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2016-05-15 Aaron Crane[cpan#100183] Add missing "<FH> chunk #" phrase to...
2016-05-15 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to Scalar-List-Utils 1.45 from CPAN
2016-05-15 Jarkko HietaniemiUpgrade to DB_File 1.838 from CPAN.
2016-05-15 Aaron Cranesv.c: fix missing word in apidoc
2016-05-15 Father Chrysostomos[perl #128086] Test the prev commit
2016-05-15 Hugo van der... [perl #128086] Fix precedence in hv_ename_delete
2016-05-15 Father Chrysostomosinline.h: Suppress g++ warning under threads
2016-05-15 Father ChrysostomosDump empty-string ENAMEs as empty strings
2016-05-15 Father Chrysostomosop.c: Remove special cases for array funcs
2016-05-15 Aaron CraneMake barewords constant-foldable
2016-05-15 Aaron CraneS_fold_constants(): refactor foldability detection
2016-05-15 Aaron Crane[perl #127952] misoptimization for negated constant...
2016-05-15 Aaron Craneop.c: add some explanatory comments to S_new_logop()
2016-05-15 Aaron CraneDelete dead null-pointer check in op.c
2016-05-14 Aaron CraneFix misleading indentation in op.c
2016-05-14 Lukas Maifix symbol detection with gcc 6 link-time optimization...
2016-05-14 David Mitchellperldelta: OP_PARENT, and require ::Foo::Bar
2016-05-14 David Mitchelladd PERL_OP_PARENT to 'perl -V' output
2016-05-14 David Mitchellenable PERL_OP_PARENT by default.
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonsv.c: Add comment
2016-05-13 Karl WilliamsonUse memmem() if available on the platform for Perl_ninstr()
2016-05-13 Karl WilliamsonMerge branch to not require mathoms special cases into...
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonmathoms.c: Remove special casing from instr()
2016-05-13 Karl WilliamsonMake two functions for 5.005 backcompat MATHOMS
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Alter 'b' flag meaning
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Temporarily remove backcompat flag for 2...
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonregen/ Don't: #define FOO FOO
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Change 'b' flag to not imply 'p' flag
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Indicate ninstr(), rninstr() have documentation
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonmathoms.c: Fix prototype
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonregen/ Verify flags field of embed.fnc
2016-05-13 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Remove improper flag character
2016-05-13 Karl WilliamsonPOSIX.pod: Fix grammar
2016-05-13 Karl WilliamsonREADME.freebsd: Add some L<>, C<> to pod
2016-05-12 Jarkko HietaniemiCroak on unimplemented already at import time
2016-05-12 Jarkko HietaniemiRemove the deprecated POSIX::tmpnam as unsafe
2016-05-12 Jarkko HietaniemiSort the %replacement and %reimpl
2016-05-11 Tony Cookupdate GNUmakefile for Test2 too
2016-05-11 Chad GranumUpdate to the latest Test-Simple cpan dist
2016-05-11 Doug Bellfix link to crosby paper on hash complexity attack
2016-05-11 Ricardo Signesdocument the ?pair option to beforemaintrelease
2016-05-10 Father Chrysostomos[perl #128106] Fix reset with non-globs
2016-05-10 H.Merijn BrandSync Config::Perl::V with release 0.26
2016-05-10 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Archive-Tar to CPAN version 2.06
2016-05-10 Chris 'BinGOs... Update perlfaq to CPAN version 5.021011
2016-05-10 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Locale-Codes to CPAN version 3.38
2016-05-10 David Mitchell[MERGE] disallow 'require ::Foo::Bar' etc
2016-05-10 David Mitchellload-module.t: re-indent and add some comments.
2016-05-10 David Mitchellmake 'require ::Foo::Bar' die
2016-05-10 Nicholas ClarkValidate the 'require Bare::Word' pathname.
2016-05-10 Nicholas ClarkTreat require ::foo::bar; the same as foo::bar;
2016-05-10 David Mitchellreindent S_require_version()
2016-05-10 David MitchellSplit the guts of pp_require into two static fns
2016-05-10 Yves Ortonfix #128109 - do not move RExC_open_parens[0] in reginsert
2016-05-10 Yves Ortonfix #128085 - SIGSEGV in S_regmatch with S_study_chunk...
2016-05-10 Tony Cook(perl #127923) add blacklists/whitelists to Locale...
2016-05-10 Tony Cook(perl #127923) note priority between the white and...
2016-05-10 Tony Cook(perl #127923) pass porting tests
2016-05-10 John LightseyAdd blacklist and whitelist support to Locale::Maketext.
2016-05-10 Tony Cookperldelta for e71f25b35412
2016-05-10 Jim Cromiefix make test failures in -Accflags=-DPERL_TRACE_OPS
2016-05-10 Tony Cookperldelta for 23695c073f41
2016-05-10 Niko TyniFix the Configure escape with usecrosscompile but no...
2016-05-09 Jarkko HietaniemiUpdate to IPC-SysV 2.07 from CPAN
2016-05-09 Andreas VoegeleFix test failure in lib/perl5db.t when mandoc is installed
2016-05-09 Karl Williamsonlocale.c, sv.c: Add, fix some comments
2016-05-09 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Some nano-optimizations
2016-05-09 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Clarify a debugging statement
2016-05-09 Karl WilliamsonPOSIX.pod: Add some caveats about strcoll(), strxfrm()
2016-05-09 Craig A. BerryFinish mathomizing Perl_instr.
2016-05-09 Karl WilliamsonReinstate "Make instr() a macro"
2016-05-09 Karl WilliamsonRequire literal '{' in patterns to be escaped
2016-05-09 Karl Williamsonext/B/t/ Escape literal pattern '{'
2016-05-09 Karl WilliamsonMake deprecated qr//xx fatal
2016-05-09 Karl WilliamsonRemove deprecated literal control char variable names
2016-05-09 Karl Williamsontoke.c: Fix comment
2016-05-09 Karl WilliamsonStop accepting deprecated NBSP in \N{}
2016-05-09 Karl Williamsonmktables: Don't destroy a data structure too soon.
2016-05-09 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add info under -annotate option
2016-05-09 Karl Williamsonmktables: Add stack trace facility
2016-05-09 Yves OrtonCall PERL_ASYNC_CHECK when we backtrack in the regex...
2016-05-09 Aaron Crane[perl #127877] Emit undef warning on sassign+concat
2016-05-09 Ricardo Signesepigraphs: add v5.24.0-related epigraphs
2016-05-09 Chris 'BinGOs... M-CL now 5.20160507 on CPAN
2016-05-09 Aaron CranePorting/release_schedule.pod: fix typo
2016-05-09 Ricardo Signesupdate release schedule
2016-05-09 Ricardo Signescorelist: update for v5.25.1
2016-05-09 Ricardo Signesperldelta: new v5.25.1 perldelta
2016-05-09 Ricardo Signesbump version to v5.25.1: now open for business
2016-05-09 Ricardo add the v5.25 bundle v5.25.0
2016-05-09 Ricardo Signescorelist: update for v5.25.0
2016-05-09 Ricardo Signesregen: make regen!
2016-05-09 Ricardo SignesMETA.json: regenerate for v5.25.0
2016-05-09 Ricardo Signesperlhist: add v5.25.0 block
2016-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: add perl5250delta
2016-05-08 Ricardo Signesbump version to v5.25.0
2016-05-08 Ricardo Signesfinal commit for v5.24.0! v5.24.0
2016-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: add Data::Alias to known broken list
2016-05-07 Ricardo Signesperldelta: known problems
2016-05-05 Ricardo SignesCoreList: fix release date on v5.24.0