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2004-06-18 Nicholas ClarkUnicode::UCD uses Storable, so we can't test if Storabl...
2004-06-18 Nicholas ClarkCan't test the B modules if we didn't build 'em
2004-06-18 Nicholas ClarkNeed to skip test 7 if perl built without the PerlIO...
2004-06-18 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to I18N::LangTags 0.31.
2004-06-17 Nicholas ClarkAs 2/3rds (or 3/4s) of the SV head structure is rewritt...
2004-06-17 Nicholas ClarkChange 22516 forgot to add to generate...
2004-06-17 Nicholas ClarkStorable should cope if the string to thaw happens...
2004-06-17 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Locale::Maketext 1.09
2004-06-17 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to I18N::LangTags 0.30.
2004-06-17 Rafael Garcia... More forgiving version comparison in perlivp.
2004-06-16 Nicholas ClarkImprove the substitution to cc_r for threading so that...
2004-06-15 Boris ZentnerFile::Basename docs
2004-06-15 Nicholas ClarkIt seems that our assert() macro wasn't good enough.
2004-06-15 Shlomi Fishperlop.pod: add an example to the .. and ... operators
2004-06-15 Nicholas ClarkAssert SvTYPE is at least PGMV whenever accessing SvSTASH
2004-06-14 Nicholas ClarkAssert that SV type has magic member when reading/writing.
2004-06-13 Rafael Garcia... More h2ph voodoo.
2004-06-13 Abe Timmermant/TEST
2004-06-11 Rafael Garcia... Reapply change #20983, rolled back by change #22920,
2004-06-11 Rafael Garcia... More h2ph tweaks: recognition of C types
2004-06-11 Rafael Garcia... More h2ph tweaking for gcc __inline functions
2004-06-11 Marcus Holland... t/comp/utf.t failed when configuring with -Dnoextension...
2004-06-11 Rafael Garcia... Remove a warning against unsafe signals in perlipc...
2004-06-10 Mathieu ArnoldRe: [perl #30197] perlbug AutoReply: Data::Dumper does...
2004-06-10 Rafael Garcia... Make h2ph able to understand a limited set of inline...
2004-06-10 Alexey TourbinChange 22872 breaks shared miniperl invocation
2004-06-09 Yitzchak Scott... Re: [perl #30045] Transliteration replacement not termi...
2004-06-09 Rafael Garcia... Remove the "malloc wrappage" tests, due to their unport...
2004-06-09 Robin BarkerRe: [perl #24081] invalid regexp in perl -V
2004-06-09 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Pod::Parser 1.28
2004-06-09 Marcus Holland... s/64bit/64-bit/g for consistency in the READMEs.
2004-06-09 Kevin Chase[patch] Windows/Win32 thread handle leak with threads...
2004-06-09 H.Merijn BrandSeveral updates, major, and minor corrections, model...
2004-06-09 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Pod::Perldoc 3.13
2004-06-09 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Digest 1.08.
2004-06-09 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to 3.05
2004-06-08 Dave Mitchell[perl #30061] double DESTROY in for loop
2004-06-08 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Pod::LaTeX 0.57
2004-06-08 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Unicode::Normalize 0.30.
2004-06-08 Rafael Garcia... Remove a spurious \n in a perltie example,
2004-06-08 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Unicode::Collate 0.40
2004-06-08 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Time::Local 1.10.
2004-06-08 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.42
2004-06-08 Nicholas ClarkPatch 22835 Failed to upgrade all the new files in...
2004-06-08 Marcus Holland... Re: newSVpvn(NULL, 0); doesn't work as advertised
2004-06-08 Jarkko HietaniemiRe: [PATCH] Re: Lack of error for large string on Solaris
2004-06-08 perl-5.8.0... [perl #30073] Misleading docs of Text::Wrap
2004-06-06 SADAHIRO TomoyukiRe: [PATCH] [perl #29841] utf8::decode doesn't work...
2004-06-03 Steve HayHave win32/ default to gcc, and update docs
2004-06-03 Rafael Garcia... perlpodspec uses 'nonbreaking' and 'non-breaking'.
2004-06-03 Steve HayWorkaround a dmake oddity.
