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2015-03-05 Steve Hayperldelta for previous commit (threads upgrade)
2015-03-05 Jerry D. HeddenUpgrade to threads 1.98
2015-03-05 Karl Williamsonlib/Config.t: Skip tests that are invalid on os390
2015-03-05 Karl Williamsont/comp/require.t: No longer needed to skip on EBCDIC
2015-03-05 Karl Williamsont/uni/write.t: Don't skip EBCDIC tests
2015-03-05 Karl Williamsont/lib/warnings/utf8: Update skip message
2015-03-05 Karl Williamsont/ EBCDIC, utf8 fixes
2015-03-05 Karl Williamsonlib/Unicode/UCD.t: Fixes to work on EBCDIC
2015-03-05 Karl Williamsonlib/open.t: Fix skip count
2015-03-05 Karl WilliamsonData::Dumper/t/dumper.t: Fix comments
2015-03-05 Rafael Garcia... readline should behave as <>, not <<>>
2015-03-05 David Mitchellsprinkle NOTREACHED and FALLTHROUGH
2015-03-05 David Mitchellpp.c: remove unneeded SPAGAIN's
2015-03-05 David Mitchelldocument why S_maybe_multideref is Coverity-safe
2015-03-04 David Mitchellfollowup for MEM_WRAP_CHECK
2015-03-04 David Mitchellfurther tweak MEM_WRAP_CHECK()
2015-03-04 Jarkko HietaniemiConsistently use NOT_REACHED; /* NOTREACHED */
2015-03-04 Steve HayUpgrade Text-Balanced from version 2.02 to 2.03
2015-03-04 Steve Haythreads is no longer customized, as of commit c0ff91434b
2015-03-04 Steve Haythreads is no longer customized, as of commit c0ff91434b
2015-03-04 Jerry D. HeddenUpgrade to threads 1.97
2015-03-04 Jarkko HietaniemiIRIX: floating point: do not flush to zero
2015-03-03 David MitchellMake MEM_WRAP_CHECK more compile-time
2015-03-03 Jarkko HietaniemiTru64: living dangerously, enabling the -c99 flag for cc
2015-03-03 James E KeenanRemove unused variable $DEBUGGING.
2015-03-02 Sullivan BeckBump Locale-Codes from 3.33 to 3.34
2015-03-02 David Mitchellregen uconfig.h
2015-03-02 Jarkko HietaniemiConfigure: add note about nvsize sometimes lying
2015-03-02 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123960] sv.c: Fix gp_free -Do output
2015-03-02 Tony Cookperldelta for b6bba8869651
2015-03-02 Tony Cook[perl #123947] deparse $#_ as $#_ not as $#{_}
2015-03-02 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123849] sv.c: Fix sv_clear -Do output
2015-03-02 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123955] Fix assert fail with 0 s/// in quotes
2015-03-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123848] Allow OPpTARGET_MY on qr
2015-03-01 Father Chrysostomosop.c apidoc typo
2015-03-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123821] Fix assert fail with \(&$0)=0
2015-03-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123817] Assert fail with attr in anon hash
2015-03-01 Father Chrysostomosop.c: Remove redundant op_lvalue call
2015-03-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123802] Assertion failure with "\L\L"
2015-03-01 Father Chrysostomost/op/lex.t: Correct bug num
2015-03-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123763] Clear target on my $_; split
2015-03-01 Father ChrysostomosTest for split after my $_ [perl #123763]
2015-03-01 Hugo van der... [perl #123763] pushre needs to permit OPpTARGET_MY
2015-03-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123802] Assertion failure with /$0{}/
2015-02-27 Jarkko Hietaniemiinfnan: NV_MANT_REAL_DIG is unused
2015-02-27 David Mitchellfix to "fix op leak caused by OP_MULTIDEREF"
2015-02-27 Karl WilliamsonRevert "perlpod and spec: s/Latin-1/CP-1252/"
2015-02-27 Ricardo Signesperlpod and spec: s/Latin-1/CP-1252/
2015-02-27 Jarkko HietaniemiNo Scalar::Util under fresh miniperl.
