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2016-02-11 Karl Williamsont/re/regex_sets.t: Add some tests
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonsv.c: Handle radix being multi-byte and not UTF-8
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Skip duplicate work
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Replace invalid assertion
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Avoid a function call in a common case
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Add some grouping parens
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Guard some macros against improper calls
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c, regexec.c: Comments, white-space only
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Fix some parsing glitches
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Extract duped code into one fcn
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonporting/diag.t: Handle some E<> pod escapes
2016-02-11 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: Need to translate E<lt> and E<gt>
2016-02-11 Ricardo Signesrelease schedule: September 2016 is scheduled
2016-02-10 Daniel Draganadd shortcut around syscalls when file not found in...
2016-02-10 Ricardo Signesupdate release schedule for beginnings of 5.25
2016-02-10 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #8904] Revamp [:posix:] parsing
2016-02-10 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Fix recursive parsing bug
2016-02-10 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: White-space, variable name-change only
2016-02-10 Karl Fix misspelled /[[:alpha:]]/
2016-02-10 Karl WilliamsonAdd Nick Logan to AUTHORS
2016-02-10 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Add code to compute edit distance (Damerau...
2016-02-10 Tony Cookperldelta for 1bb1a3d6d35
2016-02-10 Tony Cook[perl #127334] S_incline: avoid overrunning the end...
2016-02-10 Tony Cookperldelta for 7db8c4f1f19e and 958cdeac409
2016-02-10 Tony Cook[perl #127494] don't cache AUTOLOAD as DESTROY
2016-02-10 Tony Cook[perl #127494] TODO test for $AUTOLOAD being set for...
2016-02-09 James E KeenanUpdate guidance on naming of modules.
2016-02-09 Sawyer XRemove outdated task in release:
2016-02-09 Tom HukinsTime::HiRes moved from "cpan" to "dist" in 91ba54
2016-02-09 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Improve -DL debug info
2016-02-09 Ricardo Signesmove Time-HiRes from cpan to dist
2016-02-08 Tony Cookperldelta for 27895dda8085, ac3b837b9e1b, f05081b8ef22...
2016-02-08 Tony Cook[perl #124387] call AUTOLOAD when DESTROY isn't defined
2016-02-08 Tony Cook[perl #124387] TODO test for AUTOLOAD on DESTROY
2016-02-08 Tony Cook[perl #126410] keep the DESTROY cache in mro_meta
2016-02-08 Todd RinaldoDocument broken SvSTASH for %version:: in B's test...
2016-02-07 Tony Cookperldelta for 071db91b12fc
2016-02-07 Tony Cookadd Pip Cet to AUTHORS
2016-02-07 Pip Cet[perl #127474] fix operator precedence when (castflags...
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiStorable version bump.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX version bump.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX: strcmp NE strEQ().
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX: Check fds against negatives.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX: Check signal numbers against negatives.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiStorable: Own ASSERT or no, we want to assert(prev).
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiXS-APItest: Length cannot be negative.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiODBM_File: Avoid TOCTOU and using negative returns.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd missing break in switch.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiAdd missing break in switch.
2016-02-07 Jarkko Hietaniemiassert(PL_parser)
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiAssert no bad array access.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiDo not try to fchown() to uid -1 and gid -1.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiCheck against negative uid/gid for fchown().
2016-02-07 Jarkko Hietaniemiassert(cv) before doing CvROOT(cv)
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiCheck for invlist_search() returning negative array...
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiIf not using smallbuf and len > sizeof(d_name), Move...
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiWhitespace only: zap empty lines.
2016-02-07 Jarkko HietaniemiLexical scoping in case statement is tricky.
2016-02-07 Jarkko Hietaniemiassert() that itersvp is non-NULL.
2016-02-06 David Mitchellpp_enter: calculate gimme earlier in XS branch
2016-02-06 Craig A. Berryperldelta: recent %ENV changes on VMS.
2016-02-06 Craig A. Berryperldelta for podlators update.
2016-02-05 Craig A. BerryIntegrate podlators 4.06.
2016-02-05 Jarkko HietaniemicmpVERSION STDERR messages for test failures.
2016-02-04 Craig A. BerryDo environ key case consistently on VMS.
2016-02-04 Jarkko HietaniemiCast away Solaris Studio 12.3 warning.
2016-02-04 Jarkko HietaniemiOpenBSD does not do si_uid with sigaction().
2016-02-04 Tony Cookperldelta the fix for [perl #126621]
2016-02-04 Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX version bump.
2016-02-04 Jarkko HietaniemiWe're against contractions.
2016-02-04 Jarkko HietaniemiOddly placed unused decls for fma() and the gamma funcs.
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonperldelta, perlguts: Fix typos
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Clarify that a literal string must end in...
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: regen db for overlong verbatim lines
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonperlguts: Make verbatim lines fit in 79 cols
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Make verbatim line fit in 79 columns
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonre/uniprops: Fix EBCDIC issue
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Refactor \b{sb} handling
2016-02-03 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Fix comment, white-space
2016-02-03 Karl WilliamsonUse table lookup for qr/\b{wb}/
2016-02-03 David MitchellAdd support for bison 3.0
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd perldelta entry for context stack work
2016-02-03 Jarkko HietaniemiAdditional hexfp %a tests inspired by c95ea682.
2016-02-03 David Mitchell[MERGE] revamp context system
2016-02-03 David Mitchellremove dSP from a couple of pp_enter* fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellleave_adjust_stacks() fix some code comments
2016-02-03 David Mitchellleave_adjust_stacks(): avoid accessing random tmps
2016-02-03 David Mitchellmake gimme consistently U8
2016-02-03 David Mitchellfix -DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE
2016-02-03 David Mitchellperlfunc: say what block types 'return' recognises
2016-02-03 David Mitchellperlguts: add section on context stack
2016-02-03 David Mitchellfix cx_dup for CXt_LOOP_PLAIN
2016-02-03 David MitchellMULTICALL *shouldn't* clear savestack
2016-02-03 David Mitchelladd blk_old_tmpsfloor shortcut
2016-02-03 David MitchelldMULTICALL: remove unused vars
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_{PUSH|POP}{WHEN|GIVEN} to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_PUSHLOOP*/POPLOOP to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_PUSHEVAL/POPEVAL to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_PUSHFORMAT/POPFORMAT to inline fns
2016-02-03 David Mitchellconvert CX_PUSHSUB/POPSUB to inline fns