2004-06-03 Rafael Garcia... Carp was mostly unusable with Safe because it may require
2004-06-02 Marcus Holland... Make change #22889 work for threaded builds, Part 2.
2004-06-02 Marcus Holland... Make change #22889 work for threaded builds.
2004-06-02 Marcus Holland... Fix apidoc entries for PUSHMARK and newXSproto.
2004-06-02 Marcus Holland... Document embed.fnc 'U' and 's' flags.
2004-06-02 Craig A. Berryon VMS, always exit with failure in my_failure_exit
2004-06-02 Alexey TourbinRe: [PATCH] [perl #29612] ndbm failure in make test
2004-06-02 Rafael Garcia... Detypo.
2004-06-02 Andy DoughertyRe: [perl #29765] PERL-5.8.4 INSTALL
2004-06-02 Rafael Garcia... Make the dUNDERBAR/UNDERBAR macros work as advertised.
2004-06-01 Alan BurlisonRemove redundant %SIG assignments from FileCache
2004-06-01 Steve HayRe: Smoke [5.9.2] 22881 FAIL(M) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net...
2004-06-01 Alan Burlison[Fwd: [PATCH] Pod::Find should ignore SCM files and...
2004-06-01 Paul FenwickRe: [PATCH] UPDATE - Grammatical fixes and explanations...
2004-06-01 Craig A. and PERL_API_REVISION
2004-06-01 LAUN pod rewrite and new mini-feature $Shell::raw
2004-06-01 Dave Rolskyperlhack.pod - working with the Perl source
2004-05-31 Nicholas Clarkreplace the run time code in lib/ with data...
2004-05-31 Nicholas ClarkDon't need to require at top of file
2004-05-31 Nicholas ClarkRun mktables as part of the build process.
2004-05-31 jdhedden@1979... [perl #29937] Entries missing from .packlist
2004-05-31 wolfgang.laun... Re: [perl #29969] h2ph not correctly processing glibc...
2004-05-31 Steve HayFix anomalies in Carp functions
2004-05-31 Steve HayFix generation of perlapi.pod
2004-05-30 Shinya HayakawaRe: my $x->{foo} doesn't work
2004-05-30 Nicholas ClarkConvert to using File::Spec, so that we can build Unico...
2004-05-30 Nicholas ClarkFirst step to generating Unicode files for the regexp...
2004-05-30 Dave Mitchell[perl #29708] Problem with autouse (causing Perl to...
2004-05-30 Nicholas ClarkUpgrade to Encode 2.01.
2004-05-30 Nicholas ClarkSkip in minitest
2004-05-28 Stas BekmanRe: undef loses it magicness when assigned to a variable?
2004-05-28 Alan BurlisonTEST needs to ignore SCM files
2004-05-26 Alan Burlison'perl -v' fails if local_patches contains code snippets
2004-05-26 Yitzchak Scott... correctly handle C<< >> and C<<< >>> in diagnostics
2004-05-24 Rafael Garcia... Tests for change #22842, by SADAHIRO Tomoyuki
2004-05-24 SADAHIRO TomoyukiRe: utf-8 and taint don't work together
2004-05-24 Steve Haywin32_chsize is not exported on Win32
2004-05-24 Yitzchak Scott... Re: [perl #29765] PERL-5.8.4 INSTALL
2004-05-22 Dave Mitchell [perl #29790] Optimization busted: '@a = "b", sort...
2004-05-22 Graham BarrUpdate to Scalar-List-Utils-1.14
2004-05-21 Ton HospelProposed doc patch for getsockopt
2004-05-21 Tassilo von... h2xs doesn't recognize indented enums
2004-05-20 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to Encode 2.00.
2004-05-20 Steve HayTest portability nit.
2004-05-19 Dave Mitchellimprove hashing algorithm for ptr tables in perl_clone:
2004-05-19 Dave Mitchell[perl #29637] Thread creation time is hypersensitive
2004-05-18 Rafael Garcia... perlrun.pod minor fixes :
2004-05-18[perl #29623] Patch for h2xs.t in Perl 5.8.4
2004-05-18 Steve HayRe: Smoke [5.9.2] 22818 FAIL(F) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net...