcia... Merge remote branch 'khwilliamson/ncharnames' into...
2010-07-27 Karl WilliamsonChange function signature of grok_bslash_o
2010-07-27 Karl WilliamsonCorrect pod in numeric.c
2010-07-27 Karl WilliamsonCorrect comment in toke.c
2010-07-27 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: correct comments
2010-07-27 Karl WilliamsonMark grok_bslash functions as intfce changeable
2010-07-27 George GreerKeep test output pretty by actually using skip_all...
2010-07-27 George GreerMSWin32's "-x" checks file extension, so it isn't usefu...
2010-07-27 George GreerAdd filename with spurious +x bit to diag in t/porting...
2010-07-26 Florian RagwitzBump $ExtUtils::ParseXS::VERSION
2010-07-26 Florian RagwitzMove B::Lint from cpan/ to dist/
2010-07-26 Florian Ragwitzperldelta up to d6fa5a34
2010-07-26 Nicholas ClarkResort MANIFEST.
2010-07-26 Lubomir RintelRestore errno if signal handler changes it
2010-07-26 Florian RagwitzCheck API compatibility when loading xs modules
2010-07-26 Florian RagwitzUpdate AUTHORS
2010-07-26 Florian RagwitzMore perldelta
2010-07-26 Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯clarify how to enable -DPERL_USE_SAFE_PUTENV
2010-07-26 Ævar Arnfjörð... perlhack: Add -Dusedevel to gcov Configure line
2010-07-26 Ævar Arnfjörð... gitignore: Ignore gcov files
2010-07-26 Chris 'BinGOs... Updated Archive-Tar to CPAN version 1.66
2010-07-26 Florian RagwitzAdd ext/XS-APItest/t/peep.t to MANIFEST
2010-07-26 George GreerRT#75762: In CURLYX->CURLYM optimization, check before...