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2016-08-20 Father ChrysostomosCorrect a perldelta entry
2016-08-19 Karen Etheridgealways use the core serializers in EUMM for core tests
2016-08-19 Karen Etheridgeregenerate META.* using new CPAN::Meta, and always...
2016-08-19 Karen EtheridgeChanges manually performed for one file.
2016-08-19 James E KeenanManually remove file recalcitrant to 'git am'.
2016-08-19 Karen EtheridgeUpgrade CPAN-Meta from 2.150005 -> 2.150010 (Parse...
2016-08-19 Karl Williamsonperldelta: Updates for 5.24
2016-08-19 Karl WilliamsonEncode: revert commit that introduces security holes
2016-08-19 H.Merijn BrandDo not show error message if errno = 0 for flush fail...
2016-08-19 David Mitchellav_fetch(): remove check for freed SV
2016-08-19 David MitchellConcise: improve hints decoding
2016-08-19 David MitchellConcise: use hex for some large constants
2016-08-19 Father Chrysostomostoke.c: Introduce peekspace()
2016-08-19 Father Chrysostomostoke.c: Note retval of S_skipspace
2016-08-19 Father Chrysostomostoke.c: Move skipspace closer to S_skipspace
2016-08-19 Father Chrysostomos[perl #128951] Fix ASan error with @{\327
2016-08-18 Jarkko Hietaniemiperldelta for the many hexfp fixes.
2016-08-18 Father Chrysostomosmagic-27839.t miniperl fix-up
2016-08-18 Father Chrysostomosincfilter.t miniperl fix-up
2016-08-18 Father Chrysostomoshash-rt85026.t miniperl fix-up
2016-08-18 Father Chrysostomosgroups.t miniperl fix-up
2016-08-18 Father Chrysostomosgetpid.t miniperl fix-up
2016-08-18 Father Chrysostomosdump.t miniperl fix-up
2016-08-18 Father Chrysostomospat_advanced.t miniperl fix-up
2016-08-18 Father Chrysostomoseintr.t miniperl fix-up
2016-08-18 David Mitchellsignatures: eliminate XSIGVAR, add KEY_sigvar
2016-08-18 Father ChrysostomosRevert threads-dirh.t part of 624c42e21
2016-08-18 Jarkko HietaniemiTest data mistake was masked by mistaken fractional...
2016-08-18 Jarkko HietaniemiDo not deploy the fractional matching without fractions
2016-08-18 Jarkko HietaniemiTest subnormals with quadmath
2016-08-18 Jarkko HietaniemiDefine Perl_fp_class() for quadmath
2016-08-18 Jarkko HietaniemiHandle subnormals of x86 80-bit
2016-08-18 Jarkko HietaniemiUse library testing for subnormality
2016-08-18 Nicolas RUse set_up_inc for several unit tests
2016-08-18 Pino Toscano(perl #128954) improved hints for Hurd
2016-08-17 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Remove an EBCDIC-only path
2016-08-17 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: White-space only
2016-08-17 Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Add some extra info to a debug statement
2016-08-17 Karl Williamsonlib/locale.t: Generalize test
2016-08-17 Karl WilliamsonTake advantage of SvGROW's return value
2016-08-17 Steve HayUpgrade Time::Local from version 1.2300 to 1.24
2016-08-17 Steve HayUpgrade Test::Simple from version 1.302049 to 1.302052
2016-08-17 Steve HayUpgrade HTTP::Tiny from version 0.058_001 to 0.064
2016-08-17 Steve HayUpgrade File::Fetch from version 0.50 to 0.52
2016-08-17 Father ChrysostomosRemove dead code in pp.c:pp_index
2016-08-17 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for #126482 / c82de78e3ba
2016-08-17 Father ChrysostomosTest that the lexer does not upgrade constants
2016-08-17 Father ChrysostomosMove a recently-added test
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): use less branches.
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): sprinkle UNLIKELY()
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): optimise the negative index branch.
