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1997-09-29 Malcolm BeattieRe-introduce the changes from change 68 (runops becomes a
1997-09-29 Malcolm BeattieStart merge with maint-5.004 branch by creating an...
1997-09-22 Malcolm Beattiestruct thread now stored in an SV and uses '~'-magic...
1997-09-22 Malcolm Beattierunops becomes a funtion pointer and sv_bless3 created
1997-09-22 Malcolm BeattieMore fprintf -> PerlIO_printf changes.
1997-09-22 Malcolm BeattieMinor multi-threading patches for VMS.
1997-09-10 Malcolm BeattieDebugging output for lock handling.
1997-09-10 Malcolm BeattieSolaris fixes: delete pad and padname from thread.h...
1997-09-09 Malcolm BeattieUpdate README.threads to mention -DL.
1997-09-09 Malcolm BeattieUpdate README.threads
1997-09-09 Malcolm BeattieRewrite synchronisation of subs/methods and add attrs
1997-09-03 Malcolm BeattieAdd new keyword "lock" to
1997-09-03 Malcolm BeattieRun and to complete RESTART -...
1997-09-03 Malcolm BeattieAdd to MANIFEST: README.threads, lib/, lib/Class...
1997-09-03 Malcolm BeattieBump patchlevel.h to 5.004_50
1997-09-03 Malcolm BeattieRename RESTART to INIT and associated changes
1997-08-13 Malcolm BeattieThreading fixups for Digital UNIX.
1997-08-11 Malcolm BeattieAssorted changes for multi-threading (now works rather...
1997-07-24 Malcolm BeattieStart support for fake threads.
1997-07-24 Malcolm Beattie Add missing reset of eval_owner if doeval() fails...
1997-07-17 Malcolm BeattieFix multiple problems with lexical @_.
1997-07-05 Malcolm BeattieIntroduce pp_lock.
1997-07-01 Malcolm BeattieSupport for op in global register (still buggy)
1997-06-24 Malcolm BeattieBranch integration of maint-5.004 from relperl.
1997-06-20 Malcolm Beattiecorrected bad_type() prototype.
1997-06-05 Malcolm BeattieMore fixups for thrperl integration.
1997-05-28 Malcolm BeattieFixups for thrperl integration.
1997-05-26 Malcolm BeattieIntegrate thrperl 5.003->5.004.
1997-05-26 Malcolm BeattieAdd avhv_store_ent. Add missing avhv_* to global.sym.
1997-05-25 Malcolm BeattieFix up integration 5.003->5.004.
1997-05-25 Malcolm BeattieFirst stab at 5.003 -> 5.004 integration.
1997-05-24 Malcolm BeattieWholesale update to 5.004.
1997-05-23 Malcolm BeattieInitial integration of relperl from 5.003.
1997-05-15 Chip Salzenberg[differences between cumulative patch application and... perl-5.004
1997-05-15 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_99a...
1997-05-15 Unknown ContributorTweaks for perldelta
1997-05-15 Hans MulderProtect against having no such command as 'cc'
1997-05-15 Tom ChristiansenMore detailed IO::Socket documentation
1997-05-15 Danny SadinoffDon't require executable bit on perl -S if DOSISH
1997-05-15 Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-05-15 Chip SalzenbergNote that DATA filehandle is unavailable during BEGIN {}
1997-05-15 Neil BowersNote that DATA filehandle is unavailable during BEGIN {}
1997-05-15 Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-05-15 Chip SalzenbergExplain that destruction order is not defined
1997-05-15 Gurusamy SarathyExplain that destruction order is not defined
1997-05-15 Jeff Okamotoh2xs and @EXPORT_OK
1997-05-15 Chuck D. PhillipsFix sleep test: sleep(N) is defined to allow sleeping N-1
1997-05-15 Tom PhoenixMake rand.t vanishingly unlikely to give false failure
1997-05-15 Chip SalzenbergFix core dump on IO::Seekable::setpos($fh, undef)
1997-05-15 Chip SalzenbergIn IO::File::open, prepend './' less often (for Win32...
1997-05-15 Lincoln SteinRefresh to 2.36
1997-05-15 Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-05-15 Chip SalzenbergMake read with <> from a TTY notice EOF
1997-05-15 Jonathan I... Make read with <> from a TTY notice EOF
1997-05-15 Tim BunceFix recursive substitution [test]
1997-05-15 Jonathan HudsonVMS update, including socket support (four patches)
1997-05-15 Jeff OkamotoFix default HP-UX installation path
1997-05-15 Chip SalzenbergMake Irix hints adapt when n32 is missing
1997-05-07 Chip Salzenberg[differences between cumulative patch application and... perl-5.003_99a
1997-05-07 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_99...
1997-05-07 Gisle AasDocument 'Possible attempt to separate words with commas'
1997-05-07 Ilya ZakharevichOS/2 doc patch for _99
1997-05-07 Gurusamy SarathyFix for redefined sort subs nastiness
1997-05-07 Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-05-07 Chip SalzenbergMention the Regular Expressions book
1997-05-07 Stephen PotterMention the Regular Expressions book
1997-05-07 Chip SalzenbergRefresh description of sprintf()
1997-05-07 Ilya ZakharevichDebugger docs patch
1997-05-07 John D Groenveldperlfaq9, hostname
1997-05-07 Andy DoughertyMore explicit Solaris instructions
1997-05-07 Ilya ZakharevichNewer CPerl mode
1997-05-07 Ralf S. EngelschallTrivial bugfix for pod of xsubpp
1997-05-07 Unknown ContributorThree bugs in pod2html
1997-05-07 Russ AllberyAnother blank line patch to Pod::Text
1997-05-07 Chip SalzenbergFix wantarray() in sort subs [fixes metaconfig]
1997-05-07 Gary ClarkWin32 boot_DynaLoader problem in 99
1997-05-07 Chuck D. PhillipsHPUX: patch for ext/DynaLoader/dl_hpux.xs
1997-05-07 Scott HenryIrix hint update
1997-05-07 Giles LeanNetBSD hint update
1997-05-02 Malcolm BeattieDon't require CvDEPTH == 0 when bombing out of subs.
1997-04-30 Chip Salzenberg[differences between cumulative patch application and... perl-5.003_99
1997-04-30 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_98...
1997-04-30 Eric BartleySupport shared libperl on AIX
1997-04-30 Chip SalzenbergFix typo in perldelta
1997-04-30 Gisle AasFix description of av_undef() in perlguts
1997-04-30 Chip Salzenberg[dummy merge]
1997-04-30 Chip Salzenbergtypo fixes to installhtml
1997-04-30 Larry W. Virdentypo fixes to installhtml
1997-04-30 Dominic DunlopDisable op/pipe.t test under Machten
1997-04-30 Paul MarquessRefresh DB_File to 1.14
1997-04-30 Chip SalzenbergAdd new globals to perl.exp
1997-04-30 Ilya ZakharevichFix OS/2-specific buffer overflow
1997-04-30 Spider BoardmanFix sysread() on tied handle
1997-04-30 Chip SalzenbergHandle tainted values in lists returned from subs,...
1997-04-30 Chip SalzenbergForget prototype of subroutine after C<undef &subr>
1997-04-30 Chip SalzenbergFix NUL-termination bug in delimcpy()
1997-04-29 Perl 5 Porters[inseparable changes from match from perl-5.003_97j... perl-5.003_98
1997-04-29 Chip SalzenbergSupport C< $coderef->($x,$y) >
1997-04-29 Chip SalzenbergDescribe Math::Trig in perlmodlib
1997-04-29 Spider BoardmanFix warning wrt return value of PerlIO_getname()