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2008-08-08 Nicholas ClarkUse, not, in t/run/*.t
2008-08-07 Nicholas ClarkConvert all unimaginative (ie race condition) temporary...
2008-08-07 Nicholas ClarkLet rip with t/op/*.t in parallel too.
2008-08-07 Nicholas ClarkUse's tempfile().
2008-08-07 Nicholas ClarkFix bug in counting in tempfile().
2008-08-07 Nicholas ClarkA proper tempfile function that can be used multiple...
2008-08-07 Nicholas ClarkAs rules can be glob patterns, leave them as glob patte...
2008-08-07 Nicholas ClarkRun t/uni/*.t t/mro/*.t t/lib/*.t fully in parallel.
2008-08-06 Nicholas ClarkAvoid a potential testing race condition in
2008-08-06 Nicholas ClarkIf TEST_JOBS is set to something non-zero, use TAP...
2008-08-06 Nicholas ClarkBetter temporary file name generation. (Avoid using...
2008-08-06 Nicholas ClarkBring the joy of strict to t/harness.
2008-08-06 BramTests for [perl #57564] and [perl #24524] Refcounting bug
2008-08-04 Steffen MuellerTiny SelfLoader patch for better warnings
2008-07-31 Nicholas ClarkUpgrade to Test::Harness 3.13
2008-07-31 Marcus Holland... Add d_timegm to to fix the generated uconfig.h.
2008-07-31 Nicholas ClarkYou can't (and shouldn't) use CvDEPTH on a PVFM.
2008-07-31 Rafael Garcia... Small typo fix
2008-07-30 Jerry D. HeddenVersion bump for Data::Dumper
2008-07-30 Adriano Ferreiraupdate Exporter to version 5.63
2008-07-30 Vincent Pit[perl #56766] [PATCH]
2008-07-29 Andy DoughertyMinor hints/ patch to allow setting -Doptimize
2008-07-27 Nicholas ClarkNote the possibility of sharing arenas between types.
2008-07-26 Nicholas ClarkConvert undef.t to use and strict.
2008-07-26 Nicholas ClarkConvert yadayada.t to and strict, and fix two...
2008-07-26 Nicholas ClarkConvert wantarray.t to use strict and
2008-07-23 Steve HayUndo io_linenum.t part of #34148. It was io_multihomed...
2008-07-23 Jerry D. HeddenAdd watchdog() call to ext/IO/t/io_multihomed.t
2008-07-23 Jerry D. Heddenwatchdog() fix for MSWin32
2008-07-22 Steve HayUpgrade to podlators 2.1.2
2008-07-22 Jerry D. HeddenFix skips in
2008-07-18 Marcus Holland... Welcome to refcount hell. Fix the leaks reported by...
2008-07-16 Jerry D. Heddenwatchdog() for threads tests
2008-07-16 Jerry D. Heddenthreads::shared 1.26
2008-07-16 Jerry D. Heddenwatchdog() some IO tests
2008-07-16 Jerry D.
2008-07-16 Rafael Garcia... Really apply change #34143
2008-07-16 Paul MarquessUpdate Compression modules to version 2.012
2008-07-15 Nicholas ClarkFix use of a variable before it is initialised, introdu...
2008-07-15 Rafael Garcia... Update to B::Debug 1.11, by Reini Urban
2008-07-15 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to version 0.76 by John Peacock
2008-07-15 Rafael Garcia... Upgrade to threads::shared 1.25 by Jerry D. Hedden
2008-07-13 Nicholas ClarkMake format items @* and ^* work with references (safel...
2008-07-13 Nicholas ClarkFor cases FF_LINESNGL and FF_LINEGLOB in pp_formline...
2008-07-13 Nicholas ClarkThe assert()ions in sv_chop() that the passed in pointe...
2008-07-13 Marcus Holland... Fix for #56874: maybe small error in perlxs.pod example
2008-07-13 Nicholas Clarkassert() that the pointer passed to Perl_sv_chop()...
2008-07-12 Nicholas ClarkFormat tests for @* too.
2008-07-12 Nicholas ClarkAbolish xfm_lines from struct xpvfm. structs xpvfm...
