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2010-06-07 Father Chrysostomosglob crashes when %File::Glob:: is empty
2010-06-07 Karl Williamsonperlhack: Add reference to TAP for test protocol
2010-06-07 Karl Williamsonperlhack: fix formatting issues
2010-06-07 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: uniprops.t take advantage of EBCDIC
2010-06-06 David Mitchellreduce size of regmatch_state.u.curlyx by 2 words
2010-06-06 David Mitchellmicro-optimise a bit of trie code
2010-06-06 Nicholas ClarkTest the return value of push and unshift.
2010-06-06 Nicholas ClarkConvert tiearray.t to
2010-06-05 Karl WilliamsonChange regexec.c to use new foldEQ functions
2010-06-05 Karl WilliamsonChange name of ibcmp to foldEQ
2010-06-05 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: further doc tweaks
2010-06-05 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Modify doc comment; change whitespace
2010-06-05 Karl WilliamsonRevamp ibcmp_utf8 for performance and clarity
2010-06-05 Karl WilliamsonClarify some documentation
2010-06-05 David Mitchellsilence some warnings in hv.c
2010-06-05 David Mitchelladd handy note on vtable fields
2010-06-05 David Mitchellupdate Perl_magic_methcall description
2010-06-04 David Mitchellfix for RT #8438: $tied->() doesn't call FETCH
2010-06-04 Craig A. BerryAvoid overflow warning in chop.t.
2010-06-04 David Mitchellfix indendation of DM_* flag definitions
2010-06-04 David Mitchellexpress DM_[GU]ID flags in terms of components
2010-06-04 David Mitchellrename DM_ARRAY flag to DM_ARRAY_ISA
2010-06-04 David Mitchellbelatedly add a test for RT #51636:
2010-06-04 David MitchellRevert "Re: [perl #51636] segmentation fault with array...
2010-06-04 David Mitchellthreads::shared: veto signal despatch if locked
2010-06-04 David Mitchelladd PL_signalhook to hook into signal dispatch
2010-06-03 Rafael Garcia... Do not advertise Math::TrulyRandom, which hasn't been...
2010-06-03 Craig A. BerryRemove extraneous semicolon from OP_PRIVATE_ONCE.
2010-06-03 Vincent PitDeprecate find_rundefsvoffset()
2010-06-03 Vincent PitThe UNDERBAR macro should use find_rundefsv() as well
2010-06-03 Vincent PitMake pp_reverse fetch the lexical $_ from the correct pad
2010-06-01 AbigailSkip two Japhs that use the fact that split in void...
2010-06-01 Slaven RezicDocument IO::Socket getsockopt and setsockopt
2010-05-31 Tony Cookmove the fresh_perl() tests above the environment tests
2010-05-31 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: teach diag.t new warning function names
2010-05-31 H.Merijn BrandState the requirement of a C89 compliant ANSI C-compiler
2010-05-31 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_pad_add_name(), use sv_upgrade() directly rathe...
2010-05-31 Nicholas ClarkReorder the entry for die, moving discussion of the...
2010-05-31 Tony Cookhandle perl extended utf8 start bytes
2010-05-31 Father Chrysostomos[perl #70075] no 6; broken
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #75138] "\c`" -> " "
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonDocument tricks, work-arounds for user-defined casing
2010-05-30 Jerry D. HeddenUn-TODO a threads-shared test that now passes
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonAdd mktables option for development use
2010-05-30 Karl Williamsonmktables -- don't create Names table unless asked
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonFix priority of suppressed vs. explicitly output
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonRemove obsolete comment
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonGenerate simple case folding tables only if asked
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonAdd comment about objaddr in mktables
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonUse in-line 'no overloading' for speed
2010-05-30 Karl WilliamsonDon't require doubled backslashes in perldiag.pod
2010-05-30 Nicholas ClarkEliminate some newSV(0)s by merging the SV allocation...
2010-05-30 Nicholas ClarkOnly allocate entries for @_ when the subroutine is...
2010-05-29 Nicholas ClarkFix the regexp in t/porting/args_assert.t, and add...
2010-05-29 Nicholas ClarkProperly free paren_name_list with its regexp.
2010-05-29 Karl WilliamsonClarify that count is bytes not unicode characters
2010-05-29 Karl WilliamsonDisplay characters as Unicode for clarity
2010-05-29 Karl WilliamsonAdd tested for corrupted regnode
2010-05-29 Karl WilliamsonUse sizeof instead of hard-coded array size
2010-05-29 Karl WilliamsonTypo
2010-05-29 Nicholas ClarkWhen assigning to $^P, don't zero $DB::single, $DB...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkMigrate most other op_private to name conversion into...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_op_dump(), move calls to append_flags()...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkAdd C_ARRAY_END(), returning a pointer to after the...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_op_dump(), reorder the ops within the if...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_sv_dump(), use append_flags() for PVCV,...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_sv_dump(), for PVCV and PVFM, test for SvCOM...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_do_op_dump(), move runs of op_private name...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkCreate S_append_flags() from a common code pattern...
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkInPerl_boot_core_UNIVERSAL() use a data structure for...
2010-05-28 Salvador Ortiz... Naif calls segfault T_PRTOBJ of the stock typemap
2010-05-28 Nicholas ClarkAdd simple_bitmask and varies_bitmask to globvar.sym.
2010-05-27 Nicholas ClarkConvert REGNODE_{SIMPLE,VARIES} to a bitmask lookup...
2010-05-27 Nicholas ClarkChange to 0-based indexing for its arrays...
2010-05-27 Nicholas ClarkEncapsulate lookups in PL_{varies,simple} within macros...
2010-05-27 Nicholas ClarkGenerate PL_simple[] and PL_varies[] with
2010-05-27 Nicholas ClarkRe-work the regcomp.sym to remove use of hard tabs...
2010-05-27 Nicholas ClarkCorrect the node numbers in comments.
2010-05-27 Nicholas ClarkRemove stray tab character in definition for VERB.
2010-05-27 George GreerFix clang "incompatible operand types" error in ternary...
2010-05-26 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: user defined special casing for non utf8
2010-05-25 Karl WilliamsonChange a few tests to use new EBCDIC stuff
2010-05-25 Karl WilliamsonAdd functions to for easier EBCDIC testing
2010-05-25 Nicholas ClarkFix CLONE/weakref bug revealed by adf8f095c5881bce.
2010-05-25 H.Merijn BrandUpdate rsync sources in perlhack
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd the perl equivalent for av_make.
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd the Perl equivalent for av_len.
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd a missing comma in the av_fill() docs.
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishClarify the av_fetch() documentation.
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd Perl equivalent for av_exists().
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd a Perl equivalent to av_delete().
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishAdd the Perl equivalent example to av_clear.
2010-05-25 Shlomi FishLink from GIMME_V to perlcall for a usage example.
2010-05-25 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: correct misstatement, formats in perlunicode
2010-05-25 Nicholas ClarkFix for typo in 0824d66743a706cd, in the expected outpu...
2010-05-25 David Mitchelladd OPpDEREFed flag to avoid double mg_get()
2010-05-25 Father Chrysostomos... Deref ops ignore get-magic when SvROK(sv)
2010-05-25 Father ChrysostomosJust the tests from a proposed fix for 68192
2010-05-25 Karl WilliamsonReplace wrong tr/// table in perlebcdic.pod
2010-05-25 Karl WilliamsonRemove unused, wrong #define in utf8.h