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2012-12-13 Father More exceptions
2012-12-12 David Mitchellperl.h: fix signedness warning with clang
2012-12-12 Nicholas ClarkIn DosGlob.xs, add a block around MY_CXT_INIT, as it...
2012-12-12 Steffen MuellerData::Dumper is at 2.139
2012-12-12 Steffen MuellerBring Data::Dumper version and changelog up to date...
2012-12-12 Karl Williamsonperlvar.pod: Slight clarification, typo
2012-12-12 Daniel Draganbetter POD for mg_get and SvGROW
2012-12-12 Father ChrysostomosReally fix t/op/lex.t
2012-12-11 Father Chrysostomos[Merge] hash assignment fixes and speedup
2012-12-11 Hugo van der... pp_hot.c: Comments to clarify pp_aassign
2012-12-11 Father Chrysostomoshashassign.t: Suppress oddball warnings
2012-12-11 Father Chrysostomoshashassign.t: Test undef explicitly
2012-12-11 Father ChrysostomosCopy keys for aassign in lvalue sub
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovhash argument is not used anymore in do_oddball
2012-12-11 Father Chrysostomospp_hot.c:pp_aassign: mortalise variable only if we...
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovdon't create a copy of keys if it's not LVALUE context
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovrefactor aassign
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovary/hash/firsthashelem should be set only once
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovwe need duplicates counter only in list context
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovtest return values of aassign with various elements...
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovhash assign in list context should copy key as well
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovmake sure hash assignment is proper lvalue
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovfix issues in hash assignment with odd elements
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovtest hash assignment with odd elements for leaks
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovwarn on ($s,%h) = (1,{}) as on %h = {}
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovtest "Odd number of elements in hash assignment"
2012-12-11 Ruslan Zakirovscalar(%h = (1,1,1,1)) should return 4, not 2
2012-12-11 Father Chrysostomost/op/lex.t: Fix test
2012-12-11 David Mitchellregexec.c: silence compiler warning
2012-12-11 Father ChrysostomosGlob.xs: PL_opfreehook is an interpreter variable
2012-12-11 Father ChrysostomosDosGlob: Don’t leak when caller’s op tree is freed
2012-12-11 Chris 'BinGOs... Update Digest-SHA to CPAN version 5.80
2012-12-10 Tony Cookperldelta for 34213185
2012-12-10 David Mitchellfix warning in PmopSTASH_set()
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosStop DynaLoader.t from unload File::Glob
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosFix problems with -Dr during global destruction
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosDon’t leak when partly iterated glob op is freed
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosIncrease $File::Glob::VERSION to 1.19
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosRemove the second param to tryAMAGICunTARGETlist
2012-12-10 Father Chrysostomospp.h: Remove tryAMAGICunTARGET
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosZap PL_glob_index
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosStop using PL_glob_index for PL_globhook
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosDon’t pass PL_glob_index to glob overrides
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosFile::Glob: Don’t use the magic 2nd arg to glob
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosDosGlob: Don’t use the magic 2nd arg to glob
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosIncrease $File::DosGlob::VERSION to 1.09
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosMove File::DosGlob from lib to ext
2012-12-10 Father Chrysostomoshv.c: hv_undef: Don’t set mro fields to null before...
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosUse SvREFCNT_dec_NN in gv.c
2012-12-10 Father ChrysostomosSwitch dump.c over to using SvREFCNT_dec_NN
2012-12-10 Father Chrysostomosdoio.c: Use SvREFCNT_dec_NN
2012-12-09 Steffen MuellerConvert some SvREFCNT_dec's to SvREFCNT_dec_NN's for...
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Replace infamous if-else-if sequence by...
2012-12-09 Karl WilliamsonChange 4 byte bitmap to 32 bit single word
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add an enum typedef
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Reorder char class #defines; add comments
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonregcomp.h: Revise #define setup and checking
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add comment
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: White space only; no code changes
2012-12-09 Karl WilliamsonMerge branch 'handy' into blead
2012-12-09 Karl WilliamsonDeprecate some functions in utf8.c
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Improve isDIGIT_utf8() and isXDIGIT_utf8(...
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Add locale support to functions
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Change documentation for perlapi
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonperlapi: Remove a bunch of functions from API
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Sort macros in groups alphabetically
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Make clear that macro is only true in ASCII...
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Fix isBLANK_LC_uni()
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonext/XS-APItest/t/handy.t: White space only
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: White space only
2012-12-09 Karl WilliamsonXS-APItest: Add tests for handy.h
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Change is_uni_idfirst_lc() to use Perl's defn
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Fix up Posix Space macros
2012-12-09 Karl WilliamsonAdd functions for getting ctype ALNUMC
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add some missing macros
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Add synonym for some macros
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Make some macros more time efficient
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Avoid function calls in 2 macros
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Define some macros using a base macro
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Define some locale macros for all inputs
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Remove unused macro
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonhandy.h: Change EBCDIC isSPACE() to include \v
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Note that 'A' functions not necessarily...
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonlocale.t: Add test
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonlocale.t: Add optional test name supplement
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Typo in comment; white space
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonpp.c pp_pack.c: Use macro instead of function
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonregcomp.c:regprop: [bracketize] \w..., add \v
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonregexec.c: Nits coding standards-type changing
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonperl.h: Add comments
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonperlrecharclass: Fix defn of [:word:]
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonintrpvar.h: Add comment
2012-12-09 Karl WilliamsonAdd Todo test for Perl #114272
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Combine 2 function calls into one
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonutf8.c: Move ARGS_ASSERT to earlier in function
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonembed.fnc: Add missing entry
2012-12-09 Karl WilliamsonSilence some g++ compiler warnings
2012-12-09 Karl Williamsonintrpvar.h: Use #define instead of hard-coded number
2012-12-09 Father ChrysostomosSuppress deprec. warning from Devel::PPPort’s tests
2012-12-09 Father Skip push/unshift after { or (