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2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: the incompatible changes section
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: finish reordering and first pass through...
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesexperimental feature warning categories have ::
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: collect hash changes
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesperldelta: tweak/fix "earlier changes" section
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl51710delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5179delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5178delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5177delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5176delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5175delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5174delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5173delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5172delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5171delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-05 Ricardo Signesimport perl5170delta content to perl5180delta
2013-05-04 Chris 'BinGOs... Fix typo in Module::CoreList POD
2013-05-03 David Mitchellupdate AUTHORS
2013-05-03 Markus Jansenfix two my_setenv/my_clearenv bugs
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkMerge in -DPERL_NO_INLINE_FUNCTIONS and t/porting/extre...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkAdd a space after -o to keep Darwin's g++ happy, in...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkAdd a "verbose" option to t/porting/extrefs.t for debug...
2013-05-03 Tony Cooksupport MSWin32 too
2013-05-03 Tony Cookremove code for non-core builds and "modernize"
2013-05-03 Tony Cooktest that perl headers don't introduce external references
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkIf PERL_NO_INLINE_FUNCTIONS is defined, don't include...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkRevert "Change the warning for $* to add ", and will...
2013-05-03 Nicholas ClarkRevert "Add a deprecation warning for all uses of ...
2013-05-02 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate spaces/comments in some regex tokens
2013-05-02 Karl Williamsonlib/ Fix separated '(?' token
2013-05-02 Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl #117327]: Sequence (?#...) not recognized...
2013-05-02 Karl Williamsonreg_mesg.t: Turn off regexp warns along with deprecated
2013-05-02 Ricardo SignesCarp: add a test for top-of-stack longmess
2013-05-02 Ricardo SignesCarp: distinguish deleted stash from top of stack
2013-05-01 H.Merijn BrandI cannot find shorter URL's
2013-05-01 H.Merijn BrandUpdate HP-UX readme
2013-04-29 Nicholas ClarkRemove a comment made obsolete by commit 213f370f28504f3a.
2013-04-29 Tony Cookupdate known_pod_issues.dat to account for the README...
2013-04-29 Breno G. de... updating README.macosx to reflect current systems.
2013-04-26 Tony Cook[perl #117743] don't warn on $@ = undef; die;
2013-04-26 Tony Cook[perl #117607] don't crash on: use strict; $foo; &CORE::lc
2013-04-26 Tony Cook[perl #117607] don't use a CV after it's been freed
2013-04-26 Tony Cook[perl #117607] TODO test for \&CORE::lc in error context
2013-04-24 David Mitchellt/op/smartkve.t: single-quote some eval stuff
2013-04-24 David Mitchellmake qr/(?{ __SUB__ })/ safe
2013-04-24 David Mitchellfix caller with re_evals.
2013-04-24 David MitchellPUSH_MULTICALL_WITHDEPTH becomes ..._FLAGS
2013-04-24 Zeframmove Perl_ck_warner() before unwind [perl #113794]
2013-04-24 SHIRAKATA KentaroPOD nitpicks.
2013-04-23 Chris 'BinGOs... Add the deprecation data to
2013-04-23 Eric BrineAvoid use of $(...) as backticks in SH code
2013-04-23 Chris 'BinGOs... Include deprecations for v5.17.10 and v5.17.11 in Modul...
2013-04-23 Rafael Garcia... Spelling typo in perllocale
2013-04-21 Sisyphusperl-5.17.11 fails to build with x64 mingw64 (gcc-4...
2013-04-21 Ricardo SignesBump the perl version in various places for 5.17.12
2013-04-21 Ricardo SignesMerge branch 'release-5.17.11' into blead
2013-04-20 Karl Williamsonperlapi.pod: Clarify character classification macros
2013-04-20 David Mitchell[MERGE] Handle /@a/ array expansion within regex engine
2013-04-20 David MitchellHandle /@a/ array expansion within regex engine
2013-04-20 David MitchellS_pat_upgrade_to_utf8(): add num_code_blocks arg
2013-04-20 David MitchellPerl_re_op_compile() re-indent code
2013-04-20 David Mitchellre_op_compile: eliminate a local var and scope
2013-04-20 David Mitchellcombine regex concat overload loops
2013-04-20 David MitchellPerl_re_op_compile(): extract conatting code
2013-04-20 David MitchellPerl_re_op_compile(): handle utf8 concating better
2013-04-20 David MitchellPerl_re_op_compile: eliminate clunky if (0) {}
2013-04-20 David MitchellPerl_re_op_compile(): eliminate xend var
2013-04-20 David MitchellPerl_re_op_compile(): add S_pat_upgrade_to_utf8()
2013-04-20 Ricardo Signesperldelta: ExtUtils::MakeMaker update v5.17.11
2013-04-20 Ricardo Signesupdate Module::CoreList for v5.17.11
2013-04-20 Ricardo Signesperldelta: module updates for 5.17.11
2013-04-20 Ricardo Signesacknowledgements in perldelta
2013-04-19 Karl Williamsonperldiag.pod: Fix wrong Perl versions
2013-04-19 Chris 'BinGOs... Update ExtUtils-MakeMaker to CPAN version 6.66
2013-04-19 Ricardo Signesperldelta: significant typo!
2013-04-19 Ricardo Signesperldelta: update most of the delta for 5.17.11
2013-04-19 David Mitchell\N was still marked experimental in some places
2013-04-19 Tony Cookperldelta for 92fd341d6
2013-04-18 Francois Perradfix dist/IO/t/cachepropagate-unix.t
2013-04-15 Tony Cookremove excluded test file cpan/ExtUtils-MakeMaker/t...
2013-04-15 David Mitchellfix comment typo in regcomp.c
2013-04-14 Leon TimmermansConverted Asian documentations to utf-8
2013-04-14 Moritz LenzDocument that range operator '..' can not be overloaded.
2013-04-14 James E KeenanProvide file and subroutine-level documentation in...
2013-04-14 James E KeenanSubject: [PATCH] Update INSTALLDIRS to favor installati...
2013-04-13 Chris 'BinGOs... Update CPAN to CPAN version 2.00
2013-04-13 James E KeenanPorting/ no longer needed; delete it.
2013-04-12 Aaron CraneB::Deparse: document that `state sub` is unimplemented
2013-04-12 Aaron Cranedeparse.t: delete now-unneeded __WARN__ suppression
2013-04-12 Aaron CraneB::Deparse: stub implementation of deparsing lexical...
2013-04-12 David Mitchell[MERGE] handle /(?{})/ with overload::constant qr
2013-04-12 David Mitchellfix runtime /(?{})/ with overload::constant qr
2013-04-12 David Mitchelladd lex_re_reparsing boolean to yy_parser struct
2013-04-12 David MitchellEliminate PL_reg_state.re_reparsing, part 2
2013-04-12 David MitchellEliminate PL_reg_state.re_reparsing, part 1
2013-04-12 David Mitchellre_op_compile(): reapply debugging statements
2013-04-12 David MitchellHandle overloading properly in compile-time regex
2013-04-12 David Mitchellre-indent after last change
2013-04-12 David Mitchellre_op_compile(): unify 1-op and N-op branches
2013-04-12 David Mitchellre_op_compile(): simplify a code snippet