2015-02-27 Jarkko Hietaniemiinfnan: one should not define NV_NAN from NV_SNAN
2015-02-27 Jarkko Hietaniemiinfnan: drop NV_QNAN and NV_SNAN
2015-02-26 David Mitchelldo_op_dump(): handle unknown op_private enums
2015-02-26 David Mitchellinit a var in sv_clear() to keep Coverity happy.
2015-02-26 David Mitchellfix op leak caused by OP_MULTIDEREF
2015-02-26 David Mitchellrestate -Dx dumping top-level subs
2015-02-26 Jarkko Hietaniemiinfnan: salvage some docs from the too-late nan work
2015-02-26 Tony Cookperldelta for ed38223246c0
2015-02-26 Tony Cook[perl #123202] speed up scalar //g against tainted...
2015-02-25 Jarkko HietaniemiMissing Configure messages.
2015-02-24 Petr Písařlib/h2ph.t to test generated t/ instead...
2015-02-24 Jasmine Nganfix some spurious PERL_UNUSED_ARG/VAR() usage
2015-02-24 David Mitchellsilence some compiler warnings.
2015-02-23 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Getopt-Long to CPAN version 2.45
2015-02-23 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123801] Stop s##[}#e from crashing
2015-02-23 Father Chrysostomosparser.h: Make nexttoke unsigned
2015-02-22 Steve HayTest-Simple PR#494 was merged; t/Legacy/exit.t is no...
2015-02-22 Steve HayRemove three Test-Simple files which are no longer...
2015-02-22 Steve Hayblead doesn't include cpan/perlfaq/inc/
2015-02-22 Steve HayPod::Parser is no longer customized in blead, since...
2015-02-22 Father Chrysostomos[perl #123893] Fix hang with "@{"
2015-02-21 Karl Williamsonperlrebackslash: Amplify and correct \b{sb}, \b{wb}
2015-02-21 Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: \R could be inside a [...]
2015-02-21 Karl Williamson\s matching VT is no longer experimental
2015-02-21 Karl Williamsoncharclass_invlists.h: Add regen entry
2015-02-21 Karl Williamsonperlunitut, perlreref: Nits
2015-02-21 Steve HayBump $VERSION in CPAN modules changed since 5.21.9
2015-02-21 Steve HayUpgrade CPAN from version 2.05 to 2.09-TRIAL
2015-02-21 Steve HayPorting/bump-perl-version: No need to try other maps...
2015-02-21 Steve HayModule-CoreList-5.20150220 is now on CPAN
2015-02-21 Steve HayOne $VERSION bump missed by 2f553ae1e1
2015-02-21 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Getopt-Long to CPAN version 2.44
2015-02-21 Lukas Maiadd missing infnan context under thread/quadmath builds
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xtweak version number of Module::CoreList
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xadd some dummy entries to Module::CoreList for 5.21.10
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xadded link to announcement
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xnew delta for 5.21.10
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xadd my epigraph, tick 5.21.9 release
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xadd new release to perlhist v5.21.9
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xfinalize perldelta and Module::CoreList updates
2015-02-21 Sawyer Xfix typos
2015-02-21 Sawyer XUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.21.9
2015-02-21 Ricardo Signespodcheck: accept links to autobox
2015-02-21 Sawyer XUpdate perldelta
2015-02-20 Karl Williamsonpp_pack.c: Silence compiler warning
2015-02-20 Sawyer Xupdate perldelta for some modules and pragmas upgrades
2015-02-20 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for e47d32dcd and d27f4b91 / #123712
2015-02-20 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for parser crashes
2015-02-20 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for df442ae4d / #123466
2015-02-20 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 2f465e08e / #123652
2015-02-20 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Add assertion