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2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/inctools: Add sort fcn of API lines
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Convert to use parse_version
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/inctools: Add fcn to return integer version
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/inctools: Rewrite parse_version
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/parse_version: Call fcn to not duplicate...
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonSort a bunch of outputs in dictionary order
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonExtract duplicate common subs into common file
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonUpdate minimum perl version to 5.003_07
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Prototypes differing only in pTHX_
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Note the functions that are special
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Move some includes to earlier
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonPPPort_pm.PL: Add/fix comments, pod
2019-09-27 Karl Add pod/usage info
2019-09-27 Karl Don't try to install man pages
2019-09-27 Karl Don't die if make install returns >0
2019-09-27 Karl Add ability to build in parallel
2019-09-27 Karl Re-prompt if user typed wrong
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonHandle "literal string" args
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Special case things like _aTHX
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Add declarations for MY_CXT testing
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Handle macros with trailing '_'
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ A couple better diagnosics
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Add special parameter name 'block'
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Add white-space to m//x for readability
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Silence warnings on old perls
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Add a few comments; white-space
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Ignore some hard-to-handle functions
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ BOOTCHECK needs some declarations...
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ MULTICALL needs declarations to...
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Sort some lists
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ LC_NUMERIC manip requires a decl
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Fix up aTHX
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Handle const parameters
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Handle identifier containing 'const'
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ ignore duplicate function
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Misspelled intended lookbehind assertion
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Add comments, white-space, m//x
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Rename variables
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Normalize prototypes
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Yet another instance of an old flag
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/ Don't omit any fcns/macros in parsin...
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonapicheck_c.PL: Add detail to comment
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsondevel/ Add strict, warnings
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonAll entries in apidoc.fnc are documented
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsondevel/ Slight clean up
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsondevel/ Sort the apidoc macros by name
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsondevel/ White-space, comments only
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsondevel/ Skip irrelevant embed.fnc lines
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/apidoc.fnc: Update to latest blead
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonUpdate to latest blead embed.fnc
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/utf8: Don't use postfix for in D:P tests
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonparts/inc/utf8: blead still doesn't work
2019-09-27 PaliImplement sv_len_utf8_nomg() and sv_len_utf8()
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonHACKERS: Add info about Hints and Warnings
2019-09-27 PaliImplement SvIV_nomg(), SvUV_nomg(), SvNV_nomg() and...
2019-09-27 PaliFix eval_pv for Perl versions prior to 5.31.2
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonBackport PL_mess_sv
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonBackport foldEQ_utf8 using ibcmp_utf8
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonBackport is_utf8_invariant_string, is_invariant_string
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonBackport BOM_UTF8 REPLACEMENT_CHARACTER_UTF8
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonBackport isUTF8_CHAR
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonConsolidate UTF-8 functions/macros into new file
2019-09-27 PaliImplement sv_mortalcopy_flags()
2019-09-27 PaliImplement newSVsv_flags()
2019-09-27 PaliAdd tests for IVdf, UVuf, IV_MAX and UV_MAX
2019-09-27 Nicolas RFix several other implemented todo
2019-09-27 PaliEnable Perl compile-time warnings at all places
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonMakefile.PL: Fix so works on early perls
2019-09-27 PaliAdd required dependency for $(VERSION_FROM) target...
2019-09-27 PaliUse correct method for checking module version in Makef...
2019-09-27 PaliFix inclusion of META_MERGE in Makefile.PL
2019-09-27 PaliEnable warnings in Makefile.PL
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonUpdate HACKERS
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonHACKERS: Update
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonHACKERS: Add info about Hints and Warnings
2019-09-27 PaliDocument D_PPP_ prefix for macros
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Parenthesize param in macro expansion
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Remove duplicate macro expansion
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Clarify some comments
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonregcomp.sym Update and improve descriptions of some...
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonregen/ Rename variable
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonregen/, regcomp.sym: Comments
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonSilence verbatim line pod warning in perldebguts
2019-09-27 Karl WilliamsonAdd note to debugging output if regex already compiled
2019-09-27 Karl Williamsonperlrun: Note that -W can't be in PERL5OPT
2019-09-26 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Avoid compiler warnings for withinCOUNT()
2019-09-26 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Rmv duplicated assert in inRANGE()
2019-09-26 Karl Williamsonhandy.h Fix withinCOUNT() for > 32 bit operands
2019-09-25 David Mitchell[MERGE] little fixups to signature tweaks
2019-09-25 David Mitchellfix leak in APItest.xs
2019-09-25 David MitchellPerl_Slab_Alloc(): tweak logging
2019-09-25 David MitchellXS-APItest/t/subsignature.t: remove debugging code
2019-09-25 Karl Williamsont/lib/charnames/alias: Fix typo in comment
2019-09-25 Karl Williamsonutil.c: Missing semicolon with rarely used compile ops
2019-09-25 Karl Williamsont/harness: Clarify error message wording
2019-09-23 David Mitchell[MERGE] assorted su signature tweaks
2019-09-23 David Mitchellsub foo($_) {...} - change error message
2019-09-23 David Mitchellput signature ops in their own subtree.
2019-09-23 David Mitchellrpeep(): skip duplicate nextstates even with gaps
2019-09-23 David MitchellSignatures: change param count from IV to UV