2008-07-12 Nicholas ClarkPVFMs don't need to access the IVX any more. (as of...
2008-07-12 Nicholas ClarkTest that formats can be dumped.
2008-07-11 Craig A. BerrySet d_timegm on VMS.
2008-07-11 Marcus Holland... Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.14_01
2008-07-11 Nicholas ClarkRegression tests for, and fix quite a lot of bugs in...
2008-07-11 Nicholas ClarkIn Perl_sv_utf8_upgrade_flags(), don't assume that...
2008-07-11 Nicholas ClarkAlso dump the SvPVX of PVFMs.
2008-07-11 Jerry D. HeddenFix to Change 34120
2008-07-11 Nicholas ClarkSimplify code in pp_formline, removing a goto and local...
2008-07-11 Nicholas ClarkBring the joy of strict to the rest of write.t
2008-07-11 Nicholas ClarkComplete the conversion of t/op/write.t to
2008-07-11 Nicholas ClarkReduce the -| skip back to just the tests that use...
2008-07-11 Nicholas ClarkStart converting t/op/write.t to
2008-07-10 Jerry D. HeddenConfigure - d_sprintf_returns_strlen
2008-07-10 Jerry D. Heddenthreads::shared 1.24 (still more)
2008-07-10 Jerry D. Heddenthreads::shared 1.24 (more)
2008-07-09 Abigail[Patch t/op/re_tests] Re: [perl #56690] Some bugs in...
2008-07-09 Jan DuboisUpdate Win32 canned configs
2008-07-08 H.Merijn BrandFine-grained sGMTIME_min/max detection
2008-07-08 H.Merijn BrandBe sure to use the correct type, so bits do not get...
2008-07-08 Jerry D. Heddenthreads::shared 1.24 (phase 3)
2008-07-08 Jerry D. fix
2008-07-07 H.Merijn BrandProbe for timegm
2008-07-07 H.Merijn BrandPart one of y2038 changes for Schwern
2008-07-07 Steve HayUpgrade to Encode-2.26
2008-07-06 Jerry D. Heddenthreads::shared 1.24 (phase 2)
2008-07-03 Steve HaySkip chown() tests added by #34092 on Win32
2008-07-03 Steve HayFix test count that was missed in #34092
2008-07-03 Steve HayOmit tests introduced by #34077 and #34084 which fail...
2008-07-02 Jerry D. Heddenthreads::shared 1.24
2008-07-01 Nicholas ClarkAvoid using -> function call notation within
2008-06-30 Steve HayUpgrade to Win32-0.38
2008-06-28 Renee Baecker[perl #34339][PATCH] "perldoc lib" doesn't describe...
2008-06-28 Ben MorrowSome more missing isGV_with_GP()s
2008-06-28 Jerry D. Heddencommon test code for timed bail
2008-06-27 Steve HayUpgrade to Win32-0.37
2008-06-26 Paul FenwickRe: [perl #56348] [PATCH] glob() with spaces - document...
2008-06-25 Dave Mitchellqx($nosuchfile) isn't portable (Windows whines on STDERR)
2008-06-25 Reini UrbanRe: split smoke for threaded -DDEBUGGING builds
2008-06-25 Rafael Garcia... Skip one test that was failing with DEBUGGING and threads,
2008-06-24 Reini Urbanfix debop with pad const
2008-06-24 Dave Mitchellmore incorrect variable reported in uninitialized value...
2008-06-24 H.Merijn BrandURL for End-Of-Life and OS/Arch documentation
2008-06-24 Paul FenwickDocumentation on taint/environment interactions for...
2008-06-23 Michael G.... Re: [perl #24174] perl-5.8.0-55 exit bug
2008-06-23 Jerry D. HeddenFix malloc.c warning
2008-06-22 Dave MitchellIncorrect variable reported in uninitialized value...
2008-06-21 Slaven RezicRe: [perl #46381] "Out of memory ... sbrk()" on FreeBSD...
2008-06-20 Rafael Garcia... Make the version string more consistent between Windows...
2008-06-19 Jerry D. Heddenthreads::shared 1.23
2008-06-18 H.Merijn BrandAIX might miss libm