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2013-05-08 Karl WilliamsonUse 'was' not 'is' to describe fixed regressions
2013-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: mention non-blocking sockets on VMS
2013-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: mention PERL_NO_INLINE_FUNCTIONS in delta
2013-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: use Pod, not asterisks, for emphasis
2013-05-08 Ricardo Signesperldelta: document PERL_PERTURB_KEYS
2013-05-08 Ricardo SignesRestore the warning previously issued by (-l $fh)
2013-05-08 David Mitchelladd various HASH defines to perl -V output
2013-05-08 David MitchellINSTALL: fix a couple of typos
2013-05-08 David Mitchellrelease_managers_guide: fix typo
2013-05-08 David clarify -D,-U,-A args in docs
2013-05-07 Karl Williamsonpod/perldelta: Add in some deprecations; fix a typo
2013-05-07 Dominic Hargreavesbump dist/IO/lib/IO/ version to 1.34
2013-05-07 Dominic Hargreaves[perl #117791] Clarify that write does not match the...
2013-05-07 Yves Ortondocument and improve hash algorithm randomization relat...
2013-05-07 Yves Ortoncleanup and test PERL_PERTURB_KEYS environment variable...
2013-05-07 Ricardo Signesremove the 5.17 deltas, update for 5.18
2013-05-07 Ricardo Signesput the perldelta we had been working on in place
2013-05-07 Ricardo Signesupdate perldiag with new warnings
2013-05-07 Ricardo Signesregenerate uconfig.h and META.json
2013-05-07 Ricardo SignesBump version to 5.18.0-RC0
2013-05-07 H.Merijn BrandThe URL for the dist source repo changed
2013-05-07 David MitchellRMG: say that for maint there are two RMG versions
2013-05-07 David MitchellRMG: add note about maint and Module::CoreList
2013-05-07 David MitchellRMG: maint perlhist: change from push to pull
2013-05-07 David MitchellRMG: maint perldeltas: change from push to pull
2013-05-07 David Mitchelladd PERL_NEW_COPY_ON_WRITE to perl -V output
2013-05-07 Yves Ortonhoping this works finally. gcc is too permissive with...
2013-05-07 Yves Ortondocument Hash::Util::hash_traversal_mask()
2013-05-07 Yves Ortonfix build issue with picky compilers
2013-05-07 Steve HayEnsure -DUSE_PERLIO gets into Config's ccflags when...
2013-05-07 Yves OrtonMake it possible to disable and control hash key traver...
2013-05-06 Brad GilbertRemoved confusing reference to new in ties perlfunc...
2013-05-06 David Mitchellimprove unpackstring() API docs
2013-05-06 David MitchellRevert "Update docs to concur with $`,$&,$' changes"
2013-05-06 David Mitchellmake /(?p:...)/ keep RXf_PMf_KEEPCOPY flag
2013-05-06 Robin BarkerUse PTR2IV() instead of casting a pointer to IV, to...
2013-05-06 Nicholas ClarkImprove the logic in for manually genera...
2013-05-05 Craig A. BerryFix non-blocking sockets on VMS.
2013-05-05 Ricardo SignesMerge perldelta for 5.18, work from past weeks
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: split change is incompatible
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: "corrupts"
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: singular agreement
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: "no" missing
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: unwanted comma removed
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: mark $_ as code in header
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: "continuation of"
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: fatal error is an error, not a warning
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: semicolon there isn't code
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: extraneous word removed
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: join sentence fragment
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: avoid comma splice
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: short-circuit cross-reference chain
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: DTrace probes as bullet list
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: spelling fix
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: an env var doesn't do anything itself
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: missing parenthetical comma
2013-05-05 Smylersperldelta: "order" is intended word
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signeswarn of more things to be removed
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signescarry forward future deprecations from 5.16 delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: mention the removal of BeOS
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: the selected bugs
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: miscellaneous editing in the middle parts
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: deprecations section
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: the incompatible changes section
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: finish reordering and first pass through...
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesexperimental feature warning categories have ::
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: collect hash changes
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: tweak/fix "earlier changes" section
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl51710delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5179delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5178delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5177delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5176delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5175delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5174delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5173delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5172delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5171delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5170delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-04 Chris 'BinGOs... Fix typo in Module::CoreList POD
2013-05-03 David Mitchellupdate AUTHORS
2013-05-03 Markus Jansenfix two my_setenv/my_clearenv bugs
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkMerge in -DPERL_NO_INLINE_FUNCTIONS and t/porting/extre...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkAdd a space after -o to keep Darwin's g++ happy, in...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkAdd a "verbose" option to t/porting/extrefs.t for debug...
2013-05-03 Tony Cooksupport MSWin32 too
2013-05-03 Tony Cookremove code for non-core builds and "modernize"
2013-05-03 Tony Cooktest that perl headers don't introduce external references
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkIf PERL_NO_INLINE_FUNCTIONS is defined, don't include...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkRevert "Change the warning for $* to add ", and will...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkRevert "Add a deprecation warning for all uses of ...
2013-05-02 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate spaces/comments in some regex tokens
2013-05-02 Karl Williamsonlib/ Fix separated '(?' token
2013-05-02 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #117327]: Sequence (?#...) not recognized...
2013-05-02 Karl Williamsonreg_mesg.t: Turn off regexp warns along with deprecated
2013-05-02 Ricardo SignesCarp: add a test for top-of-stack longmess
2013-05-02 Ricardo SignesCarp: distinguish deleted stash from top of stack
2013-05-01 H.Merijn BrandI cannot find shorter URL's
2013-05-01 H.Merijn BrandUpdate HP-UX readme
2013-04-29 Nicholas ClarkRemove a comment made obsolete by commit 213f370f28504f3a.