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): use AvFILLp rather than AvFILL
2016-08-17 Jarkko HietaniemiCoverity CID #152143: annotate switch fallthru.
2016-08-17 David Mitchellav_fetch(): remove redundant condition
2016-08-17 David Mitchelladd any_op field to the ANY savestack union
2016-08-17 Jarkko HietaniemiThe 48c0e89d broke minitest by unconditional use Hash...
2016-08-17 Jarkko Hietaniemiperldelta for dd1dbff0
2016-08-17 Jarkko HietaniemiCoverity CID #15149: Missing varargs init or cleanup
2016-08-17 Jarkko HietaniemiRevert "Check against negative uid/gid for fchown()."
2016-08-16 Father Chrysostomos[perl #126482] Fix assert fail ‘a_const a_const’
2016-08-16 David Mitchellbuffer overflow in "string terminator" err msg
2016-08-16 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for e94ea821c9
2016-08-16 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for #128740 / d35c1b5e4
2016-08-16 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 10030f4b9
2016-08-16 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 7bb33634741
2016-08-16 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for b199a3980
2016-08-16 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for #128701 / cb65013574
2016-08-16 Father ChrysostomosXS::APItest: Note why we do not want efficiency
2016-08-15 David Mitchell"" . open(my $fh,...) gave wrong warning
2016-08-15 David Mitchellperldelta: @a = sort @a fix
2016-08-15 David MitchellHash-Util/Util.xs: silence compiler warnings
2016-08-15 David Mitchellsilence warning in Opcode.xs
2016-08-15 Father ChrysostomosRevert "#define PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT in XS::APItest"
2016-08-14 Father ChrysostomosRe-order intrp struct
2016-08-14 Father ChrysostomosRemove PL_maxo
2016-08-14 Father Chrysostomos#define PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT in XS::APItest
2016-08-14 Father ChrysostomosTest call_argv
2016-08-14 Daniel Draganautomatically detect GCC vs VC and set VC ver number...
2016-08-14 Karl Williamsonlocale.c: Add missing '{'
2016-08-14 Daniel Dragansilence MSVC warnings for NATIVE_UTF8_TO_I8/I8_TO_NATIV...
2016-08-14 Jarkko HietaniemiFollow-up on a149d118.
2016-08-14 Yves Ortonfirst step to documenting the Internals namespace
2016-08-14 Yves OrtonMove hash introspection routines into Hash::Util/Util...
2016-08-14 Yves Ortons/XS_hash_util_/XS_Hash_Util_/g
2016-08-14 Yves Ortonmove a declaration so that the Internals:: functions...
2016-08-14 Yves Ortonmove Internals::hv_clear_placeholders() to Hash::Util...
2016-08-14 Jarkko Hietaniemi[perl #128919] limited exponent range in hex fp literal...
2016-08-13 Father Chrysostomosperldiag: Rewrap an entry for better splain output
2016-08-13 SmylersRemove claim that state @a will be supported
2016-08-13 Father ChrysostomosMore AUTHORS sorting
2016-08-13 Jarkko HietaniemiAvoid test noise on non-longdouble.
2016-08-13 Jarkko Hietaniemi[ #128909] printf %a mishandles exponent...
2016-08-13 Jarkko HietaniemiBogus skip count.
2016-08-12 Father Chrysostomosuniversal.c:XS_re_regnames_count: redundant code
2016-08-12 Father Chrysostomosscope.c: Appease C++
2016-08-12 Father Chrysostomosgv.c:require_tie_mod: Make var name a char param
2016-08-12 Father Chrysostomosperlcall: Remove redundant dSP
2016-08-12 Jarkko HietaniemiTest new hexfp fixes also on (x86 80-bit) long doubles.
2016-08-12 David Mitchellleave_scope(): combine the SAVEt_*PTR branches
2016-08-12 David Mitchellleave_scope(): eliminate a couple of local vars