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2016-06-12 Father Chrysostomos[perl #128260] Fix \substr %h
2016-06-12 H.Merijn BrandUpdate the notes on Synology/DSM
2016-06-11 Father Chrysostomos[perl #128260] Fix lvalue cx for substr and vec
2016-06-11 Father Chrysostomosop.c: Factor out common code for potential lv cx
2016-06-11 Father ChrysostomosMake lv keys distinguish scalar/list cx properly
2016-06-11 Father Correct --no-module-tests example
2016-06-11 Lukas Maipod/*: remove deprecated L<"section"> and L<section...
2016-06-11 Lukas MaiREADME*: remove deprecated L<"section"> and L<section...
2016-06-11 Lukas Maiperldeltas: remove deprecated L<"section"> and L<sectio...
2016-06-11 Lukas Maihandy.h: remove deprecated L<"section"> syntax
2016-06-11 Lukas Maiperlsyn: remove deprecated L<"section"> syntax
2016-06-10 Yves Ortonfixup, guard av_top_index() for null RExC_warn_text
2016-06-10 Yves Ortonmove warning text to RExC_state (via RExC_warn_text)
2016-06-08 SandboxUpdates to ANDK/CPAN-2.14-TRIAL.tar.gz
2016-06-08 Yves Orton[perl #128313] Fix leak in perl 5.24 with strict and...
2016-06-08 Tony Cookperldelta for the 79881ad71252 merge
2016-06-08 Tony CookOnly produce perlio debug output when the -Di switch...
2016-06-08 Craig A. Berry(perl #127380) Update PERLIO_DEBUG documentation.
2016-06-08 Tony Cook(perl #127380) default PERLIO_DEBUG/-Di to use STDERR
2016-06-08 Tony Cook(perl #127380) add tests for -Di
2016-06-08 Tony Cook(perl #127380) only trace to $PERLIO_DEBUG if -Di is...
2016-06-08 Chad GranumUpdate to Test-Simple 1.302026
2016-06-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/todo.pod: refaliasing needs fixing still
2016-06-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/todo.pod: Suggest Deparse improvements
2016-06-07 David Mitchellop/lex_assign.t: fix intermittent failures
2016-06-07 Chris 'BinGOs... Fix Pod-Checker version
2016-06-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/todo.pod: Add note to ‘repack the optree’
2016-06-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/todo.pod: Hey, we have refaliasing
2016-06-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/todo.pod: Rmv ‘LVALUE functions for lists’
2016-06-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/todo.pod: Update file name in ‘truncate() proto...
2016-06-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/todo.pod: Point out problem with readpipe(LIST)
2016-06-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/todo.pod: Suggest documenting XS & lex subs
2016-06-07 Father ChrysostomosPorting/todo.pod: Delete strcat/strcpy test entry
2016-06-07 Tony Cookperldelta for 0a44e30b028e99
2016-06-07 Dan Collins[perl #127333] add warning for until(assignment)
2016-06-07 Tony Cookskip a Tets-Simple test that's leaking shm blocks
2016-06-06 Karl WilliamsonPorting/todo.pod: Don't need pod fixes anymore
2016-06-06 Andy LesterFix compiler warning -Wuninitialized
2016-06-06 Father ChrysostomosIncrease $XS::APItest::VERSION to 0.82
2016-06-06 Father ChrysostomosAdd intro_my to XS::APItest::lexical_import
2016-06-06 Tony Cook(perl #127993) test reporting of multiple conflict...
2016-06-06 Lukas Maiuse yyerror instead of croaking immediately (RT #127993)
2016-06-05 Dominic Hargreavesconstant: don't skip the E2BIG test on Hurd, but improv...
2016-06-04 Dominic Hargreavesconstant: skip E2BIG test on GNU/Hurd
2016-06-04 Lukas Maifix bogus "at end of line" error message for "my (my...
2016-06-04 Lukas Maispelling: s/delimeter/delimiter/
2016-06-03 Father Chrysostomos[perl #128307] Fix ‘foo ? require : bar’
2016-06-03 Father ChrysostomosDon’t use yyerror for each($scalar) experiment err
2016-06-02 Aaron CraneAdd Configure probe for strerror_l()
2016-06-02 Aaron CraneAdd Configure probe for querylocale()
2016-06-02 Aaron CraneRebuild Configure from current metaconfig
2016-06-02 Craig A. BerryGet EUMM basic.t passing again on Win32.
2016-06-01 Sawyer XRenée Bäcker will be doing the October release, 5.25.10
2016-06-01 Tony Cookallow ext/XS-APItest/t/win32.t to pass with both E...
2016-05-31 Father Chrysostomos[perl #128294] --no-module-tests
2016-05-30 Karl WilliamsonUnicode/UCD.t: better handling of errors
2016-05-30 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd an example of the '0x' string format.
2016-05-30 Samuel ThibaultModify hints for Hurd per Debian ticket 825020.
2016-05-30 Chad GranumUpdate Test-Simple in blead
2016-05-29 Father Chrysostomosop.c:S_my_kid: Remove obsolete comment
2016-05-29 Father Chrysostomos[perl #128266] libperl.t: Ignore $UNIX2003 suffix
2016-05-28 Dominic Hargreavesext/POSIX/t/sigaction.t: Skip uid and pid tests on...
2016-05-27 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Include tr// and y// detection
2016-05-27 Karl WilliamsonMerge branch to update Pod::Checker into blead
2016-05-27 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Use new Pod::Checker
2016-05-27 Karl WilliamsonUpdate Pod::Checker to CPAN version 1.72
2016-05-27 Karl WilliamsonSubject: Pod::Checker: convert files from DOS to unix
2016-05-27 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Move a declaration
2016-05-26 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Add shortcuts to some inversion list ops
2016-05-26 Karl Williamsonext/VMS-DCLsym/ Fix missing pod reference
2016-05-26 Karl WilliamsonDevel::Peek: Fix a couple of pod glitches
2016-05-26 Karl Williamsonporting/dual-life.t: Clarify test messages
2016-05-25 David Mitchellfix locale.c under -DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT(_PRIVATE)
2016-05-25 David Mitchellporting/libperl.t: better diag output
2016-05-25 David Mitchelladd missing dVAR in pp_avhvswitch
2016-05-25 Karl WilliamsonExtUtils::ParseXS: Silence some pod warnings
2016-05-25 Karl WilliamsonPathTools: fix Pod::Checker warning for pod
2016-05-25 Karl WilliamsonPod::Functions/Functions_pm.PL: Fix pod error
2016-05-24 David Mitchelllocale.c: don't use strcpy()
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Make locale collation predictions adaptive
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Not so aggressive collation memory use guess
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Add some debugging statements
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Minor cleanup
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Fix some debugging so will output during...
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonmv function from locale.c to mathoms.c
2016-05-24 Karl WilliamsonDo better locale collation in UTF-8 locales
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonperllocale: Change headings so two aren't identical
2016-05-24 Karl WilliamsonChange calculation of locale collation coefficients
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Change algorithm for strxfrm() trials
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Free over-allocated space early
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: White-space only
2016-05-24 Karl WilliamsonChange mem_collxfrm() algorithm for embedded NULs
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Add, move, clarify comments
2016-05-24 Karl WilliamsonKeep track of if collation locale is UTF-8 or not
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Don't use special locale collation for C...
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonperllocale: Document NUL collation handling
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Don't calculate value unless needed
2016-05-24 Karl Williamsonmathoms.c: Remove obsolete text
2016-05-24 Chris 'BinGOs... Update ExtUtils-MakeMaker to CPAN version 7.18
2016-05-24 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix class name typo typo in perlootut example