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2010-12-02 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: teach tries about EXACTFU
2010-12-02 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: typo in comment
2010-12-02 Karl Williamsonre/reg_fold.t: use array size for test counts
2010-12-02 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Remove duplicate statement
2010-12-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #64792] Document $? in perlfunc/exit
2010-12-01 Florian RagwitzUpgrade if from version 0.06 to 0.0601
2010-12-01 Jerry D. HeddenFix compiler warning in hv.c on MSWin32
2010-12-01 Jerry D. HeddenFix uninit compiler warning in mro.c
2010-12-01 Father Chrysostomosperldelta up to 6b7c6d959
2010-12-01 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for [perl #68654]
2010-12-01 Father Chrysostomos++substr $mro'VERSION, -1
2010-12-01 Father Chrysostomos[perl #68654] next::method doesn't see UNIVERSAL
2010-12-01 Father ChrysostomosMake next_edgecases.t easier to deal with
2010-12-01 Nicholas ClarkAvoid two compiler warnings in B::cstring, spotted...
2010-12-01 Chris 'BinGOs... Update for the CPAN'd version of Module...
2010-12-01 Florian RagwitzFix B test failure introduced in 6b7c6d9
2010-12-01 Father Chrysostomosperldelta up to 779bcb7d
2010-12-01 Jerry D. HeddenSkip t/io/eintr.t on Cygwin, too - hangs
2010-12-01 Father ChrysostomosFix memory leak in hfreeentries
2010-11-30 Florian Ragwitzperldelta for mg_findext and sv_unmagicext
2010-11-30 Father ChrysostomosSuppress warning from t/op/attrs.t
2010-11-30 Father Chrysostomos[perl #77762] Constant assignment warning
2010-11-30 Nicholas ClarkRestore building Encode's subextensions for a static...
2010-11-30 Nicholas ClarkIn S_scan_const(), use my_snprintf() instead of my_spri...
2010-11-30 Father ChrysostomosUse ' to avoid interpolation
2010-11-30 Nick Cleaton[perl #79152] super-linear cache can prevent a valid...
2010-11-30 Peter John... Spelling: reminder -> remainder
2010-11-30 Florian RagwitzUpdate perlguts for sv_unmagicext and mg_findext
2010-11-30 Florian RagwitzAdd tests for sv_{,un}magicext and mg_findext
2010-11-30 Florian RagwitzAdd mg_findext
2010-11-30 Florian RagwitzAdd sv_unmagicext
2010-11-30 Florian RagwitzEliminate strlen and strEQ usage in gv_fetchmethod
2010-11-30 Father ChrysostomosAnother oops.
2010-11-30 Father ChrysostomosOops.
2010-11-30 Father Chrysostomosperldelta entry for [perl #68560]
2010-11-30 Father Chrysostomos[perl #68560] calling closure prototype SEGVs
2010-11-30 Jan DuboisUse default stack size on Windows
2010-11-29 Chris 'BinGOs... Change the default for usemymalloc to 'n' for NetBSD
2010-11-29 David GoldenFilehandle method calls load IO::File on demand
2010-11-29 Nicholas ClarkFollowing fbcaf61123069fe4, remove perlmain.c from...
2010-11-29 Florian RagwitzFix a typo in perlmod
2010-11-29 Florian RagwitzUpgrade Memoize from version 1.01_03 to 1.02
2010-11-29 Nicholas ClarkAdd a verbose option to -DP, and replace C<#if 0> block...
2010-11-29 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_sv_gets(), shortbuffered is always 0 when rslen...
2010-11-29 Father Chrysostomosperldelta entry for [perl #63540]
2010-11-29 Father Chrysostomos[perl #63540] bizarre closure lossage
2010-11-29 Nicholas ClarkBreak out code from Perl_sv_gets() which is self contai...
2010-11-29 Tony CookFix C++ build problems introduced in 9a5a5549
2010-11-29 David Mitchelldocument why eintr.t needs to be skipped on Win32
2010-11-29 David Mitchellin perlipc, 'named pipes' was in signals section
2010-11-29 Father Chrysostomosperldelta: The last few commits are not noteworthy
2010-11-29 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 94a75ecf
2010-11-29 Lukas Mai[perl #79914] documentation bug in perldoc perlvar $|
2010-11-29 Father ChrysostomosAUTHORS: e-mail addr for Lukas Mai
2010-11-28 Craig A. BerryMake vms/ go the way of writemain.SH.
2010-11-28 Nicholas ClarkCorrect a copy&pasto - := is now an error, and no longe...
2010-11-28 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for d54f8cf785
2010-11-28 Nicholas ClarkMake my $pi := 4; a syntax error.
2010-11-28 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 75f5d3312
2010-11-28 brian d foyperlfaq5: How do I make a temporary file name?
2010-11-28 Nicholas ClarkRemove makeaperl, never used, a wrapper for ExtUtils...
2010-11-28 Father Chrysostomos++substr $re::VERSION, -1
2010-11-28 Andreas J.... Tiny pod fix
2010-11-28 Father Chrysostomosperldelta up to 8e747b69
2010-11-28 David Mitchelldisable t/io/eintr.t on windows
2010-11-28 Nicholas ClarkGenerate perlmain.c using ExtUtils::Miniperl, instead...
2010-11-28 Craig A. BerrySkip eintr.t on VMS.
2010-11-28 Nicholas ClarkProper Makefile dependencies for the x2p/s2p rule.
2010-11-28 Rafael Garcia... Revert "Configure has a path to less and
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonreg_fold.t: Add tests for simple Latin1 folds
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonreg_fold.t: Disable single char fold testing
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonfold_grind.t: Enable EXACTish tests
2010-11-28 Karl Add native to uni ord fcns
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Handle EXACTFU nodes in optimizer
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Use hex instead of octal for debug ords
2010-11-28 Karl WilliamsonFix debug output
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Typo in comment
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Generate EXACTFU nodes
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: remove unnecessary tests
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Add handling for EXACTFU nodes
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: pull array lookup out of loop
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Add #define for Greek small MU
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: clarify comments
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregcomp.sym: Add EXACTFU regnode
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Latin1 chars can fold match UTF8_ALL
2010-11-28 Karl Williamsonfold_grind.t: Make unicode semantics pattern differently
2010-11-28 Karl WilliamsonAdd Perl_foldEQ_latin1()
2010-11-28 Father Chrysostomosperldelta for 04698ff
2010-11-28 Father Chrysostomosperldelta up to a51ee39b
2010-11-28 Father Chrysostomosperldelta up to abf9167d
2010-11-28 John PeacockBring core Perl in line with CPAN 0.86 release
2010-11-27 Father ChrysostomosAdd Socket version numbers to perldelta
2010-11-27 Father ChrysostomosIncrease’s version
2010-11-27 Father Chrysostomosperldelta up to 2a25d7b6
2010-11-27 Father ChrysostomosSuppress test warning added by 04698ff6
2010-11-27 Father ChrysostomosMake *ISA assignment slightly faster
2010-11-27 Craig A. BerryBump Time::HiRes version after 4edfaa8809ab489b9ce1c793...
2010-11-27 Father ChrysostomosIncrease PerlIO::scalar’s version
2010-11-27 Father Chrysostomosmro.c: Assert that the previous commit is correct
2010-11-27 Father ChrysostomosAvoid a redundant check in mro.c