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2016-12-05 David Mitchellyyparse: replace some gotos with a while(1) loop
2016-12-05 David Mitchelloptimising yyparse: avoid a < 0 check
2016-12-05 David Mitchelloptimising yyparse: replace stack_size with a ptr
2016-12-05 Yves Ortonmake sure that new heredoc parsing doesn't COW during...
2016-12-05 Yves Ortonfix sort order to be by key alone, not key and value
2016-12-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update bignum to CPAN version 0.44
2016-12-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Math-BigRat to CPAN version 0.260805
2016-12-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Math-BigInt-FastCalc to CPAN version 0.5002
2016-12-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Math-BigInt to CPAN version 1.999802
2016-12-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Test-Simple to CPAN version 1.302067
2016-12-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Reconcile Time-HiRes with CPAN release
2016-12-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Time-Local to CPAN version 1.25
2016-12-03 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 1.19
2016-12-03 Andy LesterMove miscategorized files.
2016-11-30 Petr PísařSilent const correctnes warnings in utf8_hop functions
2016-11-30 Petr PísařFix const correctness in utf8.h
2016-11-30 Petr PísařFix const correctness in hv_func.h
2016-11-30 David Mitchellsplit was leaving PL_sv_undef in unused ary slots
2016-11-30 Andy LesterRemove support for Splint static source code analyzer
2016-11-29 Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Improve test when NUL isn't a control
2016-11-29 Andy LesterA few small tweaks in time64.c
2016-11-29 Karl WilliamsonChange name of PL_ variable
2016-11-29 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #129953] lib/locale.t failures on FREEBSD
2016-11-29 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Add some comments
2016-11-29 Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Don't assume NUL is a control
2016-11-29 Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Improve skipping of incompatible locales
2016-11-28 Tony CookJ. Nick Koston is now a perl AUTHOR
2016-11-28 Tony Cookbump $Data::Dumper::VERSION and update Changes entries
2016-11-28 J. Nick Kostondist/Data-Dumper/ Reduce memory usage by...
2016-11-28 David Mitchellcrash on explicit return from s///e
2016-11-25 Aristotle Pagaltzisperlfunc/open: clarify role of mode for undef filename
2016-11-24 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Fix EBCDIC detection of above-31 bit code points
2016-11-24 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: White space only
2016-11-24 Karl WilliamsonSplit diagnostics for two UTF-8 malformations
2016-11-24 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Partially refactor to use table data
2016-11-24 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fix test
2016-11-24 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Comments only
2016-11-24 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Add some indentation to diagnositcs
2016-11-24 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Clarify warning message.
2016-11-24 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Simplify expression slightly
2016-11-24 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/handy.t: Output details if test fails
2016-11-24 David Mitchelladd comments explaining the point of SVf_PROTECT
2016-11-24 David shut up g++ compiler warning
2016-11-24 David Mitchelladd sv_set_undef() API function
2016-11-24 David Mitchellavoid premature free of referent in list assign
2016-11-24 Chris 'BinGOs... This one goes up to 11
2016-11-22 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Remove inappropriate pure attributes
2016-11-22 Andy LesterMake (P)ure funcs in embed.fnc imply (R)eturn must...
2016-11-22 Niko TyniConfigure: also zero out high bytes of 80-bit ldnan
2016-11-22 Niko TyniConfigure: fix garbage filtering with 80-bit long doubles
2016-11-21 Matthew HorsfallRecommend the quicker "make test_prep" for t/TEST usage.
2016-11-20 Chad GranumBump Module::CoreList version
2016-11-20 Chad GranumBump the perl version in various places for 5.25.8
2016-11-20 Chad Granumnew perldelta
2016-11-20 Chad GranumUpdate epigraphs and release schedule
2016-11-20 Chad Granumupdate t/porting/known_pod_issues.dat v5.25.7
2016-11-20 Chad GranumUpdate perlhist.pod for 5.25.7
2016-11-20 Chad GranumFinalize perldelta for 5.25.7
2016-11-20 Chad GranumUpdate Module::CoreLiast for 5.25.7
2016-11-20 Chad GranumFix Module-CoreList version info for 5.25.7
2016-11-20 Chad GranumFinal manual updates to perldelta
2016-11-20 James E KeenanCorrect one POD formatting error in perldelta.
2016-11-20 Karl Williamsonperldelta fixes from khw
2016-11-19 Chad GranumPerldelta updates in prep for tomorrows release
2016-11-19 Karl WilliamsonExtUtils::ParseXS: Rmv impediment to compiling under...
2016-11-19 Karl WilliamsonData-Dumper: Rmv impediment to compiling under C++11
2016-11-19 Karl WilliamsonStorable: Rmv impediment to compiling under C++11
2016-11-19 Karl Williamsonthreads.xs: Rmv impediment to compiling under C++11
2016-11-19 Karl WilliamsonTime-HiRes: Remove impediment to compiling under C++11
2016-11-19 Karl WilliamsonCwd: Remove impediment to compiling under C++11
2016-11-19 Aaron CraneMerge branch 'perlre-tidy' into blead
2016-11-19 Aaron Craneperlre: don't impugn the stability of all (?…) constructs
2016-11-19 Aaron Craneperlre: summarise full syntax for (?(cond)then|else...
2016-11-19 Aaron Craneperlre: minor wordsmithing, POD formatting tweaks, etc
2016-11-19 Aaron Craneperlre: regularise list items
2016-11-19 Aaron CraneDocument the package for $REGMARK and $REGERROR
2016-11-18 Karl WilliamsonChange white space to avoid C++ deprecation warning
2016-11-18 Dagfinn Ilmari... Use functions in t/op/groups.t
2016-11-18 Dan Collinst/op/groups.t: Add missing "nok 1"
2016-11-17 James E KeenanRemove code commented out since July 1996.
2016-11-17 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fix failing EBCDIC tests
2016-11-17 Karl WilliamsonAPItest/t/utf8.t: Fill in missing die() reason
2016-11-17 Karl Williamsonop/bop.t: Fix test failing on EBCDIC
2016-11-17 Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove spurious executable bit from Porting/
2016-11-17 James E KeenanAccount for possibility of DOS file endings.
2016-11-16 Matthew HorsfallTest descriptions should be one line or ./TEST chokes...
2016-11-16 David Mitchelloptimise $ref1 = $ref2 better
2016-11-16 David Mitchellperf/benchmarks: tidy scalar assign benchmarks
2016-11-15 Matthew HorsfallReport indented here-doc line errors correctly
2016-11-15 Nicolas RCleanup PERL_VERSION checks in .c files
2016-11-15 Tony CookRevert "Do not try to fchown() to uid -1 and gid -1."
2016-11-15 Tony Cookavoid a declaration conflict on El Capitan with recent...
2016-11-14 Karl WilliamsonFinish removing POSIX deprecated fcns
2016-11-14 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix error message for unclosed \N{ in regcomp
2016-11-14 Lukas Maitoke.c: remove obsolete comment
2016-11-14 Lukas Maiop.h: add parens around macro expansion
2016-11-14 Aaron Cranet/porting/regen.t: be even more helpful when tests...
2016-11-14 Dagfinn Ilmari... Document that symbols should be removed from metaconfig.h
2016-11-14 Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove all symbols from metaconfig.h
2016-11-14 Matthew HorsfallSilence deprecation warnings in tests